Best Food Processors to Faster Prepping and Cooking

Best Food Processors

A food processor undoubtedly takes care of all cooking preparations. From chopping to blending and grinding to juicing, it can get your job done quickly so that you can spend all your time with your loved ones. Equipped with powerful motors, additional jars and attachments, this kitchen essential allows you to complete your food preparation tasks easily and quickly. If you are looking to bring home a food processor, you can consider buying any of these to chop, juice, grind, and mix without worrying much.

Best Food Processors

1. Philips Mixer Grinder

Philips HL7707/00 Mixer Grinder not only features a sturdy body, but it also delivers impeccable performance. It has a 750-Watt powerful motor to give an astounding performance for all kinds of food processing. The high-quality leakproof jars enable spill-free grinding, juicing, mincing, and pureeing. All accessories that come with this mixer are dishwasher safe. It comes with Gear Drive Technology that allows operation from 20000 RPM to 1700 RPM.

Compact Design

It is an all-purpose mixer grinder that features a compact design, taking up minimal space for storage.

Complete Package

2. Bajaj Food Factory

Bajaj Food Processor is made with durable stainless steel and polycarbonate material, which adds to the integrity of this machine. It features 600-Watt power that effectively cuts, chops, and doughs anything that you want in the kitchen. The processor has 3 speed variations that allow you to perform every function easily. It has a simple yet classic design that looks great sitting in your kitchens. The built-in interlocking system prevents injuries as the processor doesn’t work until you’ve fit every part properly.

Smart Interlocking System

Designed with a full-proof interlocking system to ensure your safety.

Popular Choice

3. Butterfly Cresta Food Processor

Butterfly Cresta food processor is something that is your go-to kitchen appliance for varied needs. This appliance comes with three stainless steel jars for grating, slicing, chopping, kneading & whisking. Besides, it features a transparent juicer jar with a pusher for extracting juice from the fruits and vegetables. The body of this food processor is made with shock-proof ABS material and a 750-Watt powerful motor for efficient performance.

Varied Speed Control

It features four-speed control for quick usage and perfect grinding.

Most Loved

4. Kruvad Multi-Purpose Food Processor

This capsule cutter by Kruvad features a powerful motor that enables you to perform most of the kitchen tasks effortlessly. The food processor has an ABS plastic body, 600ml processor bowl and stainless-steel blades that can quickly chop vegetables, puree fruits, and even mince meat. This machine is convenient to use a compact processor and can prove to be a great kitchen tool for home cooks.

Detachable Blade Head

This food processor comes with detachable cutter head and features a microswitch right on the top for safety.

Next Best

5. WonderChef Nutriblend Food Processor

WonderChef Nutriblend is a sleek food processor that comes with multiple attachments to make your work easier. Equipped with a 400-Watt motor, it can be used to grind, make smoothies, blend, juice and chop. This food processor, unlike its bulky counterparts, can be stored at any compact place easily. Available in pretty white colour with floral design, it can be a perfect add on to your collection of kitchen appliances.

4-in-1 Operation

This food processor allows you to perform multiple actions depending on your different requirements.

Leading Contender

6. Signoraware

Signoraware’s Supreme Maxie Plus is a power-packed food processor made with hard plastic. It comes with 3 polycarbonate jars and stainless-steel blades for efficient performance. The design is ergonomic and it is very easy to use the appliance. It features 700 watts of power to ensure proper functioning even during heavy-duty usage.

Unbreakable Design

The polycarbonate jars are resistant to fall damage, making them perfect for every kitchen.

Budget Buy

7. Nutribullet Food Processor

Equipped with a 900-watt motor, this bullet blender works just like a food processor. It comes with excellent attachments to blend, puree, chop, as well as juice fruits. The package has a total of 12 attachments including jars, metallic body and lids for efficient food processing. Besides being a compact kitchen equipment, it also provides you multiple blade attachments to offer you the perfect puree like consistency.

2-in-1 Product

This blender works as a 2-in1 product, thanks to its bullet shaped cups that double up as travel jars as well.

Premium Choice
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