10 Different Types of Panties For All-Day Comfort

While we all drool over new and sexy bras, panties are often found taking up a back seat in our lingerie wardrobe. Maybe because we don’t know what charm they can work on our bodies. Well, if you’re still stuck on the conventional panty types, then it’s time to try out something new! Here are 10 amazing types of panties that are sure to give you some serious bikini bod inspiration.

10 Different Types of Panties For All-Day Comfort

1. Low Rise Bikini Panty

Low Rise Bikini Panty

A whimsical piece of clothing, low rise bikini panties is something that should be a must have for every girl. Available in multiple designs, these panties can be mixed and matched with a matching bra and a beach accessory to flaunt your body. These panties offer a full rear coverage and are comfortable to wear. Bikini panties sit low on the hip area and have high thigh-cuts. You can simply pair these comfortable panties with low-rise jeans or skirts and flaunt your curves.

2. Seamless Panty

Seamless Panty

Quite similar in appearance to the low-rise panties, the seamless style works wonders if you’re wearing tights, bodycon or sheer dresses. With its seamless edges, these panties ensure that there’s no panty-line visible through your clothes. These panties come with a full rear coverage and offer ultimate comfort.

3. High-Coverage Hipster Panties

High-Coverage Hipster Panties

Hipsters are essentially mid coverage panties. They are the moderately low-rise under-clothing style that is a comfortable take on the classic brief. Leaving no elastic marks on your body, these panties offer more coverage to the body than a bikini and are crafted to keep you cool all day. A hybrid between a bikini and a brief, these panties can be worn along with skirts and mid-rise jeans.

4. Barely-There Thongs

Barely-There Thongs

These sexy and unconventional panties mostly have a soft and flexible gusset that keeps you comfortable throughout the day.  An erotic style, this low-rise piece of underclothing provides minimal butt coverage. A great fit along with a pair of skinny jeans, or tight bottom, thongs are would prevent you from having awkward clothing moments like undies showing.

5. Comfy Boy Shorts

Comfy Boy Shorts

Inspired by men’s underwear, boy shorts offer full rear coverage and are cut straight across the upper thigh. Available in a variety of styles, these beauties are perfect to be included in your lingerie wardrobe. You can wear them under flared dresses or short skirts and enjoy breezy moments like Marilyn Monroe.

6. Tummy-Tuckers


These panties are mid-rise pieces of clothing that are used as shape wear. Tummy tuckers offer full rear coverage, control the bulge of your love handles and often sit just above the hip bone. These panties can be worn under those sexy bodycon dresses where you need to flaunt a flat tummy.

7. G-String Panties

G-String Panties

G string panties do not offer full coverage and feature strings with only a narrow piece of fabric in the front. These panties can be worn when you want things to get steaming hot. You can wear these panties with a sexy bra and a lacy night dress or while sunbathing at a beach with a sarong.

8. Classic Briefs

Classic Briefs

Also known as ‘Granny Panties’, classic briefs are those panties that are the most versatile piece of panties. Providing maximum coverage along with comfort, these panties are available in numerous fabrics like cotton, nylon, mixed etc. One of the most preferred panty styles, they can be worn with high waist pants and skirts.

9. French Cut Panties

French Cut Panties

Another most preferred style of underwear, French Cut Panties also offer you full coverage and comfort, just like classic briefs. The only difference between the two is the leg cut. While Classic Briefs have a wider leg-cut, French Briefs offer a lower leg-cut exposing the hip bone area. You can wear these panties on a beach vacation along with a loose tee and a sarong.

10. Tap Pants

Tap Pants

More like a pair of shorts offering ample covering, these panties are suitable to be worn along with a dress or short skirt. Comfortable to wear, these panties allow your skin to breathe without getting drenched up in sweat.


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