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Artists need a blank canvas to revive their imagination. Drawing books can help them bring out their creativity and nurture their talent.

Indulge yourself or your little one in sketching and drawing, as it builds concentration and an eye for detail. Besides being a perfect way to destress yourself, drawing ensures that you enjoy every bit of your time. Most drawing notebooks are made from eco-friendly material and have brighter, thicker sheets. The texture of these sheets allows dry and wet colours to spread evenly.

If you’re looking for some handy sketching books to let your creativity out, here are some of our top recommendations that can simplify your search process.

Top 8 Drawing Books

1. Ohuhu Art Sketchbook

This drawing book has 78 double-sided quality A4-sized sheets to practice drawing, illustrating, designing, and sketching. The reliable hard binding prevents the sheets from getting loose and falling off. The sheets are heavyweight, smooth, and bleed-proof to prevent feathering and smudging of colour. They have perforated edges, making them easy to tear.

Retains Vibrance

This sketchbook has 100% acid-free papers that retain the artwork’s vibrance and colours for years.

Editor’s Choice

2. Brustro Wiro Bound Sketchbook

This A5 sketchbook is perfect for those who love to doodle anywhere and everywhere. It is compact in size and can be used to make sketches, ink art, watercolour painting, and a lot more. The book contains natural white paper, which is free of acid and has a natural grainy texture. Additionally, it is secured with a wire binding that offers free movement of the pages.

Quality Cartridge Paper

This drawing-cum-sketchbook is made with quality cartridge paper for regular sketching and light watercolour work.

Most Loved

3. Ohuhu Spiralbound Art Sketchbook

This spiralbound sketchbook by Ohuhu comes in a square shape, offering you a perfect frame to share your creations on social media. Its sheets are made acid-free, ensuring better colour retention and no bleeding. You can use this sketchpad to draw, design, illustrate, or sketch everything around you. It has 60 double-sided sheets for you to draw on and explore your creative genius. You can also flip the pages to 360-degree, enabling easy and comfortable drawing anywhere.


These sketchbooks feature perforated sheets, making them easy to tear from the sketchpad without hampering the binding.

Most Loved

4. Askprints A5 Sketchbook Set

Suitable for preliminary drawing, these sketchbooks come in a pack of two. These sketchbooks are light in weight and have 50 professional-grade sketching sheets for quick doodling, sketching, and shading. The sheets can endure pressure from pencils, pens, graphite and charcoal.

For Everyone

These sketchbooks are perfect for everyone irrespective of their hand dominance.

Next Best

5. Menorah Drawing Notebook

This Menorah sketchbook is a relatively big notebook with 50 standard A4-sized sheets. The metal wire binding allows effortless turning and flipping of pages, while neat micro-perforations ensure clean tearing. Its pages are acid-free and made from high-quality material. The natural shade of the sheets makes the colours come alive on the canvas and appear even brighter.

All Purpose

This notebook is ideal for techniques like doodling, watercolour painting, pencil sketching, charcoal sketching, and more.


6. Classmate Drawing Book

Classmate drawing book from ITC uses superior grade paper and pulp to provide smoother, brighter, and whiter pages. These pages have an excellent finish and a superior cut for proper alignment without any folded corners. Its special lamination and binding strength make it incredibly durable. Each art book in this pack of three contains 40 A4-sized unruled pages with a good coverage area.


This drawing book features elemental chlorine-free pages that are eco-friendly.


7. Menorah A5 Artist Sketchbook

This is a premium sketchbook for professional artists. Gift your tiny tot this impressive hardbound drawing book that contains 50 double-sided sheets to make their drawing sessions enriching. It comes in a classic red coloured cover with an elastic band to seal it and a silk bookmark. It is ideal for pencil sketching and mild watercolour painting.

Unique Appearance

This book has a leatherette case that offers it a unique appearance.

Also Consider

8. Zen Sangam Artists’ A4 Sketch Pad

This sketch pad by Zen Sangam has 50 sheets of ivory cartridge natural shade. The micro-perforated sheets allow you to keep your artworks in a file or display them in photo frames. The paper used has a fine grain texture that enhances drawings and keeps them from fading. It is suitable for students, writers, and professional artists and has 50 dual-sided sheets to create artwork. The sketch pad even has a spiral binding that opens it flat when placed on an even surface.

Dry Media Techniques

This sketch pad is perfect for sketching, crayon colouring, light watercolour painting, charcoal colouring, and felt marker drawings.

Runner Up
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