7 Best 2-Ton Window ACs in India for Comfortable Summers

As summer temperatures continue to rise, a reliable air conditioner becomes a necessity to beat the scorching heat. Window air conditioners are a popular choice for many households due to their cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, and cooling efficiency. If you’re in the market for a 2-ton window AC, look no further. We are here with our listicle of the best 2-ton window ACs in India. Get ready to discover how you can keep your cool effectively and efficiently during the hottest days of the year.

Our Top Recommendations

Best for Smart Home Integration
LG 2 Ton 4 Star DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Window AC
LG 2 Ton 4 Star DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Window AC
This window air conditioner boasts advanced smart home integration, convertible cooling features, and noise-free operation, which makes it a modern choice.
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Best for large spaces
Blue Star 2 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Window AC
Blue Star 2 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Window AC
Featuring Turbo Cool technology, eco-friendly design, and anti-corrosive fins, it is the best 2-ton window AC for large spaces that need rapid and efficient cooling.
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Best for Large Residential Spaces
Lloyd 2 Ton 3 Star Window Copper Condenser AC
Lloyd 2 Ton 3 Star Window Copper Condenser AC
With its copper condenser, self-diagnosis function, and strong dehumidification, the AC excels in cooling large residential areas while ensuring efficient operation.
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Best 2-Ton Window ACs Comparision

ProductEnergy StarAnnual Energy ConsumptionWattageNoise LevelRoom SizeProduct DimensionsRating
LG 2 Ton 4 Star DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Window AC‎4 Star‎1384.94 Kilowatt Hours Per Year2209 W‎44 dB211 sq. ft to 230 sq. ft77.9 x 66 x 45 cm; 50 kg9
Blue Star 2 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Window AC3 Star1453.77 Kilowatt Hours‎5975 W58 dB151 sq. ft to 200 sq. ft73.3 x 66 x 43 cm; 59.5 kg8
Lloyd 2 Ton 3 Star Window Copper Condenser AC3 Star1536.60 kWh1985 W52 dBUp to 240 sq. ft77 x 66 x 43 cm; 57.8 kg7.5
Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star Window AC‎2 Star‎1660.46 Kilowatt Hours5950 W‎43 dB80.5 x 66 x 43 cm; 67 kg7
Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Window AC3 Star‎1503.32 Kilowatt Hours1942 W‎58 dB150 to 200 sq ft77 x 66 x 43 cm cm, 32 kg7
Haier 2 Ton 3 Star Fix Speed Window AC3 Star‎1448 Kilowatt Hours230 W‎51 dB151 to 200 sq ft73.3 x 66 x 43 cm, 54 kg6.8
Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star Fixed Speed Window AC2 Star5800 Watts‎5800 W‎58 dB151 sq. ft to 240 sq. ft78.5 x 66 x 43 cm; 14.1 kg6.5

List of 7 Best 2-Ton Window ACs in India

LG 2 Ton 4 Star DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Window AC

Best for Smart Home Integration

LG 2 Ton 4 Star DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Window AC
46,990 ₹75,990
This AC is compatible with advanced smart home technologies and integrated with features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, voice control through LG ThinQ, and remote diagnostics, which aligns well with modern smart home ecosystems.


Uses R32 refrigerant
Compatible with the LG ThinQ app 
Four-way swing movement
Noise-free operation


The noise is a bit loud for some

Product Specifications:

BasisLG 2 Ton 4 Star DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Window ACRating
Energy Star‎4 Star8
Annual Energy Consumption‎1384.94 Kilowatt Hours Per Year8
Special FeatureHD Filter with Anti Virus Protection, Low gas detection, 4way Air Swing, Operation Control – Electronic, Auto Restart, 4 Speed Setting, On/ Off Timer, LED Display10
Wattage2209 W7
Noise Level‎44 dB9
Room Size211 sq. ft to 230 sq. ft8
Product Dimensions77.9 x 66 x 45 cm; 50 kg7
9Expert Score
CashKaro Review

This air conditioner is a standout choice, earning an impressive 9 overall rating. Its advanced technology, energy efficiency, and user-centric features earn it this praise. Also, it is powered by a DUAL Inverter Compressor and boasts a 4-star energy rating, which saves on electricity without sacrificing performance. With high consumer satisfaction, it is perfect for health, comfort, and modern convenience.

Prominent Features of the LG 2 Ton 4 Star DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Window AC:

  • Convertible 4-in-1 Cooling— Offering flexibility in energy consumption and cooling output, this AC helps you customise its cooling function according to your preferences.
  • Easy Control and Manage— Using the LG ThinQ app on your Android or iOS smartphone, you can start or stop their AC, adjust settings like temperature and modes, and schedule operations from anywhere.
  • Top Air Discharge— Integrates vertical and horizontal swing motion along with top air discharge outlet, which offers broader and more uniform airflow all across the room.
  • DUAL Inverter Compressor— This air conditioner features a modern compressor that uses a dual rotary motor with a wider rotational frequency to deliver faster cooling, extended durability, and quieter operation.

Amazon Rating: The rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 162 global reviews indicates that most users have had a positive experience with the product.

Price: The price point of ₹46,990 positions this LG air conditioner as a premium product within the window AC market. This cost reflects its advanced technology and top-tier performance.

Why We Picked the LG 2 Ton 4 Star DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Window AC?

Enjoy powerful cooling even on hot and humid days with this LG air conditioner. Its convertible four-in-one technology allows for personalised functioning, ensuring energy-efficient cooling tailored to your needs. Also, its high-density filter captures dust, allergens, and airborne particles, and its self-cleaning functionality prevents mold and bacteria accumulation. Packed with a wide range of features, it is an affordable, efficient, and eco-friendly cooling solution.

Buy It If:

✔️ You prefer energy-efficient appliances, and a 4-star rating is perfect for savings on electricity bills.

✔️ You desire convenience and easy maintenance with features like auto-restart, self-clean, and smart diagnosis.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’re not comfortable with smart home technology or prefer a more traditional AC without connectivity features.

See what users have to say:

Aman Khattri said, “Highly recommended this 2 ton 4 star LG AC with latest technology and exclusive features.. Thank you Amazon for fast delivery & installation!”

Blue Star 2 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Window AC

Best for Large Spaces

Blue Star 2 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Window AC
38,740 ₹48,000
With a capacity of 2 tons, a Turbo Cool feature for rapid temperature reduction, an Eco mode for energy efficiency, and a 100% copper build for enhanced durability, this AC is a top choice for large spaces.


Powerful cooling capacity 
Durable construction
Self-diagnosis functionality
Quick cooling in extreme heat


Customer support service could be better

Product Specifications:

BasisBlue Star 2 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Window ACRating
Energy Star3 Star6
Annual Energy Consumption1453.77 Kilowatt Hours7
Special FeatureEvaporator Fins-Hydrophilic Blue, High Energy Efficient Rotary Compressor, Energy Saver, Turbo Cool, Humidity Control, 2D Swing, Night Glow Remote Buttons9
Wattage‎5975 W3
Noise Level58 dB4
Room Size151 sq. ft to 200 sq. ft7
Product Dimensions73.3 x 66 x 43 cm; 59.5 kg6
8Expert Score
CashKaro Rating

This AC excels in performance and durability for large spaces, scoring an 8 out of 10. It has 2-ton coverage and a Turbo Cool feature, which swiftly cools sizable rooms, and Eco mode balances efficiency and cooling power. While its cooling prowess and advanced features impress, noise levels at 58 dB and a 3-star energy rating temper its appeal slightly.

Prominent Features of the Blue Star 2 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Window AC:

  • Turbo Cool— This feature provides exceptional cooling speed and ensures a quick drop in temperature, making it perfect for staying comfortable in peak summer heat.
  • Eco Mode— Designed to balance energy consumption and cooling efficiency, this mode helps you save on electricity bills while offering effective cooling.
  • Anti-Corrosive Fins—The appliance is equipped with Blue Fins that resist water, dust, salt, and other elements, ensuring unhindered cooling performance and an extended lifespan.
  • Self-Diagnosis—This intelligent feature alerts users about a malfunction with specific error codes for easy troubleshooting. It helps maintain effective performance with immediate diagnostics.

Amazon Rating: It scores a rating of 4 out of 5 from 79 global reviews. It indicates customer satisfaction and suggests that the product performs well.

Price: The price of ₹38,740 is relatively moderate considering the AC’s capacity and features.

Why We Picked the Blue Star 2 Ton 3 Star Fixed Speed Window AC?

The Blue Star 2 Ton 3 Star Window AC is a powerful appliance designed to efficiently cool large-sized rooms and provide the right cooling comfort, ensuring a comfortable sleep experience. Its copper condenser and highly efficient rotary compressor ensure superior cooling performance. Additionally, various smart features like sleep mode and anti-freeze thermostat enhance the overall user experience. 

Buy It If:

✔️ You live in a coastal region or a place with high humidity where the blue fins of this AC will safeguard the appliance from salt damage.

✔️ You prefer a 100% copper condenser, evaporator coil, and connecting tubes in your AC to ensure longevity and durability.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ Interior aesthetics are a priority for you, and the bulky design of this AC does not align with your preferences.

❌ You have a smaller room where a 2-ton capacity AC might be overkill.

See what users have to say:

Mithlesh P. said, “Great Deal. I am writing this review after use of 2 month. The AC have very less noise level. Only the servicing is not good.”

Lloyd 2 Ton 3 Star Window Copper Condenser AC

Best for Large Residential Spaces

Lloyd 2 Ton 3 Star Window Copper Condenser AC
39,900 ₹68,990
The unit effectively handles large room sizes up to 240 sq. ft., providing rapid cooling and strong dehumidification. This makes it beneficial in larger residential areas like open-plan living rooms or spacious master bedrooms.


Powerful cooling capacity
Copper condenser
Self-diagnosis function
Corrosion resistance coating


Moderate Energy Efficiency
It is a little noisy

Product Specifications:

BasisLloyd 2 Ton 3 Star Window Copper Condenser ACRating
Energy Star3 Star 6
Annual Energy Consumption1536.60 kWh6
Special FeatureLED Display, Remote Controlled Operation, Blue Fin Coil, Clean Air Filter, Strong Dehumidification, Auto Restart, Self Diagnosis7
Wattage1985 W6
Noise Level52 dB7
Room SizeUp to 240 sq. ft9
Product Dimensions77 x 66 x 43 cm; 57.8 kg7
7.5Expert Score
CashKaro Review

Awarded with a rating of 7.5, this AC strikes a fine balance between robust cooling prowess and added functional perks. Tailored for larger residential spaces up to 240 sq. ft., its potent dehumidification capabilities enhance overall comfort and make it a reliable choice. However, there’s still room for improvement in energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Prominent Features of the Lloyd 2 Ton 3 Star Window Copper Condenser AC:

  • Copper Condenser Coil— This AC includes a 100% copper condenser coil, offering superior heat exchange efficiency. Copper’s excellent thermal conductivity facilitates faster and more efficient cooling.
  • High Airflow Volume— It is designed to cool large rooms rapidly, which makes it beneficial during peak summer temperatures. This AC provides swift relief from the heat and creates a comfortable temperature.
  • Self-Diagnosis Function— The AC has a chip to automatically detect and diagnose errors and display them on the indoor unit’s LEDs. It helps in timely and effective troubleshooting.
  • Auto-Restart Feature— In the event of a power outage, this functionality allows this air conditioner to restart with the previous setting after a power outage. This adds convenience and eliminates the need for manual setting.

Price: This Lloyd AC’s price of ₹39,900 is a reasonable investment, given its array of features and capacities.

Why We Picked the Lloyd 2 Ton 3 Star Window Copper Condenser AC?

A robust, efficient, and user-friendly cooling solution, this AC is one of the best 2-ton window ACs in India. It has a corrosion-resistant coating that protects it from rust, humidity, water droplets, and bad weather, and the self-diagnosis function enhances the user experience by allowing easy fault detection. This AC also simplifies troubleshooting and activates protection measures. Offering a chilled and comfortable environment for your family, you must check out this AC for your home.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re allergic or have respiratory issues, and because of that, you need AC that can improve indoor air quality.

✔️ You appreciate features like auto-restart after power cuts, remote-controlled operation, and a self-diagnosis function for the convenience they offer.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You have a smaller space or windows where the unit dimensions of this AC are not appropriate.

❌ You find window ACs bulkier and more visible than split units, which clashes with your modern interior.

See what users have to say:

Sunil Anand said, “It’s really good in performance.”

Note: In case you missed it, we’ve highlighted some of the finest 1.5-ton AC units in our recently published blog. Be sure to have a look!

Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star Window AC

Cost-Effective Air Conditioner

Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star Window AC
36,460 ₹41,990
Offering robust features like high ambient cooling, an active dehumidifier, and a durable copper condenser at a competitive price, this AC is an appealing choice for budget-conscious consumers seeking an effective cooling solution.


Effective performance
100% copper condenser coil
Anti-dust filtration 
Sleep mode


May not be very energy-efficient

Product Specifications:

BasisVoltas 2 Ton 2 Star Window ACRating
Energy Star‎2 Star4
Annual Energy Consumption‎1660.46 Kilowatt Hours4
Special FeatureInstant 6
Wattage5950 W3
Noise Level‎43 dB10
Room Size
Product Dimensions80.5 x 66 x 43 cm; 67 kg6
7Expert Score
CashKaro Review

This AC impresses its users with its strong cooling performance, even in extreme temperatures. It is complemented by an active dehumidifier for enhanced comfort. Its 100% copper condenser and low noise level are commendable. However, the 2-star energy rating highlights its energy efficiency limitations, potentially leading to higher operational costs. This deters it from achieving a perfect score.

Prominent Features of the Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star Window AC:

  • High Ambient Cooling— This AC provides instant cooling even at extreme temperatures of up to 50°C. It ensures that the interior remains comfortable regardless of harsh external temperatures.
  • Active Dehumidifier— Senses indoor humidity levels and controls them during monsoon seasons, creating a comfortable environment. It also removes excess moisture, which can be a precursor to mold and mildew.
  • Eco Mode— This mode optimises power consumption, helping save on electricity bills while maintaining cooling efficiency. It adjusts the cooling power based on the temperature of the incoming air and set temperature.
  • 2 Stage Filtration Advantage— Along with dust particles, this advanced air filtration removes allergens, odours, and other harmful particles from the environment and distributes clean indoor air.

Amazon Rating: The rating of 3.7 out of 5, based on 58 global reviews, indicates that while many users find the air conditioner meets their needs, there might be some aspects that did not fully meet expectations.

Price: This air conditioner costs ₹36,460, which makes it accessible to a broad segment of customers looking for efficient cooling solutions that can handle larger spaces.

Why We Picked the Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star Window AC?

This window AC is designed to deliver robust performance even in extreme temperatures. It comes equipped with a durable 100% copper condenser coil that ensures efficient cooling and longevity, complemented by an active dehumidifier that controls humidity during the monsoon season. Being a well-rounded, functional choice for maintaining a comfortable, healthy home environment, this air conditioner is a must-check.

Buy It If:

✔️ You’re looking for an AC that can maintain comfort and prevent moisture-related issues inside your home.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ Minimising energy costs is a primary concern, and the 2-star rating of this AC makes it consume more power.

See what users have to say:

Varun Arya said, “Very efficient AC for larger room. I had out it in my living room. Noise is less, which is bearable and good installation services by Voltas.”

Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Window AC

Best for All-Weather Comfort

Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Window AC
36,799 ₹59,990
This 2 Ton 3 Star Window AC offers comprehensive all-weather comfort with turbo cooling for rapid heat relief, an active dehumidifier for moist conditions, and energy-efficient modes. These features ensure that a comfortable home environment is maintained year-round.


Copper Condenser Coil
Energy Saver mode
Digital display
Anti-bacterial filters


Manual Cleaning is Needed for Filters
Bulky Installation Requirements

Product Specifications:

BasisCarrier 2 Ton 3 Star Window ACRating
Energy Star3 Star6
Annual Energy Consumption‎1503.32 Kilowatt Hours6
Special FeatureDust Filter, Compressor Rotary, Fan Motor 3 Speeds, 4 Way Air Direction, Room Temperature Display, Auto Swing, Auto Restart, Exhaust Command7
Wattage1942 W6
Noise Level‎58 dB4
Room Size150 to 200 sq ft7
Product Dimensions77 x 66 x 43 cm, 32 kg7
7Expert Score
CashKaro Review

This AC delivers reliable all-weather comfort with features like turbo cooling and an active dehumidifier for versatile climate management. Its energy-saving mode and high-efficiency rotary compressor optimise cooling while reducing energy consumption. However, its 58 dB noise level may not suit quieter residential environments. Manual filter cleaning and bulky installation are also some minor inconveniences which impact its overall rating.

Prominent Features of the Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Window AC:

  • Energy Saver Mode— This mode automatically adjusts the temperature and fan speed according to the room’s requirements to maintain the desired comfort level while minimising energy consumption.
  • Auto-Restart Function— It ensures that the AC resumes operation automatically with the previous settings after a power outage. This eliminates the need for manual reconfiguration.
  • Smart Time Guard— This is a safety feature that ensures a minimum compressor off time of three minutes. It helps in preventing any potential damage to the compressor.
  • Rotary Compressor— Equipped with a high-efficiency rotary compressor that delivers powerful cooling performance while consuming less energy.

Price: The price of ₹36,799 for this AC seems justified, considering its advanced features and efficient cooling performance.

Why We Picked the Carrier 2 Ton 3 Star Window AC?

This is a high-quality air conditioning unit designed to keep your home or office cool and comfortable during hot and humid weather. It features an energy-saving mode, which helps to optimise power consumption and save on electricity bills. The 24-hour timer feature lets you schedule the AC’s operation at your convenience. Additionally, the digital display provides easy visibility of the current settings and temperature, enhancing user-friendliness.

Buy It If:

✔️ You are looking for auto-functional convenience to prevent manual interference and enjoy easy usage.

✔️ You want AC, which is equipped with a dust filter to purify the air and make the indoor environment healthier.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You’re keen on having the latest features, such as Wi-Fi connectivity or app-based controls, which are missing in this AC.

❌ You prioritise energy savings in the long run; hence, you need a higher-rated air conditioner.

Written Just For You: To get the best deals on LG air conditioners with extra cashback, visit Samsung via CashKaro and save a few bucks. Happy Shopping!

Haier 2 Ton 3 Star Fix Speed Window AC

Best for Premium Performance

Haier 2 Ton 3 Star Fix Speed Window AC
37,980 ₹59,990
Given its ability to cool effectively even in extreme temperatures, durable construction, and features such as the pure copper condenser coil and anti-bacterial filter, this AC is perfect to offer premium performance and longevity.


Long Manufacturer Warranty
Effective Cooling
High Ambient Performance


Limited Mobility
Potential Noise Levels

Product Specifications:

BasisHaier 2 Ton 3 Star Fix Speed Window ACRating
Energy Star3 Star6
Annual Energy Consumption‎1448 Kilowatt Hours7
Special FeatureHyper PCB, Grooved Cooper Coils, Super Micro Antibacterial Filter, Anticorrosive Coating, 54°C High Ambient Performance,  Low Global Warming Potential8
Wattage230 W9
Noise Level‎51 dB7
Room Size151 to 200 sq ft7
Product Dimensions73.3 x 66 x 43 cm, 54 kg6
6.8Expert Score
CashKaro Review

The Haier Window AC, rated at 6.8, offers competent but not exceptional performance. It stands out for its effective cooling performance even in extreme conditions, and its durable construction features a pure copper condenser coil and anti-corrosive coatings. Also, the super micro antibacterial filter enhances indoor air quality. However, its 3-star energy rating indicates moderate efficiency and noise levels, and bulky window installation may limit its appeal in compact or noise-sensitive settings.

Prominent Features of the Haier 2 Ton 3 Star Fix Speed Window AC:

  • Anti-Bacterial Filter— The AC is designed with an advanced filter that can filter out supermicrobes, dust, and pet dander, aiming to provide a safe indoor environment.
  • Hyper PCB— It incorporates a specially designed PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with thicker conformal and FR4 flame-resistant material, which ensures durability and can endure a maximum surge voltage of up to 550 Volts.
  • Anti-Corrosive Coating— The AC units are equipped with an anti-corrosive coating for increased durability and longevity. Along with this, features like the new generation ODU grill, anti-corrosive blue fins, and anti-corrosive copper tube also enhance corrosion resistance and long-lasting usage.
  • Pure Copper Condenser Coil— Designed with 100% grooved copper condenser coil, which enhances heat exchange efficiency by enlarging the contact area between the refrigerant gas and the copper pipe. It ensures better cooling performance and prevents unexpected damage.

Price: This air conditioner’s price of ₹37,980 seems reasonable, considering its features and specifications.

Why We Picked the Haier 2 Ton 3 Star Fix Speed Window AC?

One of the best 2-ton window ACs in India, this one from Haier is an exceptional cooling solution which offers great performance in extreme temperatures and durable construction with features like a pure copper condenser coil and anti-corrosive coating. Also, it has the ability to maintain a safe indoor environment with its super micro anti-bacterial filter, making it an ideal choice for effectively cooling large-sized rooms.

Buy It If:

✔️ You live in an area with high temperatures where you need a powerful cooling solution that can provide relief even in extreme weather conditions.

✔️ You want AC that can ensure a safe indoor environment by filtering out dust, bacteria, and other particles.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ You have limited space for the installation of window AC or prefer a portable AC solution.

Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star Fixed Speed Window AC

Best for Harsh Climates

Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star Fixed Speed Window AC
35,180 ₹47,990
AC’s strong ability to provide effective cooling, coupled with its environmental considerations and stabilizer-free operation, makes it suitable for demanding settings where consistent and reliable cooling is essential.


Copper condenser 
Self-diagnosis feature
Environmentally friendly
Large LED display
Self-diagnosis feature


Higher electricity consumption with 2-star energy rating

Product Specifications:

BasisVoltas 2 Ton 2 Star Fixed Speed Window ACRating
Energy Star2 Star4
Annual Energy Consumption5800 Watts2
Special FeatureGlow light button, Auto swing, Anti-Rust Coating, LED Display, Self Diagnosis, Sleep Mode, Turbo Mode, Easily Removable Panel, Low Gas Diagnosis, Ice wash, Filter Clean Indicator8
Wattage‎5800 W2
Noise Level‎58 dB4
Room Size151 sq. ft to 240 sq. ft8
Product Dimensions78.5 x 66 x 43 cm; 14.1 kg5
6.5Expert Score
CashKaro Review

The rating of 6.5 out of 10 is backed by advanced features like Turbo Mode and High Ambient Cooling. Environmentally friendly elements like R32 refrigerant and CO2 reduction enhance its appeal and make it score a decent rating. However, its 2-star energy rating raises concerns, and a noise level of 58 dB may be unsuitable for quieter environments.

Prominent Features of the Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star Fixed Speed Window AC:

  • Low Gas Diagnosis— This functionality detects low refrigerant levels to help prevent potential damage and enhance the compressor’s lifespan.
  • R32 Refrigerant— Equipped with next-generation refrigerant, this AC has a low impact on global warming and no ozone depletion potential, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice.
  • Sleep Mode— This mode optimises the cooling based on the ambient temperature during the night to offer a comfortable experience while being energy efficient.
  • CO2 Reduction— Unlike other air conditioners, it reduces the level of CO2 in the room, increasing fresh air ventilation and ensuring a healthier indoor environment.

Price: Priced at ₹35,180, this AC is an incredible investment. Its robust cooling capabilities with Turbo and High Ambient Cooling features justify the cost.

Why We Picked the Voltas 2 Ton 2 Star Fixed Speed Window AC?

This AC from Voltas is a cost-effective solution for those needing robust and efficient cooling solutions for large spaces. Equipped with a copper condenser coil, this AC delivers better cooling performance and requires low maintenance. Its auto-swing feature ensures that cool air is distributed evenly throughout the room, providing uniform cooling comfort. Additionally, the AC’s ability to operate at high ambient temperatures makes it a reliable choice during scorching summers. So, what are you waiting for? If you find it one of the best 2-ton window ACs, get it now!

Buy It If:

✔️ Rapid cooling is what you need to enjoy immediate relief from outside heat, and this AC reaches a comfortable temperature swiftly.

✔️ You are someone with allergies or respiratory concerns; hence, the integration of CO2 reduction features and effective dust filtration is a plus for you.

Don’t Buy It If:

❌ Energy consumption and cost are major concerns for you, and hence, you want AC with a higher star rating.

❌ You’re sensitive to noise and need AC to be installed in places such as bedrooms or quiet study rooms.

See what users have to say:

Arif Khan said, “Very good cooling in the area of 20 x 25, 2 Window AC with 2 Ton.”

Advantages of Window AC Units

  • Cost-effectivenessWindow air conditioners are relatively more affordable than central air conditioning systems and split AC units. They are a great option for budget-conscious individuals who want to enjoy the comfort of cool air without breaking the bank. 
  • Easy Installation– Installing a window AC is simple and easy. Unlike split systems, which require indoor and outdoor units to be connected, window ACs are self-contained and only need an electrical outlet. 
  • Space-saving Design– Window air conditioners are designed to occupy minimal interior space. Since they are installed in a window or wall, they don’t take up much space.
  • Low Maintenance– Window ACs require minimal maintenance compared to larger centralised systems. Regular cleaning of filters once a year and occasional checks for blockages in the outdoor unit are usually sufficient to keep them in good working condition. 

How Do We Choose the Best 2-ton Window ACs for You?

For larger spaces or rooms, a 2-ton window AC is an ideal choice. To help you make an informed decision and stay cool all summer long, we have rounded up the several factors you need to consider to ensure you choose the best 2-ton window AC for your needs. 

Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs) per hour. For a 2-ton window AC, you’ll typically need a unit with around 24,000 BTUs. However, the cooling requirement can vary depending on factors such as room size, insulation, and local climate conditions. 

Before purchasing, calculate the approximate BTU requirement or consult with a professional to ensure you select an adequately sized AC. Also, a decent 2-ton AC can cool around 220 square feet of space.

Energy Efficiency (BEE star ratings)

Energy efficiency is a crucial aspect to consider, as it directly impacts your electricity bills and the environment. Look for a window AC with a high Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) or high star rating. Higher ratings indicate better energy efficiency, meaning the AC can provide the same cooling output while consuming less power.

We recommend that you opt for a 2-ton window AC with a higher star rating, as it will ensure lower energy consumption and cost savings in the long run.

Installation and Window Compatibility

Check the dimensions and weight of the window AC to ensure it fits your window frame. Most 2-ton window ACs are designed to fit standard-sized windows, but it’s essential to verify compatibility before purchasing. 

Also, consider the installation process. Some models come with easy-to-install kits, while others may require professional installation.

Air Filter and Filtration

Clean and fresh air is vital for a healthy living environment. Look for a 2-ton window AC with a quality air filter that can capture dust, allergens, and pollutants. Some models even come with advanced filtration technologies like HEPA filters, which can significantly improve indoor air quality.

Noise Level

The noise level of an air conditioner can affect your comfort. Therefore, we recommend that you check the decibel rating (dB) of the AC unit, as lower dB levels indicate quieter operation. 

Additional Features

Modern window ACs often come with a range of additional features and smart capabilities. Some popular features include remote control operation, timers, sleep modes, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more. You can choose a model that best aligns with your preference

Final Word

Window air conditioners have stood the test of time and continue to be a popular cooling solution even today. With the diverse options explored in our rundown of the best 2-ton ACs in India, it’s time to choose the right product that suits your needs. Each model we’ve discussed offers unique benefits, so carefully make a selection.

Get one, relax and enjoy the summer in comfort and style! Happy Cooling!


Which brand is best for 2-ton AC?

Brands like LG, Lloyd, and Carrier are often praised for their reliability and advanced features. LG, in particular, is well-regarded for its quality air conditioners.

What size room is a 2-ton window AC for?

A 2-ton window AC is typically suitable for rooms ranging from 240 to 400 square feet. It can effectively cool large rooms, halls, and banquets.

Which brand has the best window AC?

LG 2 Ton 4 Star DUAL Inverter Wi-Fi Window AC is considered to be the best window AC for its advanced functionality, durable construction and powerful performance,

How much should a 2-ton AC unit cost?

The cost of a 2-ton AC unit can vary widely depending on the brand, energy efficiency rating, and additional features. In India, you can get a good quality window air conditioner on a budget of ₹30,000 to ₹60,000.

Reasons for Ratings:

  • Energy Star Rating: Rated based on the energy efficiency star count provided (higher star count = higher rating).
  • Annual Energy Consumption: Lower kWh consumption scores higher as it indicates better energy efficiency.
  • Special Features: More advanced and beneficial features score higher.
  • Wattage: Lower wattage for equivalent performance is rated higher as it indicates efficiency.
  • Noise Level: Lower decibel ratings are scored higher because they indicate quieter operation.
  • Room Size Coverage: Ratings are higher for ACs covering larger room sizes more effectively.
  • Product Dimensions: Compact dimensions score higher as they indicate a more space-efficient design.

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

We have a team of skilled and experienced researchers who are dedicated to providing you with the most valuable market advice available online. We carefully assess multiple ACS and compare them based on various factors to create a curated list of trustworthy options you will love. We sincerely hope that our suggestions for the best 2-ton window ACs in India have proven useful to you and will help you make an informed decision.

Prices are subject to change*

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