Matte lipsticks have become the new staple for every makeup lover. Whether you are going out for a party or an office meeting, matte lipsticks can instantly enhance your look and make you feel confident. It is often assumed that these lipsticks are drying on the lips, but that is not true. Good quality lipsticks are infused with different nourishing oils or butter that keep your lips plump and hydrated all day. If you are looking for a pigmented lipstick that will last forever on your lips, we’ve listed some of the best matte lipstick brands to choose from. Here you can also check best liquid lipstick brands and lipstick brands in India.

List of 16 Top Matte Lipstick Brands in India

1. Lakme

Lakme Lipstick
Lakme Lipstick

Lakme‘s Absolute Matte range has taken the lipstick world by storm! The lipsticks are infused with raspberry seed oil which keeps your lips nourished throughout the day.

The pigment is vivid and glides beautifully over your lips, producing a bold look. Lakme is known to create lightweight and ultra-comfortable lipsticks that glide like a dream. With this range, you can forget about touch-ups after every hour as the colour will last for a long time on your lips. 

2. Maybelline

Maybelline Lipstick
Maybelline Lipstick

Maybelline’s Creamy Matte lipsticks have a velvety consistency that sits perfectly on your lips. If you have been avoiding matte lipsticks because of their drying nature, now is the time to change that!

The super-hydrating formula of the Maybelline lipsticks leaves a rich and smooth finish on your lips. The shades are made to suit Indian skin tones, and you’ll find something or the other for yourself in this diverse range. 

3. Colorbar

Colorbar Lipstick
Colorbar Lipstick

Colorbar‘s Sinful Matte lipsticks are one of a kind, and they are known for their dynamic shade range. The lipstick is enriched with sea fennel wax which nourishes your lips and keeps them supple all day.

It has a smooth and creamy feel that glides like a dream and doesn’t smudge for the entire day. If you are looking for a lipstick that has a feather-weight formula and lasts long, Colorbar has you covered.

4. Avon

Avon Lipstick
Avon Lipstick

Avon has a wide range of both regular as well as liquid matte lipsticks and there is something for every skin tone. Its Perfectly Matte lipstick has a weightless formula and lives up to what it claims.

The shades are richly pigmented and give you the desired look in one swipe. If you are looking for a good quality matte lip shade within budget, check out Avon’s range today!

5. L’oreal

L’oreal Lipstick

L’oreal has a formidable image in the cosmetics industry and stands to be one of the best brands in India. Its Colour Riche Moist Matte lipstick has a creamy formula that looks premium on your lips.

The highly-pigmented shades offer full coverage and give you the bold look you’re going for. It is infused with hydrating ingredients which allow you to put it on for hours without worrying about drying out your lips.

6. Elle 18

Elle 18 Lipstick
Elle 18 Lipstick

Elle 18 is a famous cosmetic brand in India, especially amongst beginners. Their products are perfect for people who prefer good-quality makeup at an affordable price. Elle 18 Color Pop Matte lipsticks have a bold pigment that covers your lip in a single stroke.

It has a smooth and velvety consistency that is easy to apply and doesn’t smudge for a long time. There are numerous shades to choose from in this range, and you can splurge without a doubt.

7. Nyx

Nyx Lipstick
Nyx Lipstick

Soft Matte Lip Cream has the richest texture that looks velvety smooth on your lips. The formula is creamy and lightweight, so it doesn’t really feel like you’re wearing lipstick. Although it may take a minute to dry but once set, it will look like the best soft matte lipstick you’ve ever worn!

8. Sugar Cosmetics

Sugar Cosmetics Lipstick
Sugar Cosmetics Lipstick

Sugar’s Nothing Else Matter is one of the most pigmented lipstick ranges in the Indian market. If you have uneven pigmentation on your lips, this product is no less than your holy grail!

It has a powerful, water-resistant formula that defies smudging for a long time. All of Sugar’s products are dermatologically tested and safe for every skin type so you can go ahead without any second thoughts.

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9. Nykaa

Nykaa Lipstick
Nykaa Lipstick

Nykaa is a brand committed to making women feel empowered, and their carefully curated products speak volumes about it. Its So Matte range is made with a plush and smooth formula that keeps your lips supple.

The intensely pigmented shades give you full coverage in a single stroke. The lipsticks are made for a daily-wear purpose and don’t crease or cake up when reapplied.

10. M.A.C

M.A.C Lipstick
M.A.C Lipstick

M.A.C needs no introduction when it comes to the cosmetics industry and is praised by millions of makeup enthusiasts across the board. Although a little on the expensive side, its matte lipsticks are totally worth every penny you spend on them.

The velvety-soft texture offers a smooth finish on your lips. It glides easily on your lips and gives you an opaque finish in a single swipe. If you’ve always wanted a premium lipstick in your vanity kit, M.A.C has a lot to offer.

11. Faces Canada

Faces Canada Lipstick
Faces Canada Lipstick

Faces Canada‘s Weightless Matte Lipsticks have a powder matte texture that feels like you’ve nothing on your lips. It is infused with the goodness of vitamins and almond oil to soften and hydrate your lips.

The formula is intense and richly pigmented, which offers a high colour payoff post-application. If you love a product that doesn’t weigh much and gives you a fuller lip, go for it today!

12. Insight Cosmetics

Insight Lipstick
Insight Lipstick

Insight’s Matte Lipstick is a rich formula that leaves a soft matte finish on your lips. It is designed with richly pigmented shades that are buildable and don’t crease throughout the day.

Blended with nourishing ingredients, this lipstick keeps your lips soft and supple even if you forget to apply a lip balm underneath.

13. Swiss Beauty

Swiss Beauty Lipstick
Swiss Beauty Lipstick

Swiss Beauty’s HD Matte Lipstick looks like a drugstore dupe of Huda Beauty’s Power Bullet lipstick. The lipstick offers supreme pigment, which is very comfortable on the lips. The packaging is of premium quality complemented by the mesmerizing range of lip shades. All you need is one stroke of color, and you’re set for the rest of your day!

14. Color Fever

Color Fever Lipstick
Color Fever Lipstick

Color Fever matte lipsticks are available in interesting shades that are custom made for the Indian skin tone. There are waterproof varieties as well to choose from and the lipsticks are smudge-proof, which makes them last throughout the day. The shades are sure to make heads turn and take notice.

15. In Color

In Color Lipstick
In Color Lipstick

In Color matte lipsticks have very modern shades, and the lipsticks have a nourishing formula that keeps the lips moisturised throughout the day. They are also long-lasting and require touch-ups.

Be it for work or leisure, there is a shade for every occasion, and the modern woman is sure to love them for their interesting swatches.

16. Miss Claire

Miss Claire Lipstick
Miss Claire Lipstick

Miss Claire’s matte lipsticks are known for their nude shades which are striking and look very classy. Those who want to flaunt their natural beauty without trying to look too made up are sure to fall in love with these shades.

Top Matte Lipstick Brands in India with Price List

Best Matte Lipstick Brands Price*
LakmeStarting at Rs 800
MaybellineStarting at Rs 299
ColorbarStarting at Rs 1,299
AvonStarting at Rs 399
L’orealStarting at Rs 749
Elle 18Starting at Rs 100
NyxStarting at Rs 600
SugarStarting at Rs 499
NykaaStarting at Rs 399
M.A.CStarting at Rs 2,999
Faces CanadaStarting at Rs 299
InsightStarting at Rs 80
Swiss BeautyStarting at Rs 299
Color FeverStarting at Rs 499
In ColorStarting at Rs 399
Miss ClaireStarting at Rs 325
*Prices are subject to change


1. Which is the best matte lipstick for daily use?

A good matte lipstick will be pigmented and lasts for a very long time. Some of the best matte lipsticks for daily use are Maybelline’s Creamy Mattes, Sugar’s Nothing Else Matters, and L’oreal Matte lipsticks. You can wear them for office, party, or any other occasion as they are smudge-proof and stay on for hours.

2. Which matte lipsticks are long-lasting?

Matte lipsticks tend to last longer than satin or other regular lipsticks. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t budge even after hours, you can try Lakme’s Absolute Matte range. It is infused with nourishing oils to keep your lips comfortable and soft throughout the day.

3. Should I apply lip balm before matte lipstick?

Yes, moisturising is an essential part of makeup, and you should never avoid it. Apply a thin layer of lip balm minutes before applying lipstick so that the lip balm gets absorbed. Remember to wipe any excess product off as it can make it longer for the lipstick to set properly.

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