Musical Toys That Can Help Your Child Learn and Enjoy

Popular Musical Toys for Babies

Musical toys are a wonderful way to keep your baby busy while you do other necessary work. These small instruments have eye-catching lights and sounds that attract the attention of younger children. These musical toys can also help your kid build visual and listening skills, understand the difference in tones and recognize the sounds of different instruments. Check out our top recommendations of the best musical toys available online and bring home your child’s first learning partner.

Popular Musical Toys for Babies

1. SahiBuy Drum Keyboard

This musical toy features a drum and keyboard which plays melodious songs. It features many buttons, each of which plays different sounds while flashing lights. The keyboard plays musical notes, animal sounds and melodies. Available in bright and attractive colors, this musical toy is suitable for kids of 3 years and more.

Attractive Design

A battery operated toy, this keyboard features an attractive design with harmonious melodies and notes.

Editor’s Choice

2. Wishkey Musical Instruments

A set of 7 musical instruments, this toy is perfect for those who love to interact and play with their kid. Indulge in a musical treat with your kid and create melodious tunes by blowing a trumpet, rattling maracas, shaking a tambourine, or playing castanet. We’re sure you and your child will absolutely love this time spent together. This musical set is made with high-grade material which is safe for kids and is suitable for kids of 3 months or more.

Musical Extravaganza

This musical toy set features many instruments which can offer your kid complete entertainment.

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3. And-Also Musical Drum

Suitable for kids of 3 years and above, this musical drum set has preinstalled songs and melodies that play on pressing buttons. Featuring fun sounds, this musical drum engages the children with colorful lights and helps your child develop an understanding of different sounds.

Multiple Modes

This musical toy operates on batteries and features three game modes, nine soft songs, and nine different drum tones.

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4. Toyshine Dancing Dog

Perfect for kids of 3 months and above, this dancing dog is a fun musical toy. A mobile toy, this dog can do tricks like spinning, moving arms and legs, and even shake its head back and forth. The toy features a transparent ball attached to the puppy’s nose that emits a colorful light and helps the kid develop visionary skills.

Catchy Design

This toy is stimulating in all ways which also helps your child learn about colors. The design enables hand eye coordination as well.


5. Vibgyor Vibes Rattle Toys

Ideal for hanging in an infant’s cradle, this rattle toy has a simple design like that of a windchime. The toy has colorful characters that rotate once the music begins to play. Other than this, the musical toy can be hanged on children cots, windows of kids’ room, or even in a kid’s tent.

Soft Music

This musical toy produces soft music that sounds melodious to the ears and helps the kids doze off.

Budget Buy

6. Little Monkey Xylophone Set

Suitable for kids of age 3 years and more, this xylophone set is a light in weight musical toy that comes with two playing sticks. The toy features eight notes that produce a different sound each time the stick hits a note. Perfect for keeping your kid occupied, this xylophone set is made with sturdy and safe wood for complete protection.


This xylophone set has an eye-catching appearance as it is painted with beautiful non-toxic colors that are safe.

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