Top 7 Anjeer Brands

Looking for an alternative to refined sugars for your homemade desserts? Try these anjeer brands to give your sweet tooth a healthy treat.

Figs are the oldest fruits known to humankind, tracing their roots back to ancient civilisations. Popularly known as anjeer, figs are succulent fruits that can be eaten in fresh, dried, as well as preserved forms. These fruits host loads of crunchy seeds and are abundant in dietary fibre and natural sugar. Dried figs are a rich source of iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, and vitamins A, C, B, and K. Highly nutritious and low in calories; dried figs in moderate amounts are a great addition to a balanced diet. Check out our top picks for your next grocery shopping round.

Top 7 Anjeer Brands

1. Fruitri Afghani

This 250gm pack of anjeer by Fruitri Afghani is a premium quality product procured directly from farmers and processed and packed in hygienic conditions. Soak it overnight and give yourself a boost of energy with these sweet, moist figs.

Smart Packaging

These dried figs are packed in a zip-lock pouch to ensure long-lasting freshness and quality.

Editor’s Choice

2. GreenFinity

GreenFinity dried figs are natural and pure hand-selected agricultural products. The 1kg pack is vacuum-packed and free from any artificial additives.


This is a 100% vegetarian product.

Popular Choice

3. Tulsi

This 500gm pack of anjeer by Tulsi is a combination of great taste and health. These properly sized, round discs of anjeer are sourced from Afghanistan. They are 100% pure, natural, and processed in quality certified plants.

Vacuum Packed

These dried figs are packed using vacuum technology to keep their freshness and aroma intact.

Trusted Choice

4. Happilo

This 200gm pack of anjeer from the house of Happilo is a pure, natural, and gluten-free delight. These dried figs can be eaten without worrying about your cholesterol levels. However, it is advised not to go overboard with its consumption.

Pack of 2

These dried figs are available in a pack of 2 with a single purchase.

Next Best

5. Amazon Solimo

This 500gm pack of dried figs from Solimo is packed with nutrients and is a great alternative to processed snacks. These dried figs are hygienically packed in a facility that meets food and safety standards, making them safe for consumption.

Gifting Idea

Has attractive packaging, making it an ideal gift for family gatherings at festivals and occasions.

Value for Money

6. Nutri Organics

This 1kg pack of dried figs from Nutri Organics is a health-boosting snacking option. This perfectly ripened anjeer is 100% natural. It is a gluten-free, vegetarian product with zero cholesterol.

Hygienically Packed

It is directed straight from the farms to your pantry without any addition of colours, additives, or preservatives.

Runner Up

7. Berries and Nuts

Chow down on these delicious dried figs by Berries and Nuts to curb your sugar cravings. This 400gm pack of anjeer is sourced from Afghanistan.

100% Natural

This product is composed of pure dried figs. It is free from added sugars, additives, or preservatives.

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