Sunsilk Long And Healthy Growth Shampoo Review: Uses, Benefits, & Side Effects

One of the most common and reliable shampoo brands in India, Sunsilk is a perfect choice for flaunting beautiful, long hair. Launched back in 1964, this global brand has a presence across 80 countries. It offers a complete range of hair care products that are a perfect solution for clean, nourished, and manageable hair. Sunsilk Long And Healthy Growth Shampoo is its new offering that works wonders in tackling stunted hair growth. An active mix of biotin, milk protein, and argan oil, this shampoo offers longer and healthy-looking hair. Get this shampoo and flaunt your gorgeous hair wherever you go.

The latest offering from Sunsilk, the most common and reliable shampoo brand in India, was to tackle stunted hair growth. The brand targeted women who wanted to grow hair longer and healthier. It contains Biotin, which is an essential hair growth ingredient.

What The Shampoo Claims

Sunsilk Long & Healthy Growth for Longer & Healthy Hair. Enriched with biotin, this formula nourishes hair from the roots. Enjoy Hair that is as gorgeous as you are. Sunsilk Long & Healthy Growth is enriched with biotin. This new formula, complemented by a fresh perky fragrance, works from the first wash, so your hair grows at its natural, healthier pace.

Oily Hair or Scalp

Dry hair


  • Makes hair soft and smooth
  • Adds a shine to hair
  • Promotes natural hair growth
  • Does not dry hair or scalp
  • Prevents hair fall
  • Cleans out excess oil
  • Makes hair bouncy and healthy


  • Contains SLS
  • Not great for extremely dry hair

How & When to Use

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Final Words

The shampoo imparts an incredible shine to them and makes them stronger. Stronger and healthier hair eventually grows faster as breakage and hair fall are reduced. The only drawback is that it contains chemicals and SLS. Otherwise, it is a great everyday option.

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