15 Best Paytm Cash Earning Apps In India

best apps to earn paytm cash

Paytm is a safe, secure and fast way to make or accept payments for various types of transactions. You can add money through your debit or credit card, IMPS or net banking. But did you also know that there are various sites through which you can earn free Paytm cash? Below are a few genuine options from where you can receive instant virtual cash to your Paytm and use it for various purposes.

List Of 15 Best Apps To Earn Paytm Cash

S.No.Best Paytm Cash Earning App
Paytm Cash App 1Injoy
Paytm Cash App 2Kapow
Paytm Cash App 3Pocket Money
Paytm Cash App 4CashBoss
Paytm Cash App 5Genie Rewards
Paytm Cash App 6Ladoo
Paytm Cash App 7Slide
Paytm Cash App 8Instacash
Paytm Cash App 9NewsDog
Paytm Cash App 10Shoppingpost
Paytm Cash App 11Dream11
Paytm Cash App 12Bulb Smash
Paytm Cash App 13Frizza
Paytm Cash App 14Tasbucks App
Paytm Cash App 15Zulka

1. Earn Paytm Cash With – Injoy

This app allows you to get Rs. 30 Paytm cash as sign up bonus and Rs. 5 per referral. Injoy is a community for reading, sharing, saving videos, gifs and funny images. This is one of the best Paytm Cash Apps.

2. Paytm Cash Earning App – Kapow

With Kapow, you can get free cash for playing games online and referring friends. You get Rs. 10 for every referral. Among all Paytm Cash Apps, this one is the most fun.

3. Get Paytm Cash by Installing Pocket Money

Pay bills, make recharges, pay for cab rides and movie tickets through this app to get Paytm cash for every transaction. You also receive Rs. 5 as a bonus for installing the app and Rs. 15 for every referral. Earn Paytm Cash Apps like this are very beneficial.

4. Earn Paytm Cash With – CashBoss

With CashBoss you can get Rs. 15 Paytm cash on every valid referral. You can also spin the fortune wheel to earn Rs. 10 or get a signup bonus for completing any given offer on this Paytm cash app.

5. Paytm Cash Earning App – Genie Rewards

Genie rewards gives you reward points for every app you download, install and engage with. These reward points can be redeemed for making recharges or Paytm cash transfers.

6. Get Paytm Cash by Installing Ladoo

Refer your friends and get Rs. 10 for a referral. The referral will be valid only when your friend has used the link and downloaded the app. You can also complete offers on OfferWall to earn Paytm cash.

7. Earn Paytm Cash With – Slide

With Slide, you only have to slide on the content pieces or share your own content. You get paid for further reads and likes, Rs. 5 on signing up and Rs. 15 for a valid referral. This is one of the most convenient Paytm Cash apps.

8. Paytm Cash Earning App – Instacash

Instacash helps you make money with valid referrals and further referrals from friends. You can also earn money by viewing advertisements.

9. Earn Paytm Cash With – NewsDog

NewsDog brings Hindi news from various categories. You can get cash rewards by inviting your friends to install and share the app, a one-time bonus of Rs. 50 for signing up, and Rs. 10-15 for every referral. You can also answer quizzes to earn more Paytm cash. The minimum value for redemption is Rs. 250 on this Paytm cash app.

10. Earn Paytm Cash With – Shoppingpost

This is a unique app on which you can share your online shopping experience, reviews, and feedback of the purchased products. For every online shopping invoice upload, you earn Rs. 25 Paytm cashback and also another Rs. 25 for every valid referral.

11. Earn Paytm Cash With – Dream11

Dream 11 is a fantasy cricket app where you can earn money. You also get Rs. 50 on downloading this Paytm cash app through a referral link. You can make an additional Rs. 200 on updating your PAN number. You also make this amount on a valid referral when a friend downloads and uploads their details.

12. Earn Paytm Cash With – Bulb Smash

You need to play games on this app to make money, with an increase in score you can make a higher amount. You can also make Rs. 50 for a valid referral on Bulb Smash.

13. Earn Paytm Cash With – Frizza

Install and engage yourself on latest apps, use the offer wall and refer friends to make money on Frizza. Do download this Paytm cash app now!

14. Earn Paytm Cash With – Taskbucks App

On this app, you can read and share viral content, engage with new or existing apps, take surveys and online quizzes to make Paytm money. You also get Paytm money for downloading apps through Taskbucks and Rs. 40 for every referral.

15. Earn Paytm Cash With – Zulka

Zulka comes up with lucky draws every Friday where you can earn up to Rs. 50,000. You also get one lucky draw coupon for every friend you refer which gives you 20 chances at the lucky draw. Additionally, you also get Rs. 25 by winning tickets which you get by sending messages and stickers using safe chat. You can also win by sending text messages through Blink Chat to your contacts.

Using Paytm to make payments just got better, use Paytm Free Promo Code and get more delightful offers.

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