10 Best Mixer Grinders with 4 Jars

There are several electronic products which make cooking easy and are absolutely necessary in your kitchen. A mixer grinder is one of them. It is required for preparing elaborate meals and simple dishes alike. A mixer grinder is an electronic appliance that will make cooking far more convenient for you. Therefore, if you still don’t have a mixer grinder at home, we bring the top ten brands for you to buy your mixer grinder from. All these come with four jars.

1. Prestige Elegant 750W Juicer Mixer Grinder

Prestige Elegant Juicer Mixer Grinder is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances you can have. It comes with three stainless steel jars and one transparent juicer jar. The 750 watts heavy duty motor is quite sturdy and makes your task easy. The packaging consists of a grinding jar of 1.5L, a chutney jar of 0.3L, a liquidizer jar of 1.5L and a juicer jar of 1.5L. It is made of plastic and comes with a domestic warranty of two years.

2. Maharaja Whiteline Easylock King MX-137 750W Mixer Grinder

The best thing about this mixer grinder is that it comes with an Easylock technology which prevents the contents from spilling out. The tough 750 Watt motor is efficient in grinding hard substances like coconut or raw turmeric. Another important feature of this product is that its blending jar comes with a fruit filter which makes it easy to strain fruit juices. The body of jars is made of durable stainless steel. The capacity of the grinding jar is 1.25 L, the liquidizing jar is 2 L, the chutney jar is 0.5 L and the blending jar is 2L.

3. Philips HL1646/01 600W Mixer Grinder

Philips is one of the most popular brands of electronic appliances. It is a very reliable brand and always provides its customers with sturdy products. This mixer grinder from Philips comes with four jars of different capacities. It grinds and blends quickly and finely. The appearance of this mixer grinder is very attractive. It comes with a warranty and you can buy it online at very reasonable prices.

4.  Anjalimix Insta 750W Mixer Grinder

If you’re looking for a compact, powerful and multi-functional mixer grinder, you don’t need to look any further. With the unbeatable combination of style and performance, this Five Jar mixer grinder can be used for mixing, juicing, wet, dry and spice grinding. The various jars help you in preparing food by fulfilling several purposes. The grinding jar capacity is 1 L, liquidizing jar capacity is 0.75 L, chutney jar capacity 0.3 L and juice extractor jar capacity is 1.25 L.

5. Preethi Aries 750W Mixer Grinder

The body of this mixer grinder is made of ABS plastic which makes it heat and shock proof. It also saves a lot of space and makes it more compact. The 750 Watt motor is super-efficient and it helps you grind the tougher substances finely. The packaging includes 4 jars: the grinding jar of 1.5 L, chutney jar or 0.5 L and spice jar of 0.2 L.

6. Kingstar Ecosport 550W Juicer Mixer Grinder

This attractive mixer grinder set from Kingstar Ecosport takes 550 Watt and comes with 4 different jars. The appearance of this mixer grinder is very elegant. It can be used for your domestic kitchen use and has a long life. It is perfectly suitable for dry grinding, mincing, grating and blending. The grinding jar capacity is 1.5 L, the liquidizing jar capacity is 1.5 L, the chutney jar capacity is 0.3 L and the Juice Extractor Jar Capacity is 1 L.

7. Sunmeet MG16-425 750W Mixer Grinder

Sunmeet MG16-425 750W Mixer Grinder is one of the best and most efficient products of this range. It has a body made of ABS plastic which makes it shock and heat proof. It is very compact and comes with four jars. It has a speed control function of 3 speed with incher and the jars are made of stainless steel. The grinding jar capacity is 0.5 L, the liquidizing jar capacity is 1 L, the chutney jar capacity is 0.3L.

8. Orient Actus MG7503G 750W Mixer Grinder

This Orient mixer grinder comes with harmonic grinding technology and specially designed 304 grade stainless steel blades for superfine grinding. It has extra blades for mincing and whipping. The jars are made of stainless steel and have a long life. A special feature about this product is that its blades have swirl control, which means they prevent the contents from spilling out. It comes with a 1.5 litres stainless steel jar with dome lid and clips, a 1 litre stainless steel dry or wet grinding jar with lid and clips and a 0.5 litre chutney grinding jar with polycarbonate lid along with a juicer.

9. Havells Sprint 600W Mixer Grinder

Havells is undoubtedly a popular and reliable brand when it comes to electronic appliances of any kind. This mixer grinder from Havells has a beautiful exterior and comes at a reasonable price. It has three stainless steel jars of different capacities and one juice extraction jar with a capacity of 1.5L. It has a 600 W motor which also has copper winding. The motor comes with a warranty of 5 years.

10. Butterfly Desire 4 Jar 746W Juicer Mixer Grinder

This Butterfly Desire 746W Juicer Mixer Grinder has the most gorgeous exterior. It comes with 4 jars of different capacities which will definitely make your work easier and make cooking more convenient for you. This mixer grinder does not make any noise which is also an excellent feature. It has anti-slip feature too which does not let it move while being used, hence preventing any accidents.

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