Non-Stick Pans for Mess-Free Cooking

Best Non-stick Pans

Non-stick pans are utility kitchen cookware that can be used for a range of purposes.

Whether you wish to sauté some veggies, make a fluffy and healthy omelette, shallow fry idlis or make satin-smooth chocolate glaze, non-stick pans or skillets are a preferred choice. These pans distribute heat evenly while cooking, prevent food from sticking to the base, and can be used to cook low-fat food. They are durable and super easy to clean. All these properties make them an absolute essential in every household. Here’s a roundup of the best non-stick pans.

Best Non-stick Pans

1. Prestige Omega

This non-stick pan is made with sturdy aluminium and has a deluxe granite five layered non-stick finish. It is 100% dishwasher safe and metal spoon friendly, making it easy to clean and keeping the interiors stain-free.

Induction Compatible

This non-stick pan is compatible with both gas stoves as well as induction cooktops.

Editor’s Choice

2. Carote

This 24 cm cast aluminium pan has a sturdy and durable design, best for both professional and home cooks. It features a 5-layer granite coating that prevents food from sticking to the surface and makes washing easier. The classic wooden handle gives the pan a premium feel and adds more to its ergonomic design. Its flat surface makes the pan compatible with stove gas and induction. You can now enjoy reaching your fitness goals without giving up your favourite foods, as this pan needs just a drizzle of oil to cook.

Excellent Heat Distribution

The flat aluminium base allows even heat distribution to cook your food in less time.

Best Value For Money

3. Pigeon Non-Stick Pan

This vibrant non-stick pan from Pigeon boasts a 3mm thick body with a spiral bottom. It features a 3-layer scratch-resistant non-stick greblon coating to ensure anything you cook does not ever stick to the surface. One of the best aspects about this pan is that is ensures even heating throughout the surface which in-turn enables faster cooking. It is equipped with a cool touch handle, and the body is made from PFOA-free material for safe and hygienic cooking.

Metal Friendly

You can use a metal spoon for cooking since it features metal-spoon friendly design for versatile use.

Best Value for Money

4. Hawkins Futura

This 22 cm wide pan is made of high-quality non-stick coating manufactured in Germany that lasts longer than ordinary non-stick coating. It has a long and well-balanced handle that is comfortable to hold while cooking. Having higher walls than normal pans, it can easily be used for sauteing, stir frying, and deep-frying as well.

Excellent Heat Conduction

This pan has a heavy-gauge aluminium base that prevents food from burning.

Next Best

5. Wonderchef

Brought to you by Wonderchef, this non-stick pan is made with high-quality aluminium and can capacitate up to 1.2 litres of food easily. The pan features a beautiful marble finish that prevents the food from clinging to the insides of the pan. It can quickly conduct heat, distribute it uniformly to the food, and can be used on different types of gas stoves including induction, gas, electric, and glass top. Having five layers of non-stick coating, this pan is highly durable. It is 20 cm wide and can be used to cook the most sophisticated dishes including, pan pizzas, fluffy omelettes, soft cutlets and more.

No Rivets

This frying pan features soft-touch handles that are firmly attached without the use of rivets, thus preventing the accumulation of food and residue inside the pan.

Runner Up

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