5 Best Pumps for Breastfeeding Mothers

Breastfeeding Pumps

Breastfeeding pumps make life easier for those who go out and leave their babies at home. Pumped and stored milk ensure that the baby gets mother’s milk even when she is not around. While direct breastfeeding is recommended, pumps are a boon for all those mothers out there who are not able to do so for any reason. There are some amazing manual and electric breastfeeding pumps out there that you can choose from.

Top 5 Breastfeeding Pumps

1. Nature Bond Breastfeeding Pump

This is a manual breast pump from Nature Bond that works with natural suction pressure. To cater to the suction force requirement, it comes with a ‘dual ring’ design that allows you to self-adjust the suction force. Its pumps are tightly sealed in an air-tight vacuum packaging, making it completely safe to be used by mothers and babies. Made from 100% food-grade and high-quality silicone, it is comfortable and soft. This product is lab-tested to be free from all kinds of harmful chemicals.

Safety Pump Strap

This breastfeeding pump has a pump strap to prevent breast milk spillage that can be due to kicks and knocks of the baby.

Editor’s Choice

2. LuvLap Manual Breast Pump

LuvLap breast pump is made from soft silicone with a massage petal design that helps to mimic a baby’s natural sucking rhythm to stimulate breast flow. The ergonomically designed handle ensures that there is minimal pressure on the hands at the time of pumping. It features a lever lock which can be pressed down at ease to make the pump compact and portable to be easily carried in a handbag. The breast pump is made from food-grade certified plastic and silicon which means it can be cleaned and sterilized easily.

3-Level Suction

This breastfeeding pump is engineered to offer three levels of suction intensity. It can be easily adjusted for mild, gentle and strong suction.

Popular Choice

3. Medela Swing Breast Pump

Medela Swing electric pump is suitable for frequent as well as occasional usage. It comes with a unique 2-phase expression pump that collects more milk in less time. The pump features the SoftFit breast shield that stimulates the breast effectively at the time of pumping the milk. The pump interface has four buttons that are simple and easy to use. Mothers get more freedom of movement at the time of pumping with its belt clip option.

2 Phase Expression

The pump starts with the Stimulation Phase: fast pumping rhythm at 120 cycles per minute, followed by the Expression Phase: a slower pumping rhythm at 45-72 cycles per minute.

Premium Choice

4. Syga Manual Breast Pump

Syga breastfeeding pump is a perfect solution for mothers looking for ergonomic designs and features in expressing tools. The pump comes in an ultra-light design that is soft, portable, and non-breakable, making is suitable for carrying anywhere easily. The friendly handle design reduces the pressure and grip strength, saving a lot of effort while pumping. It ensures zero chemical leaching as it is made from food-grade and eco-friendly silicon. It boasts a leak proof design that is ideal for the purpose of storage and carrying milk.

Pain Relieving

This breastfeeding pump is great for breast care as it relieves from breast lumps and pain. It is an excellent choice for providing support to the breastfeeding mother.

Most Loved

5. Trumom Breastfeeding Pump

Get the Trumom breastfeeding pump that is practically safe and comfortable for use. The suction mechanism starts with a massage and stimulation mode and then changes to make the breast tender for collecting the milk. It adjusts the suction control by imitating baby’s natural sucking motion in order to pump efficiently. The soft silicone cushion pad gives a warm feeling while pumping and makes the entire process painless.

Durable Quality Finish

This breastfeeding pump is made from medical grade material which is heat resistant up to 197-degree Celsius and can be used regularly. Besides, it doesn’t absorb any colour and odour.

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