The Seven Beauty Mistakes You Need To Stop Making!

Let’s admit! No one is perfect! Even the most prominent celebrities have been caught by beauty police committing cardinal makeup sins. When one begins treading on the path of beauty, beauty blunders are bound to happen. However it is important to take note of those mistakes and stop them from happening. Here is a list of makeup mistakes which you must fix if you have been making them:

7 Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Too much powder

Using powder after you have applied foundation and concealer is essential to set them. The trick is to use powder that is finely milled and in a thin layer. Using too much powder can create a cakey effect and make it look obvious that you are wearing makeup. Your best bet lies in using a translucent powder as it won’t alter the color of your base. Put it on using a large powder brush.


Lipstick on teeth

The mistake created headlines when Emma Watson was spotted with a bright tomato lipstick on her teeth. Lipstick on teeth is indeed an embarrassing sight. To prevent it, just do this simple trick after you have applied your lipstick: Put your index finger in your mouth and slowly suck it out. The extra lipstick will land on your finger. Tada!


Panda eyes

Kajal smudged badly along your lower water line, eyeliner transferring on your oily eye lids and eyeshadow creasing at a lightning fast speed are some common eye makeup problems. Not tackling them will make you look like you have panda eyes. Bid au revoir to these problems by buying powder and eye primer from Nykaa. Invest in a quality eye primer which will lend a long staying power to your eye makeup. You are required to put it on your eyelids before the application of other eye makeup products. To stop kajal from smudging, apply powder beneath your lower waterline lightly as it will absorb the oil.


Not washing makeup brushes

If you use makeup brushes, it is extremely vital on your part to clean them too. When you use them to apply foundation/blush/concealer/bronzer/lipstick, you are exposing them to bacteria, pollution and oil. Dirt is collected on them throughout the day. How often you need to wash the makeup brushes depends on how often you use them. If you rarely use them, washing them after a week or two is alright. If you use them on a regular basis, it is best to buy a dry makeup cleaner to clean them daily. You can wash them every 3-4 days.


Matching foundation on jawline

Or on back of hand! Either ways, it does not work! The debate related to whether to match foundation on hand, jawline or nose still continues to make news. But if you do not want your money to go waste on a foundation, you need to take extra trouble. Reserve a day for shopping for foundation. Wear little to no makeup on that day so that it is easy for you to try out the new foundation on your face. Wipe off any little makeup you have on your face before you begin the trial. When you zeroed in on a swatch while seems like the closest match, try it on half side of your face. Step out of the shop and go somewhere where there’s natural light to see the exact shade of the foundation. If it is a perfect match, go ahead and purchase it. If not, try more!


Wearing waterproof mascara daily

Wearing a waterproof mascara on a regular basis is a sure shot ticket for losing your eyelashes slowly with every passing day. A waterproof mascara has been made using strong formulations to not disappoint you in hot and humid conditions. Wearing it on a regular basis can make your eyelashes dry and brittle causing them to weaken day by day. Use regular mascara for daily purpose.


Sleeping in on makeup

It’s 12:00 A.M. You enter home from a party and feel too tired to remove your makeup. You sleep in on with your makeup. You wake up next day only to witness the horror of seeing pimples on your face. Yeah! It is never a good idea to sleep with makeup on. Sleeping in on makeup will not just result in ugly break-outs on your skin but will also add years to your skin. So take a pledge to never ever sleep with makeup on your face, no matter how exhausted you feel.

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