The Coolest Products You Can Buy On Amazon India

These products have got people talking! Our list of cool things to buy on Amazon India

the coolest products you can buy on Amazon India

Umbrella with fan

1 sun fanbrella umbrella

No more walking under the scorching sun with sweat dripping down your brow and also, ruining your makeup. Keep calm by using Sun fanbrella umbrella which comes with an inbuilt fan to keep you cool.

Learn more here.

Flying alarm clock

2 flying alarm clock

Fed up of missing out on morning lectures or arriving to work late? Say hello to this flying alarm clock which will solve your woes. When the alarm rings, it takes off into the air. The only way to turn off the alarm is by getting up from your bed and turning it off. This is without question one of the best things to buy on Amazon India!

Get it here.

Self-stirring mug

3 self-stirring mug

Just pour in the ingredients, close the lids, press the button and get a thick and creamy coffee. No doubt, this mug will make your morning routine easier.

Get it here.

Mini washing machine

4 scrubba washing bag

Thanks to the Scrubba wash bag, you can wash your clothes anytime and anywhere. The process of washing clothes is fairly simple. Because it’s lightweight and compact, it’s also perfect for travel.

Learn more here.

Mini refrigerator

5 desktop mini fridge

How many times has it happened that you were hooked to your laptop and were lazy to walk to kitchen to grab a chilled cola bottle? The number might be too big to remember. Say goodbye to those miserable days with this portable fridge which can cool as well as warm your drink.

Buy it here.

Solar charging backpack

6 Solar Charger Hydration Backpack

This backpack is heaven sent for people who get a mini heart-attack after seeing their devices on low battery. Especially for those who are into biking and hiking. This light-weight backpack will keep devices charged by drawing battery from sun.

Learn more here.

Sugru sticks

7 sugru form and fix

Sugru is moldable glue which sticks to stuff like glass, metal, wood, ceramics, etc. It stays strong and safely bonded almost anywhere. You can use it in several ways.

Learn more here.

USB LED Fan Clock

8 USB LED fan clock

This USB powered LED fan clock will offer you cool breeze on no-electricity days. It also displays time so that you don’t lose track of it.

Learn more here. Get it here.

Fruit infused water bottle

9 Fruit infused water bottle

Drinking water just got motivating and delicious! You need to place fruits/herbs in the lower compartment. Fill the bottle with water. Enjoy healthy, flavour-infused water on the go.

One among many other best things to buy from Amazon India, own this water bottle by clicking here.

Laser keyboard

10 laser keyboard

Convert any surface into a keyboard with this advanced gadget by your side! The virtual keyboard connects via Bluetooth wireless technology. Without a doubt one of the best cool gadgets available on Amazon India!

Get it before it’s gone via here.

Tablet stand

11 bed sofa tablet stand

Change the way you use your devices by getting this amazing tablet stand. Watch your favourite movie lying on bed without tiring your hands.

Learn more here.

Let us know if we have missed any amazing products present on Amazon India, that deserves to be on this list!

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