A curling iron also known as a hair iron or curling tong is a device that uses a heated rod to roll someone’s hair to form curls. Finding a good hair curler for a good price can be a task. So, we’re here with a list curated for you about the best curling irons in the market.


Vega is a well-known brand in the world of electronic beauty equipments. Vega hair curlers are suitable for all hair types and hair lengths. Style your hair in light, loose, thick or wavy curls using Vega’s different barrel lengths.

Vega’s curling irons feature chrome plates and a ceramic coating to make your hair appear smoother and shinier. The ceramic coating allows even heat distribution.

Vega’s hair curlers are priced between 1300-1900 INR and also offers up to a 2-year warranty on their products.


Remington is a leading brand in the hair care and styling industry. They offer a range of curlers including wands and chamber curlers.

All the curlers are equipped with ceramic coating and thermal technology to make your hair shinier and protect it from damage. The different wand sizes offer different kinds of curls and waves.

Remington also offers a unique two-way curl technology and many attachments to maintain your curlers like cleaning tools and protective gloves. Remington offers up to a 3-year warranty. Their products are typically priced between 2500-5000 INR.


Inalsa is a Spanish manufacturer of home appliances. They offer two hair curlers. The volume stylist has a curling area of 13 to 25 mm Diameter which lets the user play with different styles.

The curlers heat in less than a minute and have cool tips. The stylo curler comes with a safety support base while the volume styler has a curling cone made of ceramic infused with argan oil for a better look.

Inalsa offers up to a 2-3-year warranty on their products. Their products are priced between 2000-2500 INR.


Phillips is a leading brand in grooming technology. Their curlers come packed with a ceramic coating and a medium sized tong to encourage experimentation. You can use this tong to give your hair curls or soft waves.

The tong heats up to 180 degrees which is the optimum temperature for styling. The ceramic coating protects your hair and distributes heat evenly. These products are suitable for universal voltage and heat up in under 60 seconds. There is an indication light and a cool tip which gives its users a better experience while curling.

Philips offers a 2-year warranty on their products. Their products are priced between 2000-3000 INR.


Braun is preferred by stylists all over the world. They have devised a specific curler for coloured hair to reduce heat damage and style hair with ease. The 7-colour curler assures up to 50% less fading.

The barrels offered by Braun range from 24mm to 32 mm. The curlers come equipped with a temperature boost button for difficult areas and five temperature settings. The ceramic barrel prevents drying. The IONTEC technology infuses your hair with active ions to make hair even smoother.

These curlers usually come with a 2-year warranty and cost 3000+ INR.




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