Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Shoes are to clothes what ketchup is to fries. They’re just not complete without each other. And what kind of women’s shoes is better than heels? Though most of you ladies out there have a love-hate relationship with your heels, you’ve got to admit that they are a great invention. They go with everything – jeans, skirts, shorts, dresses, kurtis, you name it! Here are some of the coolest types of heels that Tata CLIQ offers.


Stilettos is the king (or queen, in this case) of all high heels. The heel height of stilettos can reach even up to 8 inches. Beware, they are not for the weak-hearted! But, once you become brave enough to don them, you will realize it is totally worth it. They can make your legs look really long and slender. Choose from a variety of different stilettos on Tata CLIQ.


Wedges are an all-time favourite for most women. They are more comfortable as compared to the other kinds of heels and still manage to look pretty. Although they go with all kinds of clothes, they stand out best when worn with miniskirts and short dresses. Check out the huge collection of wedges that Tata CLIQ offers!


Boots are the perfect footwear for winter. They are warm, plus, they look super stylish! Depending on whether you’re wearing a skirt, jeans, leggings or a dress, a wide variety of boots are available like over-the-knee boots, calf boots, knee-high boots, ankle boots, and our personal favourite– biker boots.


Capable of accentuating your figure and making you look sexy, pumps can be worn with all kinds of clothes. They come in various types like slingback, peep-toe and rounded-toe. Choose your favourite on Tata CLIQ and grab Tata CLIQ coupons to earn cashbacks on the purchase of pumps!

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are a great type for beginners to start with. Although they’re a lot shorter than most other heels, they are really cute and adorable! They go especially well with vintage skirts and dresses.

Check out the different offers on chic heels on the Tata CLIQ app! Use Tata CLIQ coupons to avail cashbacks, discounts and more! Happy shopping!

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