5 Rattle Toys for Your Baby’s Cognitive Development

Top Rattle Toys

Keeping infants entertained for a long time can be challenging for new parents. Give your little ones a source of amusement by introducing them to rattle toys. These toys are entertaining and help your little ones with sensory development. Available in a range of designs and textures, these toys enhance the baby’s curiosity and motor skills. When choosing a rattle toy for your baby, always look for the following things:

  • Appearance: Bright coloured rattles stand out from the regular lot and help kids identify colours from a young age.
  • Size: A rattle toy must be at least 2 inches in diameter. This will prevent the kids from choking while chewing or sucking on these toys. Furthermore, they must not have breakable parts as they can pose a risk of being swallowed.
  • Built: They must be made with safe, non-toxic, smooth and soft material that ensures complete safety even if chewed.
  • Weight: Baby rattles must be light in weight. Heavy rattles might hurt the kids if dropped accidentally.
  • Sound: Most baby rattles have a sharp tone. Go for the ones that make soothing and relaxing sound that quickly induces sleep.
  • Grip: Rattle toys must be soft and smooth enough to be comfortably held by the kid.

Convinced enough? Check out our top picks from this category below.

Top 5 Rattle Toys

1. Wishkey Colourful Musical Instruments Rattle

These Wishkey rattle toys have realistic features and come in various shapes, sizes, textures and colours. They are light in weight and small enough to fit in the baby’s hand easily. These musical toys improve the kid’s auditory skills, sensitivity of the arms, and develop imagination. The vibrant colours, unique functions and sounds help babies learn faster. They are made from ABS plastic that is completely safe and non-toxic in nature.

Musical Rattle

This rattle toy has various musical instruments like tambourine, trumpet, maracas, castanet and flute. It is the right way for parents to introduce music to their little ones.

Editor’s Choice

2. Cable World Set of 8 Attractive Rattle Toys

Cable World rattle toys are a perfect source of joy for infants. These shake-up rattle toys make it easy to soothe babies with sweet and attractive sounds. They are light in weight and have a soft volume, perfect for playing everywhere. The colourful baby rattles help develop baby’s sensory and motor skills. They have unique shape and design and are compact enough to be held by little hands.


The rattle toys are available in vibrant colours and are made from BPA-free ABS plastics, that ensures complete safety for the child.

Popular Choice

3. Vibgyor Vibes Colourful Rattle Toys

These Vibgyor Vibes rattle toys are a good source of entertainment for little kids. They have a range of soft sounds and jingles that quickly catch your baby’s attention. Designed specifically for young kids, they emit an array of bright and vibrant colours to enhance kid’s visual skills. Additionally, they have seamless edges, making these toys function as teethers. Featuring solid shapes, they develop the baby’s motor skills and finger flexibility.

Unique Jungle Theme

They are crafted in a range of jungle-themed toys with figurines like lion, monkey, giraffe, snake and elephant. The unique design improves the cognitive skills in the children.

Most Loved

4. Vibgyor Vibes Musical Hanging Rattle Toys

These bright and attractive coloured hanging rattles are known to improve kids’ visual and cognitive skills. These toys play a soft music as soon as they start rotating and create a soothing sound that keeps the child entertained. The set contains a swan cross arm, 1 mobile support arm, a star music box, 3 colourful hanging characters, and a cot attachment fastener.

Hanging Mechanism

This rattle toy features a hanging mechanism that can be easily attached to the cot or crib. It allows infants to enjoy relaxing music without touching the toy physically.

Leading Contender

5. Pikipo Kitty Face Rattle Cum Soft Toy

These stuffed toys by Pikipo have a rattling sound that the child will surely love. Whenever the child shakes the toy, the toy makes a rattling sound while its handle when squeezed makes a squeaking voice. This helps to develop and stimulate the child’s auditory skills. Its cat face design and bright colour quickly draws the attention of your little one and make him stare at it for long hours. It is made keeping in mind the safety of a child and therefore, has no sharp and uneven edges.

Plush Texture

This rattle toy is fabricated with soft and huggable plush material. The material sports a soft texture, is comfortable to hold, making it a perfect toy for the young babies to cuddle with.

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