12 Best Soundbars in India for a Rich Audio Experience

Looking for the best speaker system to enhance your home cinema experience? Read on to learn more about the best soundbars to improve your TV or mobile’s audio output dramatically.

A soundbar is one piece of audio equipment that not only delivers clear audio quality but also complements your TV setup. It enhances your overall sound experience, including when you watch movies, play games, or stream your favourite music. Moreover, modern soundbars come with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to switch between audio sources, such as your TV or mobile devices, with the tap of a button.

Soundbars offer a few benefits over traditional multimedia speaker arrangements. They occupy less room, come with an easy, fuss-free setup without many cables, and are more reasonably priced. Regardless of your preferences for a Dolby Atmos or something with Bluetooth or MP3 player connectivity, the market has a model for everyone. Having said that, not all soundbars are created equal.

For someone who is an ardent video game player, loves to stream OTT platforms or tune in to music at home, getting a good soundbar is a great way to squeeze out an epic audio experience. To that end, we have rounded up some of the top-selling best soundbars in India for every budget.

Our Top Recommendations

How Do We Choose the Best Soundbars For You?

One of the cheapest and simplest methods to improve the sound of your television is with a soundbar. In India, a good quality soundbar costs anywhere between Rs 1,500 to Rs 25,000. Before you jump into our recommendations of the best soundbars available in India, we suggest you go through the factors that helped us decide on the best products for you.


The first thing you should consider while choosing a soundbar is its size. Soundbars are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from less than a foot long to broader than a big-screen TV. Larger soundbars can have more drivers and louder sound.


Think about the location you want your sound bar in. Your new sound bar should not be broader than your television ideally. Generally, the ideal location for your sound bar would be underneath or above your TV. You may hang it from a wall or rest it on a shelf.


Consider what you may wish to plug into the soundbar and the connectors you’ll want before making your purchase. Generally, you will need HDMI inputs for any 4K Blu-ray player, 4K games console, or 4K set-top-box. Numerous soundbars come with extra passthrough HDMI ports, which are useful as a complement to the ones on your TV and for tidy wire runs.


The majority of soundbars are Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth-enabled. This enables you to stream music from any computer, phone, or tablet with ease, thereby converting your sound bar into a stereo. Additionally, we recommend that you look for HDMI switching, which enables switching audio sources without rerouting HDMI wires.

Voice Assistant

Many soundbars now have integrated voice assistants from Amazon or Google. You can choose one with a built-in assistant if you wish to do so.

List of The Top 12 Soundbars in India

Boat Aavante Soundbar

Boat Aavante Soundbar
Boat Aavante Soundbar

The boAt Aavante Bar 1500 comes with a sleek soundbar and a subwoofer to deliver powerful sound with 120W of audio output. The down-firing subwoofer provides a bold sound to any seat in the room, giving you accurate, thrilling bass. The soundbar utilises high-end equaliser technology to optimise the sound output according to the audio source.

Prominent Features of the Boat Aavante Soundbar:

  • With its 2.1-channel surround sound, you get a cinematic experience that enhances how you enjoy home entertainment
  • Coupled with an inbuilt subwoofer and a sleek design, this soundbar by Boat is a feature-packed option that too at a reasonable price
  • This soundbar system allows you to stream music using USB, Optical, AUX input, and Bluetooth


  • Remote with preset modes for news, movies, music
  • Powerful 120 W audio output for thrilling bass
  • Lightweight build quality

Why We Picked the Boat Aavante Soundbar?

The Boat Aavante Soundbar is suitable for a variety of entertainment needs since it provides various modes for an authentic listening experience. With an ethereal sound quality that gives your audio and visual experiences colour, its 2.0 Channel Sound transports you to another world.

Sony HT-S40R Soundbar 

Sony HT-S40R Soundbar 
Sony HT-S40R Soundbar 

Sony HT-S40R is a powerful home cinema system which delivers dynamic, immersive, and cinematic audio for a real surround sound experience. This audio system comes with rear speakers, an external subwoofer, and a 5.1-channel soundbar so that you can enjoy the dramatic, high-quality sound output. Simultaneously, the S-Master digital amp ensures the purest movie sound.

Prominent Features of the Sony HT-S40R Soundbar:

  • Apart from movies and TV shows, the Sony Soundbar allows you to stream your favourite music wirelessly from your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Additionally, this music system allows you to stream music with one-touch listening using its integrated Near Field Communication (NFC) technology
  • This soundbar system lets you experience 5.1 Channel separate audio channels with Dolby Digital


  • NFC technology enabled
  • 600 W power output for superior surround sound
  • USB Port

Why We Picked the Sony HT-S40R Real Dolby Audio Soundbar?

Enjoy 5.1 independent audio channels of dramatic, high-quality surround sound with Dolby Audio by using the Sony HT-S40R Soundbar. Experience great sound effects and immersive sound with this versatile pick by Sony. Additionally, you can play music from a memory stick by plugging it into the USB port.

Blaupunkt SBA10 Soundbar

Blaupunkt SBA10 Soundbar
Blaupunkt SBA10 Soundbar

The Blaupunkt Soundbar offers cutting-edge audio performance with 10W sound output. The Digital Signal Processing (DSP) on the soundbar allows it to be driven to an absolute utility for a deep and rich audio experience. It offers an array of connectivity options that adhere to global standards, including HDMI Arc, AUX line-in, and Bluetooth for convenient music streaming.

Prominent Features of the Blaupunkt SBA10 Soundbar:

  • Perfect soundbar for TV and house parties because of its slim and lightweight design
  • The soundbar is paired with a fully functional remote equipped with selected sound equaliser modes – movie, dialogues, flat, and music.
  • Boasting German Technology and in-built woofers, this Blaupunkt soundbar is a great alternative to pricey home theatre systems


  • Dialogue mode on remote
  • 100 W power output for theatre-quality sound
  • DSP Technology

Why We Picked the Blaupunkt SBA10 Soundbar?

To have a fantastic home cinema experience, upgrade your audio system right now with the Blaupunkt SBA10 Bluetooth soundbar. The soundbar is equipped with built-in woofers that work in unison with the two speakers for pure audio reproduction with unmatched bass.

FD E200 Plus Soundbar

FD E200 Plus Soundbar
FD E200 Plus Soundbar

The FD E200 Plus Soundbar comes with a smart design built for emitting springy bass sounds in a wider radius. It possesses a  full-range driver and 2.0 speakers complemented by the passive radiator design. This FD E200 soundbar is a perfect pick if you are looking for a Bluetooth-enabled soundbar on a budget.

Prominent Features of the FD E200 Plus Soundbar:

  • The FD E200 Soundbar is powered by a built-in 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery charged through a convenient micro USB
  • Additionally, it is equipped with functional LED lights to keep you informed about the connectivity settings while giving a groovy feel to the aesthetics.
  • Specially created integrated 2.0 speakers perfectly fit the computer LCD screen


  • Radiator design for thumping bass
  • Highly efficient battery
  • Affordable pick

Why We Picked the FD E200 Plus Soundbar?

Designed with a front passive radiator for a bouncy bass, the FD E200 Plus Soundbar includes a high-performance battery. This soundbar boasts 11 degrees-tilted speaker for wider sound dispersion. The soundbar uses a 3.5mm connection to connect to any music player.

Infinity JBL Sonic Soundbar

Infinity JBL Sonic Soundbar
Infinity JBL Sonic Soundbar

The Infinity JBL Sonic delivers an audio experience teeming with powerful immersive sound with cinematic drama. It is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and allows you to pair and stream compatible devices with no hassles. The Infinity JBL Sonic features a sleek and compact design, making it a space-saving option.

Prominent Features of the Infinity JBL Sonic Soundbar:

  • The soundbar from Infinity offers multiple sound output options from Aux, USB and even optical inputs for superior connectivity
  • Additionally, its signature extra deep bass delivers extraordinary sound to enhance gaming, movie, and music experience
  • You can navigate this device using the multi-function remote that allows you to control output as per choice
  • The soundbar from Infinity will get you a complimentary powerful wireless subwoofer that sends out thumping bass


  • Extra deep bass
  • Multi-function remote with bass-boosting controls
  • Bluetooth enabled

Why We Picked the Infinity JBL Sonic Soundbar?

You may easily link and stream from any supported device via Bluetooth connection with the JBL Sonic Soundbar. The soundbar offers a variety of sound output choices, including Aux, USB, and optical input, allowing you to connect to numerous devices. To groove to the music and really immerse yourself, turn on the subwoofer’s tremendous bass output.

JBL Bar Soundbar

JBL Bar Soundbar
JBL Bar Soundbar

This soundbar from JBL offers Bluetooth connectivity, letting you stream your favourite music wirelessly from almost any sound source. If you have been searching for a high-quality soundbar at a reasonable price, your search ends here. This soundbar is equipped with a built-in dual bass port, taking your music experience a notch higher with thrilling bass.

Prominent Features of the JBL Bar Soundbar:

  • The JBL Bar Soundbar consists of detachable wireless surround speakers that run on batteries
  • You can quickly switch between the sound coming from your TV and the sound coming from your phone or tablet thanks to JBL Soundshift
  • Enjoy deep, exciting bass with the ease of flexible installation and no cables to deal with


  • Compatible with your TV’s remote control
  • Wireless streaming
  • Compact design


  • Higher-priced compared to other brands

Portronics Soundbar

Portronics Soundbar
Portronics Soundbar

You have found the speaker you’ve been looking for to watch movies and party with the Portronics Pure Sound Pro Wireless Soundbar. The soundbar is powered by a 16 Watt 2.0 stereo speaker to provide you with immersive, powerful, and clear music in high definition. With extra USB & AUX ports for wired connections, Bluetooth V5.0 allows you to connect to your device more quickly.

Prominent Features of the Portronics Soundbar:

  • With the upgraded 16 Watt dual Speakers 2.0 speaker designed for a powerful & crystal clear music experience, you can clearly hear every rhythm, the lyrics, and the conversation
  • Bluetooth V5.0 allows for lightning-fast connections to your smartphone
  • Additionally, it offers USB and AUX connectors for the best-wired connectivity


Samsung HW-B450 Soundbar

Samsung HW-B450 Soundbar
Samsung HW-B450 Soundbar

Get yourself a movie theatre right at your home with the Samsung HW-B450 soundbar and wireless subwoofer. This device is tested and tuned using advanced acoustic technologies and cutting-edge computer modelling to bring sound to life. Furthermore, this soundbar is equipped with Dolby 5.1 channels and 9 speakers.

Prominent Features of the Samsung HW-B450 Soundbar:

  • The Samsung Soundbar analyses sound signals and automatically delivers optimised sound, allowing you to hear even at low volumes – thanks to its adaptive sound technology.
  • This soundbar is perfectly compatible with Samsung TV remotes for selected models.
  • Driven by technology and boasting impressive features, this sophisticated soundbar is just what you need to take your gaming experience to infinity and beyond
  • This soundbar works on Samsung Acoustic Beam technology that mixes and delivers sound, so you get audio that matches the action, making this a perfect option for movie marathons and game nights


  • Acoustic beam technology
  • Adaptive sound
  • Dolby 5.1 channels and 9 speakers

Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900 Soundbar

Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900 Soundbar
Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900 Soundbar

With a multi-driver sound bar and subwoofer, you can watch and enjoy your favourite TV programmes and movies with room-filling, high-quality sound. The Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900 Soundbar with dual drivers and a subwoofer delivers flawlessly balanced output for an immersive experience. The soundbar has dual 5.7 cm speakers and a 13. 3 cm subwoofer driver, giving you a theatre-like experience at home.

Prominent Features of the Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900 Soundbar:

  • With its powerful subwoofer and twin mid/high range drivers, the Zebronic Sound Bar produces cinematic sounds
  • The Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900 Soundbar has a modern, decor-friendly design whose simplistic style will blend nicely with any room’s decor.
  • The soundbar has a fully working remote control and an LED display with volume and media controls


  • Sleek and stylish design
  • Cinematic audio at home
  • Multi-connectivity options

Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar

Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar
Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar

Enjoy the freedom of being able to put the subwoofer wherever in the room while experiencing booming bass with the Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar. You may browse and stream music from all of your connected smart devices, such as a PC, laptop, or smartphone, by connecting your sound bar to your Wi-Fi network.

Prominent Features of the Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar:

  • Easy-to-use surround sound settings can help you improve the sound quality of your TV
  • Make use of the YAS-209’s DTS Virtual:X function to immerse the audience in thrilling 3D surround sound from a single bar solution, elevating your home theatre experience to new heights
  • Easy management of your sound bar, smart home devices, music, and more with built-in Alexa voice control


  • Built-in Alexa voice control
  • Wireless deep bass subwoofer with adjustable positioning
  • Enhanced dialogue clarity

Amkette AMP Audacity Soundbar

Amkette AMP Audacity Soundbar
Amkette AMP Audacity Soundbar

The Amkette AMP Audacity Soundbar has a real 40 Watt RMS output and a surprisingly powerful and pleasant sound. The Amp Audacity Digital Soundbar is the ideal soundbar for TVs that are 43 inches or less in size as well as small to medium-sized rooms.

Prominent Features of the Amkette AMP Audacity Soundbar:

  • The Amkette Soundbar will come on automatically when you turn on the TV
  • The soundbar offers several connection choices, including Bluetooth, Optical, Aux, and USB, and an easy-to-use Remote
  • The modern, polished appearance fits nicely under your TV, adds to the ambience of your space, and is comfortable to use


  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Offers higher sound quality
  • Can be controlled with a TV remote

Govo Gosurround Soundbar

Govo Gosurround Soundbar
Govo Gosurround Soundbar

With its distinctive metal mesh design, the Govo Gosurround Soundbar fits neatly beneath a full-size TV. It produces floor-to-ceiling virtualized 3D audio and well-balanced sound effects for a beautiful visual-auditory integrated watching experience, regardless of the content, room size, or form.

Prominent Features of the Govo Gosurround Soundbar:

  • With an ethereal sound quality that adds depth to both your audio and visual experience, the captivating 2.0-channel 3D sound will take you to a whole other universe
  • This beautifully made soundbar’s sleek, glossy, premium finish and LED display add to the aesthetic appeal of your home and the immersive audio experience
  • Using a remote, navigate through the entertainment options of your choosing, including movies, news, and music


  • Remote control and LED display
  • The enhanced digital signal processor
  • Suitable for all TV sizes

Final Word

Based on our research, the Boat Aavante Soundbar, Sony HT-S40R Soundbar, and Blaupunkt SBA10 Soundbar are our top picks for the best soundbars in India. While making our recommendations, we also took into consideration factors like size, location, sources, connectivity, and voice assistant. Let us know which one worked out the best for you!


Is a soundbar better than speakers?

The audio quality of speaker systems is better than speakers. You can create true surround sound by dispersing speakers across a space. When viewing movies or playing video games, speaker sets are perfect for creating an immersive environment.

What is a Dolby Atmos soundbar?

With the aid of a Dolby Atmos Soundbar, sound may become more multi-directional. It is an object-based surround sound system that includes height channels. Because you can hear sounds coming from all directions, depending on your home theatre setup, it creates an even more immersive listening experience.

Is a soundbar really necessary?

The greatest approach for many people to improve the audio quality of a TV is using soundbars. Soundbars do not have multiple speakers or annoying cords that a surround-sound system does, and they are easy to install.

Do Dolby Atmos soundbars work?

Dolby Atmos soundbars can produce cinematic audio at a fraction of the cost in rooms that speaker bundles could only dream of. And for a relatively small investment, you can give your living area a significant aural effect with a well-considered buy.

Is it worth buying a sound bar for TV?

Soundbars are superb for immersive audio. They are an economical yet fashionable option for home entertainment systems that provide fantastic sound. They are simple to use and set up and are intuitively built to interact with all of the most recent technology.

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