5 Toy Vehicles for Young Kids

Best Toy Vehicles

All kids love toy vehicles. These miniature toys not only entertain the child but also teach them the basics of STEM education. The physical movements like bending, pushing, pulling, balancing, and running along with the toy help the child develop motor skills from an early stage. These bright coloured vehicles also help the child in recognising different colours and identifying various vehicles. Most toy vehicles are made of non-toxic paints and high-quality plastic that make it safe for young children. Additionally, it can also introduce the child to new concepts like stop, slow down, speed up, start, etc. while playing with vehicle toys.

5 Best Toy Vehicles

1. Farraige Monster Trucks

These monster trucks by Farraige are push & go toy trucks available in a pack of 4. Made with sturdy frames, durable material and four shockproof springs, these toy trucks are suitable to be run on any surface. Each truck features rubber tyres with big grooves and ridges to prevent the vehicle from slipping, colliding and sudden shocks, making them safe for kids to play with. Besides having a 4 wheel inertia drive, these trucks are equipped with revolving wheels that can easily rotate 360-degrees and easily climb slopes.

Easy to Operate

These truck cars do not need batteries to be operated. They are a simple push and go vehicles that can keep your kid occupied.

Popular Choice

2. Centy Toys Auto Rickshaw

This CNG auto rickshaw by Centy Toys is a lightweight toy made with durable and sturdy material. It works on a pullback motion to race ahead. This toy is suitable for kids of 3 years and above and can strengthen their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Moreover, it also helps kids understand how an actual auto looks, helping them broaden their knowledge.

Handy Toy

This is a handy toy vehicle and can easily fit into the child’s hands, making it comfortable for them to play with.

Also Try

3. Pluspoint Construction Vehicles

This collection of construction vehicles by Pluspoint is a pretend play toy truck for kids aged 3-14 years. A miniature of JCB construction truck, this toy allows kids to have a fun time by moving its claws. The bright colour of this excavator attracts the kid’s attention keeping them occupied for long. It is made with high-quality ABS plastic and is safe for young kids. If your child shows the slightest interest in automobiles, construction, engineering, etc., this battery-less toy vehicle is a perfect gift for them to explore their interests.

Develops Curiosity

Along with developing various skills, this construction truck also helps the child understand the different construction techniques and builds curiosity.

Most Loved

4. Wishkey 10 Pcs Construction Vehicles

This set of 10 toys by Wishkey contains mini construction vehicles that feature a pullback mechanism. This set teaches your child about different types of construction vehicles so that they can recognise the vehicles on the road. Each toy is made with quality material and is tightly connected to its parts, offering enough flexibility to move or stay. The solid built further prevents them from breakage due to collision, while non-toxic paint makes them suitable to be used by young kids.

Enhances Daily Skills

This set of construction vehicles can promote colour recognition, imagination, and creativity.

Leading Contender

5. FunBlast Wooden Digital Number Train

This number train by FunBlast features one engine and a set of 10 wooden bogies, each numbered from 0-9. Each bogie has four wheels for free movement and smooth edges for the kid to enjoy a safe playtime. It is made with non-toxic bright paints and unique craftsmanship, that makes it an attractive toy for the kids. The bogies of this train are detachable, which further adds to the utility of this product. You can simply miss out on a number or two out of the whole train or jumble the numbers up and ask your kid to find the correct sequence. While this toy can help your kid learn basic math, it also promotes logical thinking, problem solving and fine motor skills.

Educational Toy

It acts as an educational tool for the kids to learn the number series from 0-9. Perfect for children just starting to learn numbers.

Most Versatile Option
Nishtha (CK Parenting Expert)
Nishtha (CK Parenting Expert)

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