The most popular video streaming site in the world, YouTube is a perfect avenue for entertainment, infotainment and more. It ranks no.2 in the Alexa metric for the most visited sites in the world, only behind Google.

YouTube Logo

YouTube is a bigger craze than social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This growing fan base for the site is credited to the many internet celebrities it has created.

YouTube celebrities earn from the views and likes on their videos. While not many Indians were on the list of YouTube stars a couple of years back, the field is totally different now.
Comedians, rappers, cover singer, dancers, and artists from India have taken over YouTube and some of them are famous around the world.

If you haven’t seen their videos yet, it’s high time to do so. We’ve handpicked 8 of the best Indian YouTube Celebrities you must start following now.

1 Lilly Singh

2Bhuvan Bam

3Tanmay Bhat

4Shruti Arjun Anand

5Ranjit Kumar

6Kanan Gill

7Sahil Khattar

8Sanam Puri


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