Ayurvedic creams usually contain herbal and organic ingredients that will not have any side effects on your skin. When it comes to skin pigmentation, you cannot take any chances; so it is always advisable to go for an Ayurvedic cream from a reputed brand. Some of these products are also eco-friendly, besides promising a number of benefits for your skin. Take a look at the brands mentioned below and choose from the best Ayurvedic creams for pigmentation, without burning a hole in your pocket.

List Of 15 Best Ayurvedic Creams for Pigmented Skin

1. Lotus Herbals Cream

Best Ayurvedic Creams for Pigmentation
Lotus Professional Anti-Blemish Creme

One of India’s most popular natural cosmetics companies, Lotus Herbals was started in 1993. This brand takes pride in offering a blend of ancient wisdom from the Vedas and modern technology. Those who prefer to stick to natural-based Ayurvedic creams for pigmentation will surely dig this brand. You can take your pick from Lotus Professional PhytoRX Whitening and Brightening Creme, Lotus Herbals Professional Phyto-RX Anti Blemish Creme, Lotus Herbals Dipidmentone Exclusive Treatment for Removing Pigmentation, and so on.

2. Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda Night Cream
Kama Ayurveda

Founded in India in 2002, Kama Ayurveda came into being with the aim of promoting the message of authentic Ayurveda, universally. It offers high-quality, beautifully packaged products that are sold globally. Its range of Ayurvedic creams for pigmentation is safe, gentle, and efficient.

3. Biotique Bio Fruit Face Cream

Biotique Cream
Biotique Cream

Biotique offers Ayurvedic creams within the range of Rs 149-480 on an average. Founded in 1992, Biotique products are known to eliminate problems, and not just cover them up. They are 100% botanical and do not involve any animal testing. Even the packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable. It offers Ayurvedic creams for pigmentation with completely natural ingredients that are suited to all skin types.

4. VLCC Face Cream

VLCC Ayurvedic Cream for Pigmentation

Founded in 1989 by Mrs. Vandana Luthra as a beauty and slimming services centre, VLCC is widely recognized today for its comprehensive portfolio of beauty and wellness products and services. It also enjoys great customer trust. Its range of Ayurvedic fairness creams come under a price bracket of Rs 60-482. Its creams for pigmentation are enriched with Ayurvedic herbs that are very effective in terms of marks and spots removal, skin replenishment and rejuvenation, prevention of hyper-pigmentation, and so on.

5. Jovees Cream

Jovees Ayurvedic Cream

This is a herbal cosmetics brand that makes beauty products with organic and natural ingredients. Its range of Ayurvedic creams for pigmentation comprises ingredients such as olive, almond, saffron, licorice, and so on. Jovees Anti Blemish Pigmentation Cream is available within a price range of Rs 210-405 on average.

6. Khadi Face Cream

 Khadi Ayurvedic Cream for Pigmentation

A leading manufacturer, exporter, and supplier for Khadi natural products, this brand covers 18 states and has 35 authorized distributors all over India. Its products comply with WHO, GMP, and ISO standards and boast of herbal active ingredients. Its range of anti-pigmentation creams also serves the purpose of deep cleansing, which adds radiance and glow to your face.

7. Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Cream for Pigmentation
Forest Essentials

An authentic and traditional skincare brand, Forest Essentials has its foundations in the ancient science of Ayurveda. A pioneer in the Luxury Ayurvedic segment, today, it has become the quintessential Indian beauty brand where skin and hair-care solutions are brought to life through pain-staking research.

8. Honest Choice

Honest Choice Anti-Blemish Face Cream for Pigmentation
Honest Choice

Honest Choice’s anti-blemish cream has some of the best natural ingredients with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that treat your skin concerns while nourishing it from within. The active ingredients present in it help remove excess oil from the skin, clear out clogged skin pores and blockage. The cream also reduces the appearance of a tan, acne, scars, fine lines, and wrinkles effectively.

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9. Mystiq Living Green Coffee Cream

Mystiq Living Green Coffee Cream
Mystiq Living Blemish Cream

Mystiq Living Green Coffee Blemish Clear Cream is a special pigmentation regime for all skin types. It is an Ayurvedic formulation, enriched with highly potent actives. Green coffee is rich in antioxidants, works on blemishes to reduce pigmentation. It also contains Mulberry extracts which reduce the production of melanin (dark pigment) by the skin. The Apple cider vinegar in it has astringent properties that lighten dark spots and evens the skin tone.

10. Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream

Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face Cream
Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes

Mamaearth’s Bye Bye Blemishes cream is an effective cream enriched with Mulberry Extract, Daisy Flower Extract, and Vitamin C. Its unique and natural formulation prevents melanin synthesis and gives you soft and glowing skin. It reduces pigmentation by restricting melanin deposits that appear as dark spots, patches, and hyper-pigmentation, thereby offering an even skin tone. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

11. Aadya Life Sciences Chloasma Care Cream

Aadya Life Sciences Chloasma Care Cream
Aadya Life Sciences Cream

Natural herbs and essential oil based, Chloasma Care cream is very effective in reducing Blemishes (dark pigmentation), scarring and scar tissues. It helps in the gentle treatment of Chloasma (melasma) and discoloration and improves skin tone by exfoliating skin gently. It also protects from premature ageing thus enhances beauty naturally.

12. Pigmed Ayurvedic Cream

Neuhack Ayurvedic Cream
Pigmed Cream

Neuhack Healthcare Pigmed Cream is specially formulated by combining pure Ayurvedic herbs, to lighten the skin and reduce the intensity of blemishes until they virtually disappear. Applying this cream helps remove dark spots and dark patches. It is a 100% natural, herbal, non-toxic, vegan cream that effectively removes dark patches and hyperpigmentation. It also boosts collagen, restores suppleness of the skin, balances skin oils, and reduces reoccurrence of pigmentation.

13. Indus Valley Yogurt and Honey Gel

Indus Valley Cow Yogurt and Honey Skin Depigmentation Gel
Indus Valley Depigmentation Gel

Indus Valley’s Brightening Depigmentation Gel is a paraben-free, resorcinol-free, non-greasy, and lightweight skin whitening gel. The gel is formulated with two special ingredients i.e. cow yogurt & wild honey that helps in rejuvenating and removing dead skin cells to make skin youthful and glowing. It works as an all-in-one remedy for varied skin problems related with aging, sun damage, skin tanning, and dryness, without any side effects.

14. Himalayan Organics Cream

Himalayan Organics Papaya Pigmentation Removal Cream
Himalayan Organics Papaya Face Cream

Rejuvenate your skin with the goodness of papaya, with Himalayan Organics Papaya face cream that helps remove pigmentation and brightens your skin. Using this anti-pigmentation cream can help you get naturally glowing & radiant skin. It also hydrates and restores skin for youthful and supple-looking skin. This cream has the potential that helps repair any damage caused by sun exposure. It helps restores skin glow as well as providing even skin tone.

14. Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Cream

Blue Nectar Ayurvedic Cream
Blue Nectar Cream

If you’re looking for the best Ayurvedic cream for pigmentation, this one’s got to be considered! It does not only moisturize your skin but also helps brighten it whilst adding a beautiful healthy glow. This is a multipurpose cream that also evens out dark spots and removes pigmentation marks. Being an Ayurvedic cream, it has no side effects and is completely safe to use.

15. Bella Vita Papy Blem Organic Gel

Bella Vita Papy Blem Organic Gel
Bella Vita Organic Face Gel

Papy Blem is saffron and papaya-induced pigmentation cream that helps reduce blemishes and dark spots along with pigment. Papaya extracts are a great home remedy for reducing hyperpigmentation, and it also is known to reduce redness and marks on the skin. It contains saffron which is a great skin-lightening ingredient and it gives you a radiant complexion. The combination of sandalwood and turmeric is amazing for reducing dark spots, marks and making your skin glow. This gel-based cream is for all skin types.

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Top 15 Ayurvedic Creams for Pigmentation

Best Ayurvedic Creams for PigmentationPrice
Lotus Herbals CreamRs 502
Kama AyurvedaRs 2,595
Biotique Bio Fruit Face CreamRs 119
VLCC Face CreamRs 186
Jovees CreamRs 186
Khadi Face CreamRs 243
Forest EssentialsRs 2,895
Honest ChoiceRs 379
Mystiq Living Green Coffee CreamRs 399
Mamaearth Bye Bye Blemishes Face CreamRs 403
Aadya Life Sciences Chloasma Care CreamRs 230
Pigmed Ayurvedic CreamRs 139
Indus Valley Yogurt and Honey GelRs 213
Himalayan Organics CreamRs 549
Blue Nectar Ayurvedic CreamRs 895
Bella Vita Papy Blem Organic GelRs 275
Prices are subject to change

FAQs Answered about The – Best Ayurvedic Creams for Pigmentation

Which ayurvedic cream is best for pigmented skin?

Some of the best ayurvedic creams for pigmentation are Lotus Face Cream, Pigment Ayurvedic Cream, Forest Essentials Face Cream, VLCC Cream, and Biotique Bio Fruit Face Cream.

Can Ayurveda cure pigmentation?

The biggest plus point of opting for Ayurvedic treatments is that they do not cause any side effects on your skin, unlike products that contain harsh ingredients such as SLS. Natural ingredients such as Amla, Giloy, Khadira and Anantmool are effective for treating pigmentation.

Does Ghee remove pigmentation?

As per recent studies, ghee (clarified butter) is largely being used by many for treating pigmentation naturally. To make a ghee-based mask for pigmented skin, all you have to do is take ghee, as much as you need, and add gram flour, turmeric, and a few drops of lemon juice to it. Mix it well and you’re all set to use it as a face mask.

Which fruit is best for pigmentation?

Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are the best fruits for pigmentation. In general, foods with beta-carotene (orange color), such as sweet potatoes, pumpkin, and carrots are rich in copper, manganese, selenium, and zinc all of which are effective remedies for pigmentation.

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