Sweeten Your Life with These Brands of Sugar

Best Brands of Sugar

Looking to re-stock your pantry with good quality sugar? Find below a list of the best brands we compiled on our quest to discover superior quality sugar.

What do most desserts have in common? Sugar. These white crystals are a commonplace ingredient no kitchen can do without. You can use sugar in an infinite number of ways, and rightly so. A pivotal ingredient in most culinary preparations – sugar adds beauty as a dusting powder to doughnuts, works magic as an icing for cakes, adds a wonderful texture when drizzled as caramel sauce on waffles, or as glazing for meats and shrimps. Scroll down to explore some of the best brands of sugar that you must consider on your next grocery shopping trip.

Best Brands of Sugar

1. Dhampure

Dhampure offers sparking-white free-flowing sugar obtained by cooling supersaturated sugar solutions. It boasts purity and makes for a great sweetener for tea or coffee. Made hygienically from fresh farm cane, this sugar is free from harsh chemicals, colouring agents, and preservatives.


This sugar is hygienically packed with a tight seal to ensure there is no contamination.

Best Overall

2. Trust

Trust classic, refined sugar is a double refined white crystal sugar that dissolves effortlessly. These free-flowing, sparkling white crystals are sterilised under UV radiations. This is a pure vegetarian product made in hygienic conditions and is untouched by hands.

Chemical Free

This refined sugar comes with an abundance of sweetness sans the sulphur and harmful chemical content.

Premium Choice

3. Mawana

Looking to swap regular white sugar with brown sugar in your tea and coffee? Get your hands on this hygienically processed brown sugar by Mawana. It is free from germs and sulphur. This brown sugar has a reasonable amount of molasses added for a wet, granular texture that lends a lovely aroma and caramel flavour to your beverages, confectionery, marinades, and sauces.

Dissolves Faster

This granulated brown sugar dissolves three times faster than regular sugar counterparts.

Next Best

4. 24 Mantra

Relish the goodness of pure sugar with the 24 Mantra unrefined sugar. This sugar is free from preservatives and chemicals. Moreover, this sulphur-free sugar comes with a unique farm to kitchen traceability to ensure integrity, purity and quality.


This sugar is a product of sugarcane grown in 100% organic farms without any pesticides.

Smart Choice

5. Madhur Pure Sugar

Madhur Pure Sugar is derived from premium quality sugarcanes and is completely free of sulphur. It is super refined and has fine crystals that dissolve pretty quickly. The sugar comes in great quality packaging, so there are no chances of infestation.

Superior Quality

Pure and hygienic sugar made from the best quality Sugarcanes in India.

Next Best

6. SugarLite

Satiate your sweet cravings without going on a guilt trip with this 100% natural sugar by SugarLite. It is a smart blend of sugar with the standard natural sweetener stevia. It can be used as a healthy alternative to regular sugar in all your sweet preparations, baking needs, and daily cooking preparations. What’s best – this smart sugar can be consumed by everyone, be it adults or kids.

Less Calories

This sugar contains a blend of stevia with natural sugar and offers 50% lesser calories for the same amount of sweetness as regular sugar.

Versatile Choice

7. Pure and Sure

Looking to ditch the regular refined sugar to cut back on your sugar intake? Grab this coconut sugar by Pure and Sure. It is processed from the cut flower buds sourced from certified organic coconut farms. These sugar crystals host subtle sweet flavours with a slight hint of caramel – thanks to low processing. Additionally, this all-natural sugar is free from GMO’s and preservatives. Switch to this healthy alternative to spike your daily beverages, baked goods, and sweet preparations with a healthy dose of sweetness.

High in Minerals

Coconut sugar is high in mineral content and contains a slew of minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, and phosphorus and several B vitamins.

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