12 Types Of Wall Clocks That You Must Buy

Wall Clocks are one of those essential items that can add a remarkable element to any home decor. Finding a wall clock design that goes perfectly with the interiors is definitely a hard catch. From contemporary designs to those vintage clock designs, there are many wall clock types that you will love. Pepperfry presents you with the best wall clock designs that can make your home look more aesthetic. Here are 12 types of wall clocks from Pepperfry that can be your next pick.

12 Types Of Wall Clocks That You Must Buy

1. Circular Wall Clock

Circular Wall Clock

A circular wall clock is one of the best ways to highlight any plain and dull wall. The black and white colours add a professional look to this clock. The elegant numeric font used is easy to understand and can be glanced at from afar as well. These types of wall clocks look perfect at a workplace and even in the study room of your house. This circular wall clock is evenly spaced and comes with a 12 months warranty.

2. Retro Wall Clock

Retro Wall Clock

Add a retro vibe to your home or office décor by adding this chic retro wall clock. This classic clock is a unique pick for anybody who wants to represent their elite interests. The wall clock boasts a beautiful design along with large Roman numerals that are well-legible. The wall clock has an elegant chain strap attached to it which can easily be hung on any wall.

3. Metallic Wall Clock

Metallic Wall Clock

Use a contemporary wall clock and remain in pace with time. With a metallic wall clock, you can make any space look more fashionable instantly. This circular wall clock looks ultra-elegant with its metallic structure. The golden Roman numerals add a classic look while the attached black metal ring makes it look voguish.

4. Vintage Wall Clock

Vintage Wall Clock

Go old-school with this vintage wall clock that features a world map at its centre. This carefully curated wall clock can be a perfect display for any living room. It includes metallic Roman numerals and adds a rusty, classic yet elegant touch to your home décor.

5. Cut Out Wall Clock

Cut Out Wall Clock

It’s time to go unconventional when decorating your house. Place a cut-out wall clock to add a quirky vibe to your living room. This wall clock is made in plastic with cutouts of three butterflies. You can simply paste the butterfly cut-outs around the clock to beautify its look. What makes this wall clock different is its hands that have an antique design.

6. Novelty Clocks

Novelty Clocks

Express your unconventional interests and intriguing personality with a Novelty Wall Clock. This functional timepiece is more than just those regular wall clocks. It is a piece of art that is eclectic yet bold. This fashionable and attractive timepiece looks brilliant in a living room or any office space.

Moreover, if you are looking to buy a clock but don’t know which brand to go for. Here we present you our guide featuring top clock brands in India that you must try once. Do check it out and let us know if you find it helpful.

7. Printed Wall Clock

Printed Wall Clock

Are you a fan of prints? If yes, then go for printed wall clocks that have interesting prints of your favourite stars on the base. This round wall clock shows a beautiful image of the full cast of the popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. The wall clock is sleek and has no numerals. If you are obsessed with any other sitcom, then you can find another variant of a printed wall clock.

8. Eclectic Wall Clock

Foam & Aluminum Wall Clock

If you wish to level up your home décor theme, then you must install this foam and aluminium wall clock in an eclectic design. This DIY (Do it yourself) wall clock comes with a 3D-Effect which enhances your wall to a great extent. It is made with a self-adhesive EVA foam which is eco-friendly. With a water-resistant formula, this eclectic wall clock gives a silent sweeping movement of the wall clock.

9. Indian Ethnic Wall Clock

Pendulum Wall Clock

Pendulum clocks were first invented in the year 1656 and have become very popular since then. This Indian ethnic wall clock reflects a traditional vintage style that can add an appealing look to the ethnic-urban decor. Specifically carved into a wooden frame, this beautiful ethnic wall clock is powered with great battery capacity. Style your home with this ethnic wall clock to infuse a hint of vintage and earn some brownie points on your home décor.

10. Outdoor Wall Clock

Outdoor Wall Clock

Decorate your patio with this wall clock that will blend perfectly with your outdoor decor. This aesthetic wall clock comes in an English metallic design along with a refined hanging structure. The Roman numerals add a vintage look to the wall clock making it one of the most unique picks for anyone with elegant taste.

11. Contemporary Wall Clock

Contemporary Wall Clock

Go contemporary this season with this bold and distinct wall clock that adds a modish charm to your home décor. The square opaque dial depicts a sleek contemporary design with Roman numerals that can be read from afar. The side wooden bars give this watch a blend of modern and chic. Beautify your living room or any office space with this urbane contemporary wall clock.

12. Kids Wall Clock

Kids Wall Clock

Kids these days are obsessed with superhero flicks. From Avengers of the Marvel Universe to Batman from the DC comics, you can surprise your kids with these kid’s wall clock designs. This enticing wall clock comes with a huge ‘A’ written over it depicting ‘Avengers’. You can go with other designs and prints when buying wall clocks for your kids.

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