A primer is the first layer that goes on the face before the real makeup begins, and yet it is the most underrated one. A primer helps even out your skin tone, and smoothens the base for your usual makeup routine. It is important to create the perfect base for the foundation and concealer that would come on later, but for those with oily skin, choosing a suitable primer with care is important.

A primer should not add to the oily skin by making it shinier, rather the should give it a natural, matte finish. Here are some of the best brands of primer for oily skin with their price range to help you make a choice.

List Of 15 Best Brands of Primer for Oily Skin in India

1. Lakme

best primers for oily skin

Lakme primers for oily skin are light and they help the rest of the makeup glide on smoothly over the skin. The primer helps in excess oil production and ensures that the makeup stays put for a long duration. Lakme has primers in both cream and gel texture priced around Rs 750.

The Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer comes in a creamy, blendable texture in a waterproof silky formula. It blends seamlessly for a more vibrant, true colour finish, and also masks pores and blemishes.

2. Lotus Herbals

best brands of primer for oily skin
Lotus Herbals

Those who are particular about only using herbal products on their skin will love the Lotus herbal primer that not only has oil control formula but also has a little bit of SPF for sun protection, making it the perfect tool to go out in the sun with.

The Lotus Makeup Ecostay Insta Smooth Perfecting Primer features a gel based weightless formula with a long staying power. It is an oil-free mattifying primer enriched with Vitamin E. Aside from readying your face for a full makeup, this primer also evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of acne and pores when blended properly. Suitable for all skin types, you can get it for Rs 695.

3. L’Oreal Paris

best primers
L’Oreal Paris

The Magique primer from L’Oreal is suitable for all skin types and hence can be used by those with oily skin without any worries. Those who already suffer from skin problems like acne and pimples need a primer that will not further add to the problem and this primer is one of the best in the segment.

With a non-greasy and lightweight formula, this primer creates an even surface for your makeup routine. This primer absorbs excess oil and gives a matte finish while also infusing hydration into your skin. You can get it at Rs 970 from Amazon.

4. Colorbar Cosmetics

best makeup primer

Colorbar primers come in two or three shades that are made to suit any skin tone. They have a non-oily effect and are perfect for those who are new to makeup and are trying on full fledged cosmetics for the first time. Colorbar has also developed some primer waters exclusively for different skin types.

The Colorbar Flawless Finish primer keeps your skin hydrated and fresh, and reduces the size of pores. It is free from mineral oil and gives a smooth application. Colorbar primers are paraben free and do not contain alcohol. They can be availed at a price range of Rs 499 to Rs 850 and are a good buy in the mid range segment.

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5. Blue Heaven

best primers for oily skin
Blue Heaven

Blue Heaven primers are known for their wonderful pigment that are great for Indian skin tones and that is what makes them so highly saleable in the subcontinent. This non-greasy primer comes with an oil-free formula that keeps your skin fresh, all day long.

Priced around Rs 320 onwards, they are also quite easy on the pockets and helps with oil control when used on a regular basis.

6. Nykaa

best make up base for all skin types

Considering that it is a relatively new brand, Nykaa has tapped into its audience well. Its primers are perfectly made for those with oily skin to eliminate shine from the face. Their Prep Me Up primers are extremely lightweight and infused with Vitamin E to keep your skin nourished.

It has a velvety, silky texture and covers up pores to control oil secretion. You can get them at around Rs 850 and above.

7. Maybelline New York

best Maybelline primer for oily skin

Maybelline New York is a show stopper when it comes to affordable yet best makeup products. Their primers are used around the world by millions of women because of the perfect base they lend and also because of the flawless skin they end up giving the users.

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte and Poreless primer features a melting gel cream texture that has a long staying power of 16 hours. It renders a flawless matte look on the skin and is best suited for normal to oily skin. This primer amps up your makeup by reducing pores, does a wonderful job of covering up as well, along with oil control. They are rightly priced at Rs 499 on online shopping sites.

8. Clinique

best Clinique Primer

This primer by Clinique is a lightweight colour correcting primer. It has a transparent, oil-free formula that works well for both combination and oily skin. It glides effortlessly on the skin and ensures your makeup stays in place for long. This primer will cost you Rs 2,900 and are a bit expensive but are going to be worth all the splurge.

9. Revlon

best makeup primers

Revlon primers are for the bold and beautiful who are ready to take on the world with the best foot forward. The primers are formulated especially to control oil and have a long lasting matte effect on the skin that stays throughout the day. The Photoready Primer contains photochromatic pigments that bend, reflect and diffuse light to minimize flaws and give your skin a bright glow.

Revlon primers make for a perfect base for your makeup and are affordably priced at Rs 1,699 and higher.

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10. Wet n Wild

best face primers
Wet n Wild

Wet n Wild is a reputed brand and has products for makeup enthisiasts from all walks of life. This brand is a pioneer in making vegan, cruelty free products without any parabens.

The Wet n Wild Photofocus Matte primer features white sapphire crystals formulated into a silky smooth cream to give a radiant complexion. This cream glides effortlessly to minimize the appearance of pores, mask signs of ageing, and make your skin foundation ready. This lightweight formula will cost you just Rs 699.

11. Swiss Beauty

best makeup base
Swiss Beauty

Rock a natural matte look, or a full-fledged HD makeup, with Swiss Beauty’s oil free, mattifying primer that contains pearl powder. This primer features a silky, lightweight formula that will work wonders for you by minimising the appearance of pores and fine lines. It helps smoothen out the surface of your skin, so your makeup looks perfect and stays on longer.

It is extremely lightweight, and does not make your makeup look cakey, even when worn for long hours. If that was not all, it is priced at just Rs 350 and is available in 3 different shades.

12. Sugar Cosmetics

best primers

Want a primer that features a no-block-no-clog formula? If yes, then your search ends with Sugar Cosmetics’ Skin Perfecting Face Primer. Suitable for all skin types, it mattifies your skin and keeps you oil-free all day long. It helps smoothen your skin by evening out the tone, reducing the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles, and lends a soft-focus finish.

Moroever, this product is absolutely free from parabens, preservatives, and mineral oils. You can get it for Rs 799.

13. Faces Canada

best matte primer
Face Canada

A leading beauty brand with a heritage of about 40 years, Faces Canada entered the Indian market in 2009. Their products are designed to cater to every skin type, texture, tone and ethncity. Their unique range of cruelty free and hypoallergenic products is quite the rage in the beauty industry. It has a huge range of primers for every skin type starting Rs 799.

The Faces Ultime Pro Perfecting Primer boasts a smooth velvety formula and glides easily. It feels like a second skin and gives a tinted matte finish by absorbing excess oil from the skin.

14. Insight

best oil free primers

Insight Cosmetics is a global brand with more than 31 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. Their products are high-quality, FDA approved and ISO 9001:2015 certified. If that’s not all, these wonderful products are very reasonably priced.

The INSIGHT 3 in 1 Primer brings together the best of skincare and makeup for your oily skin. Its oil-free formula doubles down as a moisturiser and makeup base. This lightweight gel blurs out fine lines and smoothens out pores and wrinkles to give you the perfect base for your makeup. Hence, you get hydrated skin and gorgeous makeup, all at once in just Rs 240.

Additionally, it is free from alcohol, sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrances, and additive dyes, making it safe for regular use even on sensitive skin.

15. Oriflame

best primers

Oriflame is a Swedish beauty brand that has been in the industry for the last 50 years, standing the test of time. They have made sure to deliver trendy, high quality and safe products for all the makeup freaks out there.

Their primers are one of a kind. The Oriflame One Pore Minimising Primer nullifies oil production and instantly masks pores. Its matte finish lasts for upto 7 hours on the skin without stripping any moisture. It has a non-sticky texture and is suitable for all skin types. You can get it in just Rs 499.

FAQs Answered about The – Best Primer Brands for Oily Skin

1. What primer is good for oily skin?

When looking for primers for oily skin, go for oil-free mattifying formulas that absorb the excess oil and give your skin a flawless look. You can choose from Maybelline, Lakme, Clinique, and Lotus Herbals as per your budget.

2. Does primer help oily skin?

A primer sets the tone of your makeup by providing a smooth base. It helps absorb excess oil in oily skin and gives a matte finish that prevents the foundation and other makeup ingredients from dissolving into the sebum and slipping away.

3. What is the best primer for acne and oily skin?

The Lotus Makeup Ecostay Insta Smooth Perfecting Primer is one of the best ones for oily skin. It features a gel based weightless formula with a long staying power. It is an oil-free mattifying primer enriched with Vitamin E. Aside from readying your face for a full makeup, this primer also evens out skin tone and reduces the appearance of acne and pores when blended properly.

4. How can I control my oily face with makeup?

Wearing makeup on an oily face can be a real hassle. We have come up with some tricks to help you get by:

  • Apply an oil-free primer before starting with your makeup routine
  • Do not apply heaps of powder. Keep it in control.
  • Always carry blotting papers and just press them gently on your face, when you feel the oil. Avoid rubbing it.

5. How do I choose a primer?

Choosing a primer depends on your skin type.

  • For dry skin, choose a hydrating primer or those with a silky smooth formula.
  • For oily skin, choose a primer that is free from oil, and gives a matte finish.
  • For normal and combination skins you can use a mix of primers and apply on the desired parts as required
  • If your skin has wrinkles and fine lines, choose a pore minimising primer.

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