Good dog shampoo is a must-have product to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your furry friend. Choosing the right dog shampoo can make a lot of difference by keeping your dog’s skin healthy and fur shiny. The best dog shampoos can also help repel ticks, fleas, and take care of allergies, irritation, and other skin issues by maintaining the right pH levels. If you plan to invest in a good dog shampoo, check out our top picks.

How to Choose the Best Dog Shampoos

Every dog has a different fur texture, coat colour, and skin type. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to buying a dog shampoo. You might be tempted to use your own shampoo, but that’s not a good idea. The reason being the pH of their skin which is different from humans.

Thus, it is of paramount importance to keep certain factors into consideration when choosing a dog shampoo:

  • Dog’s Skin: When looking for the best dog shampoos, always consider your pet’s skin type. If they have dry skin, choose a moisturising shampoo. Similarly, dogs with sensitive skin require a hypoallergenic shampoo or pet-friendly cleansers that are gentle on the coat and skin.
  • Dog’s Fur: Different dogs have different coats. Some have fine silky hair, some have a thick bushy fur, and others have a lustrous black/white/brown coat. When buying a dog shampoo, please read the product labels carefully to buy a product that suits your pets and retain their coat’s shine and lustre.
  • Ingredients: Try choosing coat cleansers made from natural ingredients if your dog has allergy-prone skin. Choose products free from chemicals like parabens, alcohols and artificial colours, toxins, and fragrances to avoid skin irritation and infections.

Above all, choose a shampoo that addresses your dog’s health by keeping their coat shiny, skin healthy, and fur silky and smooth. Always read product labels carefully to make sure you buy the most suitable product.

List of the Best Dog Shampoos

1. Wahl Oatmeal Shampoo

best dog shampoos

Wahl dog shampoo brings to you the power of plant-based materials in a bottle. This shampoo is free from parabens and alcohol. This dog shampoo comprises oatmeal extracts to detangle your pets’ hair and keep their skin healthy and moisturised. The oatmeal, coconut, lime, aloe and lemon verbena soothe dry, itching, irritated skin.

It has a pH-balanced formula that gives a rich lather leaving your pet’s skin smooth and lustrous. It has a hypoallergenic pet-friendly formula and can help relieve skin allergies and irritation. Get home this popular pick on our list of best dog shampoos to give your pet’s skin the care it deserves.

2. Himalaya Erina-EP

best dog shampoo
Himalaya Erina

This dog shampoo from the trusted brand Himalaya offers effective action against ticks, lice, and fleas. The shampoo has a pH-balanced formula that is gentle on your pet’s skin and prevents itching and scaling. The shampoo has a deodorising action to control body odours and keep your pet smelling fresh for a long.

This dog shampoo contains extracts of herbs like Vacha and Sarapunkha. Its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and insecticidal action give your pet’s skin all-round protection.

3. Captain Zack Barking Up The Tree Dog Shampoo

best puppy shampoos
Captain Zack Barking Up the Tea Tree

Cleanse your furry baby with this fantastic anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-irritant shampoo by Captain Zack. It reduces dandruff and helps in itchy skin and other skin-related issues. It moisturises the skin of the pet and is free of any artificial chemical or fragrance. This shampoo also hosts Vitamin E’s goodness, which reduces the skin’s flakiness and promotes a healthy and glossy coat.

One of the best dog shampoos, this pH-balanced formula is a vegan and cruelty-free offering. Additionally, the tea tree oil extracts keep skin inflammation and irritations at bay. It also helps keep a check on tick and flea infestations.

4. Dogz & Dudez Dog Shampoo

best antidandruff shampoo
Dogz and Dudez

This shampoo by Dogz and Dudez is an absolute favourite for dogs with skin problems.  It hosts the active ingredients in neem and lemongrass to alleviate your pet’s skin problems. This dog shampoo’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and insecticidal formula help break fleas and ticks’ lifecycle. Regular use of this chemical-free shampoo will give your pet much-needed relief from constant itching and skin infections.

This shampoo can be used all year round to keep your pet’s coat shining, smelling fresh, and free from infections. This anti-tick shampoo is a chemical-free, gentle and natural composition with a watery texture. The light texture allows for effective cleansing during every wash.

5. Medilogy Biotech Dog Shampoo

best anti tick shampoo
Medilogy Biotech

Say goodbye to all skin and coat issues in your dog with this fantastic dog shampoo. Enriched with aloe vera and neem, this shampoo is designed for canines allergic to certain foods, grass and flea bites. This pH-balanced shampoo can be used for dogs and cats and provides up to 24 hours of protection. It brightens and whitens the coat by improving the shine and lustre.

The presence of aloe vera extends moisturising and hydrating properties that help fight dry skin and itching. This shampoo is free from alcohol, sulphates, colours, parabens, detergents, and harsh chemicals, making it an excellent choice for the best dog shampoos for pets with sensitive skin.

6. Captain Zack Tick’et to Fleadom Dry Shampoo

best anti tick shampoo
Capt Zack Tick’et To Fleadom

As the name suggests, this shampoo helps keep ticks and fleas away, owing to its robust composition of lemongrass oil and citronella essential oil. This dry shampoo is a mess-free way to eliminate fleas, ticks, flea eggs, flea larvae, and lice and prevent skin infections and itchiness. It also has a soothing fragrance.

It is sulphate free and is mild enough to be used daily for maintaining healthy and odour free skin and fur, even for puppies as young as six months and above. What’s best – this shampoo on our list of the best dog shampoos features a waterless formula. It can be sprayed and massaged on your pet. Just wipe, dry, and brush the hair without using water.

7. Boltz Anti Tick and Flea Shampoo

best dog shampoos

This dog shampoo by Boltz is a herbal formulation developed by veterinary experts after multiple tests. It has a chemical-free formula and houses the power of natural ingredients like neem extract, tulsi, and lemongrass oil to fight itching, irritation, germs, and skin allergies. It also contains glycerine, a moisturising agent to keep the skin hydrated for long.

This dog shampoo comes with a complimentary bath brush to effectively rinse off the dirt, untangle hair and keep the fur smooth and soft after wash.

Along with the best dog shampoos, learn about other dog grooming products that you should own.

Best Dog Shampoos with Price Comparison

Bestselling Shampoos for DogsPrice*
Wahl Rs 836
Himalaya Erina Rs 249
Capt Zack Barking Up the Tea TreeRs 342
Dogz and Dudez Rs 249
Medilogy Biotech Rs 575
Capt Zack Tick’et to FleadomRs 404
BoltzRs 333
*Prices are subject to change

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