Washing clothes and dishes is everyday business. We all want to get sparkling clean utensils and clothes with the least effort, but tough stains make getting done with cleaning a difficult task. Change the way you do dishwashing and laundry with powerful liquid detergents that fight tough stains, pull out dust and dirt, and give you sift and fragrant clothes and utensils that look and shine as good as new ones.

Not sure how to find these amazing cleaners? Well, look no further as we’ve got you the ultimate list of the best liquid detergents. Read on to see which one could be your best bet.

List of The Top Liquid Detergents in India 

1. Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent Refill Pouch – 2L 

Surf Excel Matic Top Load Liquid Detergent Refill Pouch

The Surf Excel Matic liquid detergent is powered with powerful stain removal technology to effectively pull out the dust and dirt particles. Perfect for deep cleaning, it has better dissolution and leaves no residue on clothes post washing. Its misty fragrance keeps clothes fragrant and fresh. The Surf Excel Matic liquid detergent gives the best results with top-load machines.

2. Vim Dishwash Liquid Gel Lemon, With Lemon Fragrance – 1.8L 

Vim Dishwash Liquid Gel Lemon, With Lemon Fragrance

The Vim Dishwash Liquid Gel is infused with the power of more than 100 lemons, which makes it a superb cleaning formula. Just a spoonful of the gel is enough to clean a sink full of stained and dirty utensils. This dishwashing liquid is suitable to be used for all kinds of crockery as well as non-stick pans and other delicate cookware. It leaves a pleasant fragrance and is soft on the skin. The Vim dishwashing liquid is an excellent alternative for dishwashing bars and powders that leave behind a white residue after cleaning.

3. Genteel Liquid Detergent – Pack of 2 (1kg+1kg) 

Genteel Liquid Detergent

Genteel liquid detergent is a powerful cleaning formula that pulls out even the toughest stains while staying gentle on the fabric. It is a no-soda detergent, infused with conditioning properties, to keep the clothes soft and fragrant. This detergent can be used to clean cotton, linen, silk, and denim clothes without worrying about fabric damage or colour fading. It is gentle on the clothes and safe for your hands.

4. Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent – Winterwear, No Soda Formula, 2kgs 

Godrej Ezee Liquid Detergent

Prepared with a pH neutral formula, Godrej Ezee liquid detergent claims to be five times safer for clothes than regular detergent powders and liquids. It gently cleans winter clothes, chiffon, and silk fabric with complete ease and doesn’t fade away the colour or rob out the softness of the material. This liquid detergent has additional micro-conditioners that condition the clothes and keep them fluffy. It is entirely safe and gentle to be used on winter wear and woollen garments.

5. IFB Essentials Fluff Front Load Fabric Detergent – 1 L 

IFB Essentials Fluff Front Load Fabric Detergent

Put an end to using the detergent that wears down the sparkle and shine of your clothes. The IFB Essentials Fluff liquid detergent offers maximum fabric care with its zero bleach and phosphate-free composition. It is formulated to keep clothes soft and shiny even after repeated washes. This environment-friendly liquid detergent leaves no residues behind and is perfect for delicate fabric. The detergent works with a low-foam formula, specially designed to protect your washing machine.

6. Bosch Detergent for Front Load Washing Machine – 1 L 

Bosch Detergent for Front Load Washing Machine

Bosch has formulated a powerful stain-fighting liquid detergent for front-load washing machines. Tested in Germany, this detergent is a vegetarian product. It is a perfect laundry care solution that deep cleans your clothes and removes the toughest stains. Additionally, it also gives your clothes a fresh look even after repeated washes. The detergent is tougher on stains, gentle on clothes, and prevents colour fading.


That completes our list of the best liquid detergents and cleaners that could be your best bet. These cleaners will keep your clothes and utensils fresh, fragrant, and shinier while also safeguarding your hands from harmful chemicals.

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