Maintaining normal blood pressure (BP) levels is critical for your overall good health. A fluctuation on either side resulting in low and high blood pressure is indicative of some health problem. A blood pressure monitor lets you keep track of your blood pressure comfortably and work towards regulating it. With several models available, choosing the best can be a daunting task. That’s why we bring you our well-researched list of the best BP machines that can be easily used at home.

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7 Best BP Machines for Accurate Measurements

1. Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor

best BP machines
Omron HEM 7120

When it comes to the best BP machines, the Omron HEM 7120 is a great choice. This BP monitor is a compact, fully automatic machine that gives accurate results. It employs advanced IntelliSense technology that does not require any pressure pre-setting or inflation. This monitor comes with an indicator that blinks for abnormal measurements.

Designed for home use, this blood pressure monitor also lets you monitor your heartbeat.

2. Dr Trust BP Monitor

best BP machines
Dr Trust

The Dr Trust BP monitor delivers accurate measurements through one-click operations with ease. It uses measuring-during-inflation technology, making it a comfortable process. It comes with an extra-wide cuff to fit all arm sizes. This device also features a talking function with a mute mode that can be adjusted conveniently. This fully automatic monitor comes with advanced indicators for high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

This BP monitor saves two user profiles and records upto 120 readings saving you the hassle of manual documentation.

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3. Dr Morepen BP Monitor

top 10 BP monitors
Dr Morepan

Dr Morepan BP monitor uses comfort inflation technology to give accurate measurements of blood pressure and pulse rate. It has a user interface for two users and can store upto 120 readings. The device is adept at detecting variations in blood pressure and heartbeat.

One of the best BP machines, this BP monitor is a portable device and can be conveniently carried wherever you go.

4. Beurer BP Monitor

best BP monitors

This automatic blood pressure monitor by Beurer is an easy to operate upper arm BP monitor. It is designed to allow accurate measurements of blood pressure and pulse rate. This medical device is adept at detecting arrhythmia and disturbances in heart rhythm. The automatic shut-off feature adds to the ease of use, making it one of the best BP machines out there.

Additionally, this device lets you create four user-profiles and can store 30 measured values for each.  The machine comes with a cuff position control. It also displays an automatic error indicator message making it more user-friendly.

5. Omron HEM 6161 BP Monitor

best BP monitor machine
Omron HEM 6161

Staying informed about your blood pressure is a real lifesaver. And with these best BP machines by Omron, keeping track of your blood pressure is just one push away. It works on an easy one-touch operation and delivers accurate measurements. Other impressive features include body movement indicators, and irregular heartbeat indicators as well. The OK indication guides the users to take correct measurements.

This blood pressure monitor is designed with exclusive technology for comfortable, controlled inflation without the need for pressure pre-setting.

6. AccuSure BP Monitor

best BP machines

This BP machine has an extra-large LCD for easy reading. The high precision strain guage sensor system lets you take blood pressure measurements with a one-touch operation. It bears a WHO blood pressure classification indicator and stores upto 60 readings. This blood pressure monitor also enables you to measure irregular heartbeat as well.

Moreover, it comes with a USB port for charging. This BP machine is latex-free, which makes it an excellent pick for those with a sensitive skin.

7. Dr Odin BP Monitor

best digital bp machine
Dr Odin

This advanced blood pressure monitor by Dr Odin is USB charging enabled. This BP monitor comes with an inbuilt talking function with a mute mode to guide you through, making it a handy device. The device adheres to WHO standards, and the three colour backlight indicator helps in easy detection of results.

Aside from blood pressure, this device accurately measures pulse irregularities as well. Additionally, the portable design ensures blood pressure tracking on the go. With such user-friendly features, this device is indeed one of the best BP machines on the market.

The Best BP Monitors with Price Comparison

Best BP MonitorsPrice*
Omron HEM 7120Rs 2199
Dr TrustRs 1999
Dr MorepanRs 1490
BeurerRs 2999
Omron HEM 6161Rs 1799
AccuSureRs 1319
Dr OdinRs 1790
*Prices are subject to change


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