Herbal soaps are the way to go if one wants to eliminate the use of chemicals and synthetic products from their routine system. Herbals soaps tend to have natural antibacterial properties and they are perfect for all skin types. The herbal soaps are also hardly ever used on animals and mostly organic products are used in their making. Here are some of the most widely used herbal soaps and they are listed along with their prices, so that you can make the best and the most healthy choice for yourself and your family.

Here are the best brands for best herbal soap

 1. Best Medimix herbal soap

Medimix soap has been infused with the goodness of herbs and roots and the knowledge has been acquired through years of research of the Ayurveda. The soap has extracts of Ashwagandha, turmeric, and neem, and they go into the making of a soap that acts has a natural disinfectant as well as moisturizes the skin. The soaps are priced around Rs 55 a bar.

2. Best Margo herbal soap

Margo is made purely with neem extracts and they are one of the best brands out there when it comes to providing natural protection against all kinds of germs. It is known to be especially affective against bacteria that causes pimple and regular use can result in problem free skin. One can have the soap for around a price of Rs 35 a bar.

3. Best Forest Essentials herbal soap

Forest Essentials have made it a mission to make the best natural herbal ingredients available to the masses and they have acquired the most exotic herbs and choicest natural extracts to create soaps that are mild, effective and luxurious at the same time. Priced at around Rs 125 a piece, the soaps are worth trying out.

4. Best Vaadi Naturals herbal soap

Vaadi Naturals uses ingredients like turmeric, sunflower extracts and saffron in their soaps and they make the most amazing concoctions. The soaps are one of a kind and they are very mild and completely safe for use for all kinds of skin. Those with sensitive skin are to especially benefit from it. One can have them around a price of Rs 120.

5. Best Biotique herbal soap

Biotique soaps have therapeutic properties and they are also clinically proven to be highly effective. The soaps are made without animal testing and contain ingredients like waters from the foothills of the Himalayas, which take the skin to their natural pH balance. Priced around Rs 80, they are sure to reduce a number of skin problems.

6. Best Lotus Herbals herbal soap

Lotus herbal soaps are made with a soap- free formula and it is a genuine bar of goodness. The soaps are very mild and luxuriant and contain no chemicals or paraben. They have yoghurt extracts and olive oil and there are soaps to suit various skin types. One can have them around a price of Rs 90.

7. Best Himalaya herbal soap

Himalaya has established itself as a reliable brand that has only natural ingredients in their products and they are extremely effective in combating various skin issues. Irritation and rashes of the skin, that occur frequently due to humidity or germs are completely eliminated. They are available for about Rs 75 a bar.

8. Best VLCC herbal soap

VLCC is known for its commitment to using natural ingredients and the herbal soaps are indeed quite affective against problems like acne, and dark spots.  The soaps are mild on the skin, and have rich and creamy texture that make for a most luxuriant product. One can have them around a price range of between Rs 85.

9. Best Prakriti Herbals soap

Prakriti Herbals is a relatively new brand and within a short span of time has managed to establish itself as a herbal brand worth recommending. The brand uses aloe vera extracts copiously in their products along with other natural ingredients to make the most effective products. The soaps can be availed around a price of Rs 75.

10. Best V- Herbs herbal soap

V- Herbs herbal soaps are not just chemical free, but they are also handcrafted, which makes them one of the best brands in this list. Priced at Rs 500 a piece, it is also one of the costliest but the luxuriant formula of the soaps is worth trying out. They are sure to change the way we tend to look at bar soaps.

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