10 Best Back Pain Spray Brands- Complete guide with price range

First-aid kits are a part and parcel of any house at this day and age. Parents tend to keep a wide range of medicines, bandages and other such utilities in their first aid boxes however, different companies have a different amount of goodwill with them. In a society where a buyer has multiple choices to make, it is essential to know a brand before buying and using it on anybody, for obvious reasons like safety aspects, utility, and cost effectiveness aspect of purchasing from a pharmacy. Taking back pain medication for example; back pains are a very common ailment amongst people of all ages. Therefore, one has to make a decision while buying pain relief sprays for back pains. Some of the best brands that have great trust of consumers within this area are listed as follows:

Best Midas Care spray

Relispray from Midas Care is easily recognized because of it being a household name in India. Relispray uses the most effective and precise Ayurvedic formulae to offer safe and drug free pain relief. It has a focused pressure nozzle that allows the pain relieving molecules to dive deeper into the skin and work more efficiently by reaching directly to the source of pain. It is a widely used and trusted product and has high credibility when it comes to pain relief. It is priced at ₹136.

Best Reckkit Benckiser spray

Moov pain relief spray has a wide spread reach across the nation. Launched in 1986, the spray aims to provide pain relief via safe and topical solutions. They claim to have four active ingredients that penetrate deep inside the skin to produce warmth, that in turn relaxes the targeted muscles and enables fast recovery. Moov is another well trusted brand in this field. It is priced at ₹124.

Best Sun pharma spray

Volini spray has emerged as one of the leaders in this industry within the past few years. Volini is a modern day pain reliever and has been scientifically formulated to provide efficient pain relief. It can be used for a variety of pains ranging from joint pains, back pains, neck pains, shoulder pains, sprains etc. Volini claims to provide quicker, better, and a long lasting pain relief. It is priced at ₹48.

Best GSK Consumer spray

Iodex has been a trusted and iconic brand for about 100 years which generations of Indians have grown up with. Iodex has established itself as a heritage brand and has reinvented itself over the course of 100 years as a product and as a lifestyle choice as well. It provides topical pain relief. Iodex provides pain relief for any sort of muscle pain by actually causing warmth to relax muscles and relieve pain. It is priced at ₹130.

Best Emami spray

Zandu spray is probably one of the most well marketed products that all generations are aware about. The Zandu spray clains to provide long lasting pain relief, and is specially designed for join pains, muscle pains, back pains, and sports injuries. Zandu spray has Ayurvedic ingredients that are safe for the body. Zandu spray has had a certain recognition for about 100 years in terms of providing rapid action pain relief from all kinds of body ache. It is priced at ₹100.

Best Haw Par Corporation spray

Tiger Balm active muscle spray is an effective muscle pain reliever for combating aching muscles and pains specifically for those areas which are hard to reach. The spray is easy to apply and therefor has maximum utility for the people always on the move. It is priced at ₹850.

Best Dr. Ortho spray

Dr. Ortho Ayurvedic pain relief spray has a natural blend of potent herbal oils. The combination of the oils used as ingredients reduces inflammation of the muscles so as to fight pains. The spray is helpful for treating sprains, joint pains, lower back pains, neck pains, and sports injuries in joints. The spray is extremely easy to use, is not greasy in nature, and provides instant pain relief. It is priced at ₹350.

Best CIPLA spray

Omnigel pain relief spray is known to treat a wide variety of muscle pains, joint pains, and/or sports injuries. It provides quick and long lasting pain relief by spreading warmth over the muscles and controlling and soothing the damage by targeting the root cause of the ailment. It is priced at ₹160.

Best Amrutanjan spray

Amrutanjan joint-muscle spray uses Ayurvedic formulas to offer safe and drug free pain relief. It is an aerosol spray with a powerful counter irritant and ensures long lasting pain relief via its ingredients. This non greasy spray is handy and very easy to carry. It is priced at ₹80.

Best Kriplani Pharma spray

Kriplani pain relief spray is known to provide quick and long lasting pain relief for various muscle and joint pains like knee pains, neck pains, back pains, and other sports injuries. It is a safe spray with no after effects and it makes the recovery process much easier. It is priced at ₹120.

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