10 Best Basketball Brands in India

Basketball is a well-liked sport among both children and adults and is played widely around the world. It’s entertaining to practise alone or with others, and it’s a wonderful kind of exercise for both cardio and strength training. A good start in the sport or improving your performance depends on selecting the best basketball for your requirements and tastes.

Basketball is a game that requires eye, hand, and movement coordination. Your upper-lower body strength, reflexes, and core strength will all improve from playing this game regularly. In India, basketball competitions are held at the school, district, state, and national levels. However, you can take up this sport as a hobby and enjoy it as well!

There are three distinct sizes of basketballs available: 5, 6, and 7. Basketballs come in three different varieties: match, training, and leisure. You cannot just go out and buy any basketball that is on the market. Much relies on your playing preferences and needs. 

However, with the wide range of products and brands available today, it may seem a little daunting! This article features some of the best basketball brands in India that are suitable for everyone’s playing preferences and level of comfort.

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How Do We Choose the Best Basketball Brands for You?

Basketball is an amazing sport that helps you stay fit and have a good time. Good quality basketballs in India have a price range of around Rs 600 to Rs 10,000. To help you out in choosing the perfect basketball brand suited to your needs, we have taken in all the factors that a good quality basketball must have. Read on to learn about them.


Most basketballs have a surface composed of composite leather or rubber. A rubber ball is both lighter and more enduring than a leather ball in challenging outdoor settings. It is also typically far less costly. Leather balls may deteriorate and get scratched when used outside on paved surfaces. However, since leather balls are the most often used in indoor competition conditions, they are generally of far better quality than rubber balls.


The ideal basketball size often varies by age and ability. Look for a little ball, such as a size 5, if you’re buying a basketball for a young youngster who is just starting out. At all ages, girls traditionally use a basketball of size 6. Until at least age 11, boys often use a 28.5-inch ball for their games. Guys are often advised to start utilising a size 7 basketball at age 12 and older, which is the size ball used in boys’ high school competitions and above.


If the ball is mostly used outside, it must be exceptionally tough and able to withstand rough surfaces like concrete as well as dirt, gravel, and wetness. Purchasing a durable ball is worth the price since cheap outdoor balls soon wear and degrade.

List of Best Basketball Brands in India

1. Spalding


Spalding produces basketball because it is a tough and adaptable ball that can be used for both outdoor and indoor courts. An additional feature of this fan favourite is its composite fake leather cover with pebbling. This provides the ideal touch and flexibility for play inside or outdoors.

Prominent Features of the Spalding Basketball:

  • The Spalding NeverFlat Elite has a lightweight sponge inner core and comes fully inflated
  • The resilient composite cover provides a comfortable grip for control while handling the challenging outdoor court conditions
  • This basketball has NitroFlate molecules injected into it to extend the time that it stays inflated


  • Durable
  • Both indoor and outdoor usage is good
  • Feels soft


  • Expensive

Why We Picked the Spalding Basketball?

Spalding Basketballs are a great choice that offers you a lot of value whether you want to drill free throws in your driveway or bring it to a nearby gym for home-court advantage. The basketball helps athletes of all skill levels throughout the world perform at their highest level by igniting their innate confidence.

2. Wilson


Consider training with the Wilson Basketball, the go-to ball of many high school and college players, if you want to elevate your indoor game. The Cushion Core Technology of this ball, which blends two types of rubber for a soft feel and remarkable longevity, is one of the keys to its exceptional performance. Explore the top volleyball equipment brands, delivering quality and durability for athletes worldwide

Prominent Features of the Wilson Basketball:

  • This ball, which is only intended for indoor usage, features a microfibre cover with high-definition pebbling for better grip and control
  • The ball’s composite laid-in channels enhance its uniform texture and overall feel
  • Wilson is the NBA’s official basketball, and The Wilson writing and official NBA branding can be seen on this ball


  • Outstanding grip
  • Good air duration
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Not to be used outside

Why We Picked the Wilson Basketball?

The Wilson Basketball is one of our favourites. Longer-lasting air retention is produced by the inflation retention liner. Additionally,  a new cushion layer provides the best traction in every weather.

3. SportimeMax 


Anyone may find it difficult to learn how to shoot a basketball correctly, young children in particular. SportimeMax Basketballs for juniors makes it simple to demonstrate appropriate hand placement to young players. Kids may use the resilient rubber cover for both indoor and outdoor play, making it a flexible choice for shooting exercises in the gym or free throw practice in the driveway.

Prominent Features of the SportMax Basketball:

  • The proper rotation may be seen thanks to the high-optic, alternately yellow and orange stripes
  • For lefties and righties, colour labelling provides guidance on how to place their hands
  • This basketball from SportsMax is ideal for usage at home and in the classroom


  • Excellent for developing new players
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Both righties and lefties may use it

Why We Picked the SportMax Basketball?

The surface of the ball has prints that are color-coded to identify the proper one-handed shooting form for both right- and left-handed shooters. Additionally, the yellow and orange striping clearly shows students how to rotate the ball so that their strokes have the proper amount of spin.

4. Chance


The Chance Basketball can be used for both indoor and outdoor play. There is a wide range of cool, vibrant hues and patterns, such as stripes, animal prints, and camouflage patterns. This basketball is simple for youngsters to hold and handle, thanks to its deep channels and aggressive pebble design.

Prominent Features of the Chance Basketball:

  • Aggressive pebble design and deep channels provide the most grip and handling
  • A constant bounce throughout your game is ensured by the butyl bladder’s ability to lock in the air for excellent ball pressure and shape preservation
  • Chance Basketballs provide the ideal ball pressure and shape retention
  • The ball, which comes in three sizes and is deflated, requires your own air pump and inflation needle. Kids will experience a constant bounce while they play because once it is filled, the bladder seals in the air


  • Cool styles
  • Both indoor and outdoor usage is good
  • Outstanding grip

Why We Picked the Chance Basketball?

The Chance Basketball is suitable for both inside and outdoors. Additionally, the premium rubber material offers a strong grasp and durability.

5. Dunn-Rite

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The pool is a secure and enjoyable location to practice your shooting or play against friends when it’s too hot to play on outside courts. The Dunnrite Pool/Water basketball is ideal for use in swimming pools since it is made to endure sunlight, chlorine, and heat without fading or inflating. 

Prominent Features of the Dunn-Rite Basketball:

  • The basketballs are completely waterproof, so even after spending all day in the pool, they won’t lose air, distort, or fade
  • Includes anti-slip dimpling to help you maintain a firm hold even when the ball and your hands are wet
  • It’s easier for youngsters to handle because of its smaller size, and it works better with pool basketball hoops than a regular-sized water ball does.


  • Fantastic for pool usage
  • Small size for children
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Water-proof material

Why We Picked the Dunn-Rite Basketball?

The anti-slip coating on the 9-inch Dunn-Rite Basketball makes it easy to handle in the water.  You merely need to inflate it with air and have a good time at the pool.

6. Nivia


The two-layer bladder of the Nivia basketballs is supposed to help it maintain form and air for extended periods of time. The basketball has a soft grip that is strong and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor courts. Nivia basketballs have durability since it is constructed of rubber that resists abrasion. Both casual games and competitive contests may be played with this Nivia basketball.

Prominent Features of the Nivia Basketball:

  • The high-quality rubber structure of the Nivia basketball allows for hours of play
  • Excellent durability is provided by the premium rubber composition, and additional gripping ability is made possible by the ultra-broad channels
  • For recreational basketball players or competitive athletes of all levels, this basketball from Nivia is a terrific option


  • Provides proper grip
  • Durable construction
  • Perfect present for children, teenagers, and adults alike

7. Strauss


Strauss Basketballs feature pebbled channels for improved control and grip. It also has a pressure lock bladder to maintain ideal ball pressure The pebbled channels provide you with the best grip in all game situations, and the sponge rubber cover is suitable for use on any surface. 

Prominent Features of the Strauss Basketball:

  • The Strauss Basketball has a rubber bladder to avoid pressure loss and to keep the ball inflated for a longer period of time
  • Features a very durable coating that is resistant to abrasion and harsh gameplay
  • The basketball’s ultra-durable coating offers exceptional performance
  • The external surface is made of rubber and gives a solid grip and bounce, making it a highly long-lasting piece of equipment


  • Suitable for any surface
  • Provides a superior grip
  • Weather-resistant
  • Very durable

8. Cosco 


The contour loop form of Cosco basketballs should make handling the ball simple. Every time you enter the court, you will be able to better hold the ball thanks to its deep channels. The ball’s substance is waterproof, so it may be used even on wet days. 

Prominent Features of the Cosco Basketball:

  • The Cosco Basketball is constructed of long-lasting rubber material
  • The contour loop shape of the basketball makes using the ball simpler
  • Additionally, Cosco Balls come with a pump so you can inflate it before you start playing


  • Made from durable material
  • Suitable for all weathers
  • Suitable for all age groups

9. Boldfit


Boldfit basketballs are made with a quality that makes them suitable for use on both hardwood and concrete courts. It is a durable piece of playing equipment because of its very tough coating. Additionally, the basketball pattern is designed to resist dust and dirt accumulating.

Prominent Features of the Boldfit Basketball:

  • These basketballs have excellent hold, making it easier to play with
  • Boldfit Basketballs offer tenacious grip and friction with less slide
  • Because our basketball is water resistant, you can play in the rain, and it will be easy to clean


  • Easy to clean
  • Water-resistant
  • Provides proper grip

10. Belco Sports

Basketballs from Belco Sports are used in several basketball competitions all throughout India. Deep grooves on it might aid in passing and ball handling. High-grip stones are on the ball for improved control while it is in play. It is quite durable since it is composed of rubber. 

Prominent Features of the Belco Sports Basketball:

  • Features a broad, deep groove pattern for steady and precise shooting and passing, use.
  • Both indoor and outdoor courts are appropriate for the Belco Street basketball
  • The Belco Sports Basketball features a high-pebble grip for improved handling


  • Grooved pattern for steady shooting
  • Strong grip
  • Easy to inflate
  • Suitable for both inside and outdoor usage

Final Word

Due to its convenience, toughness, and gripping surface, Spalding’s NeverFlat Elite Indoor-Outdoor Basketball is perfect for players of all skill levels. It is a wonderful option for both indoor and outdoor play, thanks to the composite fake leather cover.

According to us, Spalding, Wilson, and SportimeMax are our best choices for the best basketball brands in India. We also took into consideration factors such as material, size, and durability of the ball. Let us know which one turned out to be perfect for you! By the way, if you have come this far you should also check out this list of top volleyball brands.


Which brand basketball is best?

Brands like Spalding, Wilson, Strauss, and Nivia produce high-quality basketball. We suggest that you go through our article to choose the best brand of basketball available in India.

Which size is best for basketball?

Basketballs of size 7 weigh 9 kg on average. The majority of men’s professional basketball organisations, as well as men’s college and high school basketball leagues, use size 7 basketballs as their standard size.

What material is best for basketball?

Since genuine leather is the softest and most comfortable material, professional leagues utilise basketballs constructed from this material. The basketball will get softer with further usage. Additionally, these are the priciest basketballs on the market and need to only be used on indoor court surfaces.

What is the best brand for outdoor basketball?

For outdoor usage, Spalding is the best brand of basketball. It bounces regularly and is tough enough to tackle asphalt and concrete courts thanks to its high-performance rubber coating. Additionally, the broad and deep channels provide great grip.

Which basketball is used in India?

The Belco Basketball is used at numerous events and competitions around India. It features deep grooves that might aid in ball handling and passing. The ball has high grip stones for enhanced control. It is constructed of rubber material that makes it incredibly durable.

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