Primer is an essential item for those who apply makeup because it is the very basis of the makeup regimen. The primer helps in the smooth application of the makeup products, including the foundation, and helps in forming that perfect base that goes on to give the idea of flawless skin. There are primers specifically meant for dry skin which is very important for those whose skin is prone to flakiness with the application of makeup. The following are primers suited for dry skin along with their expected prices.

Here are the best brands for primer for dry skin

1. Best Lakme primer

Lakme perhaps best knows Indian skin and that is why their primers are made for every skin type. They are light and sit lightly on the skin, and yet takes care of any flakiness or dryness that might prevent the foundation and the rest of the make up from gliding on the skin smoothly. The primers are priced around Rs 650 and above and are pocket friendly.

2. Best Maybelline One Day primer

Maybelline primers are made to last throughout the day, so that you can be confident in your makeup, without worrying about constant touch ups, which is mostly the case when the base is not done properly. The Maybelline primers are priced around Rs 700 and above and the help in giving a flawless finish.

3. Best Insight Vov primer

With the Insight Vov primer, one can be guaranteed to attain smooth and luscious skin every time. Make up can have a drying effect but with the primer, a light and hydrating coat is created on the skin that retains moisture and helps with the perfect application of the rest of the makeup. Priced around Rs 850, the primer is suited for normal to dry skin types.

4. Best Insta Smooth Perfecting Lotus primer

Insta Smooth Perfecting primer from Lotus is made from herbal ingredients and so one can say goodbye to the chemical primers that tends to deplete the skin of its natural moisture. The primer has a light formula and adds a glow to the skin that makes the finished makeup appear flawless. One can have them around a price of Rs 900.

5. Best Colorbar Perfect Match primer

Colorbar Perfect Match primers are made in such a way that they are suitable for all skin tones and helps in curbing any patches or pigmentation that might show through the makeup. It evens out the complexion and the primer has moisturizer that can keep the skin hydrated for up to 6 hours. Priced at around Rs 850, they are perfect for every purse.

6. Best Blue Heaven Studio primer

Blue Heaven primers have additional moisturizers that can instantly smooth out dry and flaky skin and they are great for those who have problem with winter makeup and moisture retention. The primers are one of a kind because they are slightly pigmented but they match almost every skin tone. They can be availed for a price of about Rs 750.

7. Best Swiss Beauty Pearl primer

Swiss Beauty Pearl primer is a must have beauty product because it adds up as a moisturizer as well as a primer. The name of the primer is aptly given for it really does lent a very glossy pearl finish to the skin that makes it glow from within. With a price tag of about Rs 600, it is one of the best in the mid range segment.

8. Best L’Oreal Paris base Magique primer

L’Oreal primer indeed does work its magic. The primer is weightless that makes further application of foundation and concealer an easy job. The primer even out skin tone all the while hydrating it deeply and provides the just right amount of hydration depending on the humidity. It can be availed around a price point of Rs 990.

9. Best Miss Claire primer

Miss Claire is one of the best products in the mid range segment and they are quite unique. The primers are made from special pigments that keep the skin matte but it hydrates the skin for a good span of time. Priced around Rs 700, it is a good primer to start with for makeup novices.

10. Best Oriflame The One primer

Oriflame always has some of the best products in any segment and the primer is suited for all skin types. It is hydrating without being oily, which makes it the perfect fit for all kind of makeup users. The product comes priced around Rs 650 and many women are loyal customers of this product.

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