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If you enjoy cooking and are on the hunt for a good quality apron to enhance your cooking experience, have a look at this list of useful aprons.

Aprons are not only used to make the chef look cute or professional (whatever your perspective may be), they’re also hygienic and help keep your clothes clean. By wearing an apron while cooking, you’re covering the entire front part of your body, protecting yourself from hot oil splatters and other dangerous spills. They’re also useful in limiting the transfer of bacteria from your clothes. Check out these aprons for a safe and hygienic cooking experience.

5 Best Aprons

1. Airwill Apron

The Airwill apron is perfect for an Indian kitchen. Made from organic cotton material, the apron is light, airy, and breathable. Indian cooking involves a lot of heat, spices, and oil. All of which can often make a big mess. If you’re someone who ends up with half the dish on their shirt before even eating it, then this apron is a must-have for you. It’s very easy to clean as you can simply toss it into the washing machine, so you don’t need to worry about getting it too dirty. Thanks to the fabric used, it dries very quickly and absorbs moisture quickly.

Unique Pattern

This apron features a check pattern across and comes in a grey and black classic colour combination.

Editor’s Choice

2. Pixel Home Apron

This cute apron from Pixel Home will make you look super chic while cooking thanks to its vibrant colour and patterns. Made from high quality cotton material, this apron is fast drying and feels very light. It’s super breathable so you won’t get hot while cooking. You can clean it in the washing machine once it gets dirty so its maintenance is not a hassle. It comes in a standard size of 60 x 85 cm, making it a perfect fit.

Protects the Hands

This apron comes with an oven mitt and pot holder to keep your hands protected from the hot flames.

Popular Choice

3. Comfort Weave Apron

This set of two aprons from Comfort Weaves makes for a perfect gift for the couple that loves to cook together. Available in a vibrant blue and red colour, these aprons feature a checkered pattern across. They come in a standard size of 65 x 80 cm and can be adjusted to fit all sizes. Made from cotton, you won’t feel hot as they’re breathable and airy. Thanks to the quality of stitching, these aprons are very durable and strong.

Easy to Clean

This apron can be washed in a washing machine, making it easy to maintain.

Budget Buy

4. Switchon Apron

If you’re on the lookout for an apron but wearing an apron makes you feel uncomfortable, this Switchon apron is a great pick for you since it’s so lightweight. It only weighs 0.22 kg, so it feels like you’re not wearing an apron at all. It’s super easy to clean too so you can literally get your hands dirty. Whatever you spill on it, you can easily wipe it off since the fabric of this apron does not absorb the dirt or splatters.


This apron is made from polyester, making it waterproof and convenient.

Also Try

5. Glun Apron

This unisex apron from Glun provides maximum convenience and utility. It has front pockets that can help ease the cooking process as you can store spoons or spices as you cook. Made from 100% cotton, the fabric is soft to touch and durable, which makes it long-lasting. It has a plastic sheet that’ll prevent your clothes from getting wet. You can wash this apron by hand or in the washing machine, per your convenience.


This apron has an adjustable strap, so you can adjust its size to fit your body snugly.

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