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Dr. Batra’s has a team of over 375 doctors personally trained by Dr. Akshay Batra, India’s first trichologist from the Trichological Society of London & Immediate Past President, TTS London. This team has successfully treated over 3 lakh hair loss patients. The treatment offered by Dr. Batra’s is devoid of any side effects. Hair loss could be a sign of underling illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease. It can pose adverse effects on social life and may also lead to depression. From instant to permanent solutions for hair growth, Dr. Batra’s is a one-stop solution. It boasts of 94% patient satisfaction rate, and offers personalized treatment for every patient. You can simply book an appointment online in less than 30 seconds, and visit any of its clinics, which are more than 220 in number across over 120 cities. Besides consulting the expert hair doctors, you can also take a painless computerized quick hair test, following which the team would recommend a personalized treatment plan based on your hair condition. What’s more, you can curtain your expenses by availing Dr. Batra’s coupons.

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