Zomato Vs Swiggy Vs UberEats

At any given day you can see the delivery armies of Zomato, Swiggy and UberEats zooming across the town on their bikes. A question that pops up every now and then is which among these three is the best? Before we at CashKaro choose to answer this question, let us take into consideration different aspects of these companies from two most important perspectives.


Zomato is one of the most popular food ordering and delivery companies that was established in 2008 and operates in more than 24 countries worldwide.

As a customer, one gets to choose from a wide range of delectable cuisine that arrives piping hot on your table. The mode of payment is either online through debit/ credit cards or net banking or through digital wallets. You enjoy every morsel of the meal as the food that is delivered is made from the freshest ingredients and is flavoursome. You can also let the restaurant know of your preferences/ allergies when you place your order.

The restaurateurs who are registered with Zomato are happy with its service. Registering the restaurant on Zomato is an easy process too. The restaurateur first gets a FSSAI licence and other essential documents. He then registers the restaurant on Zomato, the credentials are verified and Zomato charges a small fee for its services. The restaurant commences business on Zomato.


Swiggy was founded in the year 2014 and is a very popular food ordering and delivery company in India.

The perks of being a Swiggy customer are that in every bite you take, you can taste the freshness of the food that you ordered. You have the freedom to order your favourite cuisine from the best restaurants in town. Swiggy gives it’s customers lucrative discounts on the food ordered. Unfortunately, not all orders placed on Swiggy qualify for Cash on Delivery.

The registration process at Swiggy is a simple process. The restaurateur needs a few documents like a bank account in the name of the business, a FSSAI license, PAN card and GST Registration. He then fills out a form to partner with Swiggy. The credentials of the restaurant are verified and the restaurateur enters into an agreement with the company for a small fee. Once this is done the restaurant can commence business on Swiggy. The registration is a simple process and the service fee of Swiggy is less than some other food ordering companies in India which makes it immensely popular with the restauranteurs.


UberEats offers the best cuisine at some of the best prices when compared to its competitors. A customer can enjoy a hearty meal at a reasonable price as UberEats offers good discounts. The delivery charge is as less as Re. 1 and the customer gets some mind-blowing discounts, deals and coupons here. The combo packs of UberEats are unbeatable.

For partnering with UberEats, the restaurateur needs to fill out an interest form with details of the restaurant like its name, working hours, locations etc. The downside of it is that UberEats does not accept all applications that it gets. If UberEats feels that the restaurant is a right fit and is mutually beneficial, only then the delivery platform accepts the application and enter into a partnership. The upside is that customers get food from the best-chosen restaurants. The restaurateur will need to get into an agreement with UberEats for a small fee for its service.

The staff that ensures that the customers’ orders get delivered on time enjoy perks and benefits in all three companies. The staff that is engaged in the food delivery get a monthly salary, incentives, bonus if they work overtime, various insurance policies, medical claims among other benefits.

This page sums up the pros and cons of the three companies from the perspectives of the consumer as well as the restaurateur. All three food delivery platforms are equally good in their domain of work and strive hard to deliver good food to food lovers across the world. There cannot be a single winner when it comes to food because here, more is always less. You can always take your pick based on your preferences.

Archita Minocha
Archita Minocha

Striking a perfect balance between work and fun, Archita is a voracious soul, always on a lookout for new opportunities. She couples her innate creativity with coherence to unfurl magic through her words. Adhering to her pursuit of happiness, she believes in living life on her own terms.

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