10 Best New Year Gifts For Your Girlfriend

As the year draws to a close, the excitement of new year celebrations begin to settle in. Spending New Year’s Eve with your girlfriend is special, and so should be the gift to express your feelings. A New Year’s gift for girlfriend should not only be thoughtful but also seal the bond of your love for each other. Women love cutesy presents like personalized or handmade gifts. Here are some fun and amazing gift ideas for your girlfriend that will make her go ‘Awww!”  

Read on to know about our hand-picked suggestions of the 10 best new year gifts for your girlfriend and give her a surprise she’ll always cherish!

Best New Year Gifts for Girlfriend to Make Her Feel Special

1. A Bottle of Wine for a Romantic Evening

A Bottle of Wine for a Romantic Evening

If you’ve been wondering what’s the best romantic new year’s gift for your girlfriend, then buy an elegant bottle of wine for her. A symbol of love and sophistication you can relish the taste of the wine together on New Year’s Eve. You can decorate this bottle with a ribbon tied around its neck and a cute card with some sweet ‘new year wishes 2019’ written over it.

2. Perfume by Skinn

Perfume by Skinn

A rich feminine fragrance, Celesté by Skinn is one of the best ideas for a new year gift for girlfriend. An aroma worth swooning over, gifting your girl this delectable fragrance will make her fall in love with you even more. A cute and thoughtful new year present for your girlfriend, this perfume is sure to make your girlfriend’s New Year’s Eve even more romantic and playful.

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3. Potpourri With Scented Candles

Potpourri with Scented Candles & Diffusers for a Lovey-Dovey Mood

A fragrant happy new year gift for your girlfriend, potpourri with scented candles and diffusers can be used as room décor. While New Year’s is a time of celebration, scents and light, this gift will surely make the aura around you and your girl aromatic and romantic. This new year gift for your girlfriend is a simple yet beautiful way to show her you care.

4. Dangling Dream Catcher Wall Decor

A perfect new year gift for your girlfriend, dangling wall décor can prove to be one of the cutest handmade presents. A cute colourful dream catcher, this room décor item can be customized with some amazing pictures of your girl attached to its strings. Collect some Polaroid photographs of your girl and you together and add that personalized touch to this unique new year gift for your girlfriend.

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5. Pretty Pendant Neckpiece

Pendant Neckpiece For a Traditional Gift

Men, choosing new year gifts for your girlfriend is not that difficult. Most women would never get tired of receiving or collecting pretty jewellery pieces. Present this beautiful new year gift to your girlfriend and let her know how much you love her. Along with a cute pendant, you can also gift her a unique brooch or present these gifts individually.

6. Mason Jars Filled With Romantic Message Cards

Decorative Mason Jars filled with Message Cards

A cute surprise gift for your girlfriend for the new year, these mason jars contain messages that express your feelings for your best girl. Embellished with ribbons, hearts and glitter that symbolize the spirit of new beginnings just like the new year, this gift is sure to make your girlfriend go ‘Aww!’ and blush with happiness! Check out the other beautiful spring jars available on the website too.

7. Plan A Special Evening

An Evening Out for a Memorable time Together

Present one of the most memorable gifts to your lady love! Plan an evening out with your girl and surprise her with this simple yet thoughtful gift. Take her out on a romantic movie date followed by a romantic stroll on the streets. A hearty dinner at her favourite place would be a perfect end to your date. We bet she would cherish the time you’ve spent together.

8. Desk Organisers

Desk Organisers as a Gift of Love

Make this new year worth remembering by gifting your girl a cute and classy wooden desk organizer with a table clock. A symbol of an organized and beautiful life, this desk organizer is sure to make your girl nostalgic every time she sees this beautiful gift. One of the best gifts to present to her, this desk organizer will ensure that she remembers you every time she takes or keeps a pen in it or casually glances over to check the time.

9. Beautiful Book Ends

Book Ends + Chocolates

If your girl is a bookaholic, then check out these beautiful Owl Sheesham Wood bookends. A one-of-a-kind unique gift for your girlfriend, shop for these cute bookends along with a box of customized chocolates. You can even present these two gift items individually.

10. A Romantic Book With Cute Bookmarks

Ending our list of the best new year gift for girlfriend with this brilliant idea! If your girl is a romance fiction fan, then you must gift her a popular romantic book and a set of cute bookmarks to mark the beginning of the new year. A nice last-minute option, she is sure to cherish these creative small gifts.

Niharika (CK Book Critic)
Niharika (CK Book Critic)

A curious shutterbug, Niharika has a penchant for all things new. An ardent animal lover and a literature enthusiast, she loves writing fiction and creating her own world of words. Apart from her pure love for Maggi, her perseverance for doing things her way is something that defines her persona. She’s often found around the greens, gazing at the sky or cherishing music while at work.

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