Top Reusable Cloth Diapers

Plastic waste is a rising concern for people all around the globe. It’s high time we take care of our environment for the babies we bring into this world. Hence, using a reusable cloth diaper is a step in the right direction.

We must start using eco-friendly products over ones that use plastic for the sustenance of life on earth. Also, babies have sensitive skin, and one needs to pay extra attention to ensure that the diapers that stay in close contact with their skin are made of soft, natural and breathable material. Apart from posing no threat to the environment, these cloth diapers are made of natural fabrics and can be washed and reused.

Top 5 Reusable Cloth Diapers

1. Superbottoms Freesize UNO

This cloth diaper by Superbottoms ensures that your kid enjoys flexibility and movement. It is made with high-quality organic cotton and features length and waist adjustment buttons. It is super absorbent and much more durable compared to most other baby diapers. This reusable cloth diaper comes with one dry feel insert and a booster pad to keep the baby dry and happy. It is free from harmful chemicals, phthalates, and lead, ensuring complete safety for the baby. Along with a dry pad and booster pad, this diaper can absorb wetness for up to 12 hours at a go.

Quirky Design

This free-size diaper is suitable for babies anywhere between three months to three years of age and features a quirky waterproof print on the outside.

Top Pick

2. Superbottoms Soft Fleece Lined Pocket Diaper

Superbottoms Fleece Lined diapers are certified for being safe for young babies. This diaper is free of lead and phthalates that can often irritate the baby’s skin. Thanks to its thick back elastic, fleece lining, snap closure, and soft leg gathers, the baby can experience maximum comfort while wearing this diaper. It is perfect for babies weighing 5 – 17 kg and comes with a wet-free insert that keeps the baby dry for up to 3 hours. This diaper is durable enough to sustain over 300 washes, including the inner lining and outer layers.

Rise Setting and Sizing

These diapers are washable, reusable, and come in a flexible format with four rise options.

Popular Choice

3. Dolphers Baby’s Cotton Cloth Diapers

Dolphers Baby’s cotton cloth diapers are made with soft cotton fabric that protects the baby’s skin from rashes and itchiness. Available in a pack of 12, these colourful diapers are suitable for kids of up to 6 months. They feature a double U layered shape that provides comfort to the baby. You can simply tie them on the front and wash them after every use.

Soft Feel

These cloth diapers get soft with every wash and enhance the comfort level of the baby over time.

Most Loved

4. Motherly Kid’s Washable Cloth Nappies with Inserts

This washable cloth nappy by Motherly has a colourful and cute print. The diaper has a wide pocket opening for inserting and removing the absorbent pads, while the back elastic prevents it from slipping out. It has a breathable waterproof outer fabric, and gentle elastic leg gathers that offer a soft feel. These diapers have double overlap snaps that fit onto the baby’s hips comfortably and prevent drooping. Moreover, it has three interior layers with superb absorbency, thanks to the natural fibres present in the base layer.


This kid’s nappy has plenty of snap buttons to adjust it according to the baby’s waist size.


5. Baybee Reusable Knotted Cloth Diaper

This pack of Babybee diapers has 10 reusable cloth nappies that have simple prints. Their hourglass shape fits comfortably around the legs and waist without creasing. These diapers are perfect for kids up to 9 months and have a string fastening mechanism to secure them on the baby’s waist. Each of these is made with breathable and anti-bacterial cotton that is safe on the child’s skin. The soft outer layer further makes it ideal to be worn beneath all kinds of outfits.

Padded Liner

These cloth diapers have a soft padded liner that generously absorbs the wetness, keeping the baby dry throughout.

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