Skin types can be broadly categorized into three- oily, dry and normal. While people who have normal skin are truly blessed, those with oily or dry skin have to make extra efforts to maintain optimum skin moisture. In this article, we will be explaining about BB creams and CC creams and which is better for oily skin.

Although the oil in our skin helps protect it and fight signs of aging, many people suffer from excess oil secretion on their faces. While it is often pictured that teenagers have oily skin which leads to pimples and acne, people of all age groups can be affected equally by it. The result is blemishes, pimples, breakouts and other skin problems.

With a skin like this, it is difficult to decide which product to go for. The primary dilemma is between BB creams and CC creams. Which of these two is better for someone with an oily skin?

While there isn’t much difference between these two, it is often difficult to decide which one to pick. Therefore, we bring you answers to the most sought-after questions about BB creams and CC creams.

What is a BB Cream?

BB stands for “Beauty Balm”. These creams mask skin imperfections and provide a basic amount of coverage as well. The coverage a BB cream offers is preferred to that of a sheer foundation for daily use. What makes a BB cream different from a sheer foundation is the added benefits you can often find in them.

BB creams are said to provide sun protection and anti-ageing. These products are mainly exhibited as all-in-one moisturizers which offer some coverage and protection for your skin. These are mostly recommended as an alternative to heavy make-up in summers.

Simply put, a BB cream is a tinted moisturizer incorporating a bit more coverage and some benefits. It has priming properties, SPF filters and sometimes even a wrinkle reduction effect. When you are in a hurry you can skip a few beauty steps and get away with using just a beauty balm.

However, this cream provides light coverage. Therefore, the effect won’t be intense. This product is an addition to your makeup collection rather than an alternative to some other products.

Best Five BB Creams:

S. No. BB Creams
1. Maybelline New York Clear Glow BB Cream
2. Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream SPF 24/PA +++
3. POND’S White Beauty BB+ Fairness Cream SPF 30 PA++
4. REVLON Photoready BB Cream Skin Perfector
5. COLORBAR Perfect Match BB Cream


What is a CC Cream?

CC stands for “Colour Correcting” or “Complexion Correcting”. CC creams also offer less coverage than a foundation and are also sold with the promise of skincare benefits similar to BB creams. The only difference is that CC creams offer more coverage than BB creams and they aim to even out skin tones and cover some flaws like redness and dark spots.

CC creams are primarily designed and focused on concealing issues such as blemishes and redness, whereas BB creams are focused on prevention and maintenance. The coverage of CC creams lies between that of a foundation and BB creams. These creams will suit better than BB creams to people with shallow skin or age spots.

CC creams conceal skin problems as well as colour-correct the areas that you are not happy with. These are also much lighter in texture and less oily than BB creams.

Best Five CC Creams:

S. No. CC Creams
1. Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream
2. Bobbi Brown CC Cream
3. L’Oréal Nude Magique Anti-Redness CC Cream
4. Olay Regenerist CC Complexion Corrector
5. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Perfector


Better for Oily Skin: BB Cream vs CC Cream?

If you are someone who has oily skin, CC creams will be a better choice for you. BB creams tend to be oilier than CC creams as they are focused more on hydrating dry skin. CC creams have a matte texture which won’t exacerbate your oily skin.

If you suffer from acne-prone skin, you will desire to tackle the appearance of red blemishes and uneven skin tone while not introducing more oil onto your face. The matte finish of CC creams is also great for you if you are concerned with shiny or greasy skin. Unless it is a BB cream specially formulated to suit oily and acne-prone skin, you must always choose CC cream over it.

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