A backpack might seem unremarkable when it comes to accessories, but in retrospect, it carries most of your important belongings throughout the day. This makes backpacks an essential accessory to carry around while commuting or travelling. You can find several designs if you choose to buy from the best backpack brands.

While most of us go for budget-friendly alternatives from lesser-known brands, it is important to invest in a popular one. So, if you’re looking to bring yourself a sturdy backpack with a good build, comfortable straps, and stunning looks, here are some of the best backpack brands for you to pick from.

List of 15 Best Backpack Brands For Travel

1. Wildcraft

Best Backpack Brands
Wildcraft Backpack

Wildcraft is synonymous with stylish and trendy backpacks that can be used for a variety of purposes. Be it for trekking, everyday travelling or a quick getaway, Wildcraft has a wide array of options for you to pick from. You can check out travel backpacks, backpacks for men and women, laptop bags, and even waterproof backpacks to keep your possessions safe.

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2. American Tourister

American Tourister Backpack
American Tourister Backpack

American Tourister has been in the luggage industry for a long while. Since then, it has invented numerous designs by understanding what users want and prefer. The backpacks they provide are highly functional and perfect for those who are regular travellers.

The bags are comfortable and come in various styles, including bags with zip pockets, stash pockets, external pockets and many more functionalities. If you carry important belongings, then you can opt for waterproof American Tourister backpacks as well.

3. Lavie

Lavie Backpack
Lavie Backpack

Lavie is mainly known for its range of handbags and slings for women. However, it is now gaining attention owing to its range of attractive backpacks. The brand combines elegant looks with dexterity, making sure to offer you quality and style. These backpacks are a favourite amongst travellers, working professionals and college going teens.

Choose from a wide range of colours, including red, orange, blue, or neutrals like beige or white. The bags are easy to maintain and extremely sustainable.

4. Skybags

Skybags Backpack
Skybags Backpack

Skybags has a huge name in the travel and luggage segment and manufactures bags extremely popular among the youth. The backpacks offered by them are ergonomically designed for daily use, travel purposes or work purposes.

Carry your laptop, travel requirements or clothes anywhere you go – be it a tour, work outing or college. They offer a wide array of backpacks suited for men and women both. Find yourself a bag that you’ll fall in love with and flaunt it to the world.

5. F Gear

F Gear Backpack
F Gear Backpack

If you’re a fan of unusual and funky products, then F Gear should be your go-to brand. From leather backpacks to those having uber-cool graphics, these products resonate well with the current youth and are a hit among the younger generation. The bags are designed keeping in mind comfort and strength.

They can be used for a variety of purposes, be it hardcore travelling or regular use. F Gear will surely help you raise your style bar up a few notches.

6. Lino Perros

Lino Perros Backpack
Lino Perros Backpack

Lino Perros has a feminine appeal to its products. Its backpacks have a lovely cool combination with floral designs and solid colours that appeal to the young generation. The peppy prints and sleek design offer these bags a unique appearance. They are made with premium-grade fabric, have a spacious interior, and multiple compartments to store your essentials. You can take these to college, school, as well as short trips.

7. Gear

Gear Backpack
Gear Backpack

Gear has a wide spectrum of backpacks to choose from. The brand brings forth uniquely designed bags that are functional and best utility-wise. The trendy bags are made with premium quality fabric and have various compartments and pockets to keep teeny bits of paper, essentials like pocket perfumes, chargers, accessories and more. Most of its bags are waterproof or come with a water guard, making this brand one of the best choices for travel purposes.

8. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Backpack
Tommy Hilfiger Backpack

Tommy Hilfiger brands are crafted with poise and elegance. These bags are made with polyester or synthetic material that is durable and strong. Available in pretty colours, each piece has a trendy design with multiple pockets to keep your essential stuff. They even have a padded layer towards the back that ensures proper comfort of the wearer. These fashionable backpacks are ideal for short trips, college-goers, and office-goers.

9. Fastrack

Fastrack Backpack
Fastrack Backpack

Looking for stylish and functional backpacks? Fastrack is your go-to brand. It has a range of solid and sturdy backpacks, designed for daily usage. The bags are spacious enough to keep numerous essentials for business trips and casual vacations. They have multiple pockets to keep essentials safe and have a trendy design that adds to their appearance.

10. Nike

Nike Backpack
Nike Backpack

Nike backpacks are a class apart. Exuding elegance and style, these backpacks are all that you need for your next short trip. The bags are comfortable and convenient to carry. They have a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality. Each Nike bag has a padded layer that ensures comfort for the wearer and doesn’t feel on heavy shoulders. Moreover, they are made of quality fabric, including polyester, that goes on for a long time.

11. Puma

Puma Backpack
Puma Backpack

The German multinational brand has some fabulous designs of backpacks. They are available in a solid colour or dual-tones featuring color-blocked patterns. Each bag has a stylish design and is a perfect companion for your vacations and daily office or college needs. The hard-wearing bags have superior padded shoulder straps that make the bag feel light and comfortable.

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12. Killer

Killer Backpack
Killer Backpack

Best-known for manufacturing jeans for men and women, Killer also makes some genuinely stylish backpacks that live up to its name. They are made with wrinkle-free durable fabric with a solid inner lining. It has numerous utility compartments and mesh pockets to keep your essential stuff handy. The bags are suitable for rugged and daily use. Moreover, killer bags are light in weight and are water-resistant.

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13. Safari

Safari Backpack
Safari Backpack

Safari backpacks are light in weight and made of high-grade material. Ideal for short and long trips, these bags can carry a lot and have spacious compartments to keep your essentials safe. You can pick your favourite from a range of pull-string bags, backpacks, waterproof backpacks, casual bags, and more. The bags have a comfortable padded lining that balances the load on the shoulders.

14. Polestar

Polestar Backpack
Polestar Backpack

Polestar uses high-grade material to make its bags. Thanks to its ergonomic design and waterproof fabric that allows you to take it anywhere without thinking twice. The brand prices its backpacks at affordable rates. Its designs are classy and trendy, making them a preferred choice for most daily commuters and travellers. If you’re looking for a bag that has utility pockets, extra space, organisers and comfortable padding, Polestar is your go-to brand.

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15. Aristocrat

Aristocrat Backpack
Aristocrat Backpack

Owned by VIP Industries, Aristocrat is known for having premium quality travel luggage. However, the brand manufactures some cool designs of backpacks for light travellers and commuters. The bags are sturdy, strong, and have numerous compartments for keeping your essentials safe. Available in solid colour combinations and impressive designs, these bags are suitable for schoolies, college students and office-goers.

List Of Best Backpack Brands In India

Best Backpack BrandsPrice*
WildcraftRs 899 onward
American TouristerStarts from Rs 560
LavieRs 787 – Rs 1,279
SkybagsRs 699 and above
F GearRs 720 onward
Lino PerrosRs 898 – Rs 1,989
GearRs 339 – Rs 999
Tommy HilfigerUp to Rs 2,387
FastrackRs 565 onward
NikeRs 712 and above
PumaMinimum Rs 709
KillerRs 399 and above
SafariRs 299 – Rs 1,190
PolestarRs 469 onward
AristocratRs 599 and above
Best Backpack Brands

*Prices are subject to change.

FAQs Answered about The – Best Backpack Brands In India

What is the most durable backpack brand?

Aristocrat backpacks, Skybags backpacks, and Wildcraft backpacks are durable and made with quality material that ensures prolonged use.

What is the best brand of backpack for school?

Lavie and Wildcraft are the best brands of backpacks for school going kids. These backpacks have trendy designs loved by teens and a solid build to keep them going for years.

What are the qualitites of a good backpack?

The first and foremost quality of a good backpack is that it offers ample comfort to the wearer. Here are some more that you must keep in mind while buying one:

  • Should have adjustable shoulder straps
  • Must have a padded layer on its back for ensuring maximum comfort
  • Should be made with high-grade material
  • Must be water-resistant or at least have a rain cover
  • Should have utility pockets
  • Must either rest at a torso length or hip length

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