10 Best Matte Liquid Lipstick Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

Lipsticks are definitely a girl’s best friend as far as makeup is concerned and liquid lipsticks have recently emerged as a top favorite and how. The matte liquid lipsticks create quite an impact because the colors are bold and they are moisturizing and hydrating at the same time. Matte lipsticks stay on for longer, which also makes them a perfect option for those who have to stay out for work for long hours. Here are some of the best of them with their expected price range.

Here are the best brands for matte liquid lipstick

1. Elegancio matte liquid lipstick

Elegancio matte liquid lipsticks are made with a super rich formula that makes the lips soft and keep them hydrated. The matte colors are bold and with just a single swipe, one can achieve the desired look. The wand is long and slick for perfect application. The lipsticks come at a price point of Rs 250 to Rs 450.

2. Sugar matte liquid lipstick

Sugar cosmetic has both bold and nude shades in this category and the lipsticks stay on for hours because of their smudge resistant formula. The lipsticks are quite creamy in texture and they can stay on for hours, even in heat and humidity. The packaging is also very stylish and makes it easier to carry around. The lipsticks can be availed at a price of Rs 500 to Rs 750.

3. MI Fashion matte liquid lipstick

MI Fashion lipsticks are one of the best in the mid range segment and the users are extremely happy with its super stay on ability. The colors are very interesting and they are perfect either for a corporate meeting at office or for a night out with friends. The lipsticks are available around a price point of Rs 500 to Rs 700.

4. Maybelline New York matte liquid lipstick

Maybelline New York has always been a pioneer and their matte liquid lipsticks are one of a kind. The Super Stay range comes in host of exciting colors and the especially designed wand facilitates easy application with a single stroke. The hydrating and non transferable formula makes it hit among the women who can have it for Rs 650 to 900.

5. Blue Heaven matte liquid lipstick

Blue Heaven has won the hearts of their buyers with their interesting colors and shades and the lipsticks also have a creamy rich texture that makes the lipsticks light weight and prevent it from being constantly retouched. The matte formula looks stylish and functional at the same time and the buyers can buy them around Rs 150 to 300.

6. Wet N Wild matte liquid lipstick

The Wet N Wild matte lipsticks are available in a plethora of shades but buyers happen to love the nude shades more than anything. The shades are highly pigmented which makes them stay on for hours and the application is made easier by an easy to hold wand. They can be bought at a price range between Rs 350 to Rs 500.

7. Lakme matte liquid lipstick

Lakme 9 to 5 range as well as the absolute range has some super creamy and mousse matte liquid lipsticks that are one of a kind and stay on for hours. The lightweight formula prevents it from feeling heavy and the creamy texture makes it perfect to be worn throughout the day, with no extra moisturization needed. These Lakme lipsticks can be availed around a price of Rs 600 to 750.

8. Nykaa matte liquid lipstick

Nykaa has carved out quite a niche for itself in the world of lipsticks and the colors are also quite interesting. They have an especially new take on the liquid colors and they are bold ad interesting at the same time. The colors are quite long lasting and they are also richly pigmented. One can have them for about Rs 450 to Rs 600.

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9. In Color matte liquid lipstick

In Color matte liquid lipsticks have a hydrating formula that makes the application quite smooth and easy. There is no need for constant reapplications and they stay for hours at a stretch, also after a meal. The colors are bold, perfect for the modern woman who can buy them at a reasonable price of Rs 250 to Rs 400.

10. Miss Claire matte liquid lipstick

One of the best in the mid range segment, the Miss Claire lipsticks in this category ticks all the right boxes. The colors are rich and the texture is smooth, without drying the lips at all. They can be easily applied with the especially created wand and they are available for a price of Rs 295 to Rs 350.

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