A primer is the first layer of makeup that goes on the face, before the real makeup begins. It is important to create the perfect base for the foundation and concealer that would come on later, but for those with oily skin, choosing the primer with care is important. It should not add to the oily skin by making it shinier, rather the best primer would have a mattefying effect without making the skin overtly dry in any way. Here are some of the best brands suitable for oily skin with their prices and they will help you make a choice.

The Best Brands of Primer for Oily Skin

1. Best Lakme primer

Lakme primers for oily skin are light and they help the rest of the makeup glide on smoothly over the skin. The primer helps in excess oil production and ensures that the makeup stays put for a long duration. The primer has peal pigments to lend that glow from within. The products are priced about Rs 650.

2. Best Lotus Herbals primer

Those who are particular about only using herbal products on their skin will love the Lotus herbal primer that not only has oil control formula but also has a little bit of SPF for sun protection, making it the perfect tool to go out in the sun with. The primer is priced around Rs 600 and is one of the top herbal primers that sell.

3. Best L’Oreal primer

The Magique primer for the brand is suitable for all skin types and hence can be used by those with oily skin without any problem. Those who already suffer from skin problems like acne and pimples need a primer that will not further add to the problem and this primer is one of the best in the segment. The product is available for a price of about Rs 999.

4. Best Colorbar primer

Colorbar primers come in two or three shades that are made to suit any skin tone. They have a non- oily effect and are perfect for those who are new to makeup and are trying on full fledged cosmetics for the first time. The primer is very light and has a non oily formula and cuts out any shine from the skin. They can be availed for about Rs 550 and are a good buy in the mid range segment.

5. Blue Heaven primer

Blue Heaven primers are known for their wonderful pigment that are great for Indian skin tones and that is what makes them so highly saleable in the subcontinent. Affordably priced around Rs 700, they are also quite easy on the pockets and the primer helps with oil control when used on a regular basis.

6. Best Nykaa primer

Considering that it is a relatively new brand, Nykaa has figured out in a very brief span of time what the users really want and the primers are perfectly made for those with oily skin to eliminate shine from the face. The primers are light and cover up pores to control oil secretion. They are quite affordably priced around Rs 850.

7. Best Maybelline primer

Maybelline Primers are used around the world by millions of women because of the perfect base they lend and also because of the flawless skin they end up giving the users. Oily skin is prone to breakouts and the primer does a wonderful job of covering them up as well, along with oil control. They are priced at around Rs 900 and are rightly priced.

8. Best Oriflame primer

Oriflame has made sure that their products stand the test of time, and the primers from the brand are one of a kind. They nullify oil production but without depleting the skin of its natural moisture that makes the skin soft and glowing and gives it s flawless appearance. The products are priced around Rs 900.

9. Best Revlon primer

Revlon primers are for the bold and beautiful who are ready to take on the world with the best foot forward. The primers are formulated especially to control oil and have a long lasting matte effect on the skin that stays throughout the day. The products are affordably priced at Rs 900 or higher.

10. Best Lacome primer

Lacome is a world renowned brand and has products for women from all walks of life. The primer is subtle and light, and yet is one of the most effective products out there as far as coverage and flawless finish is concerned. The primers are priced about Rs 1700 and Rs 2899 and are a bit expensive but are going to be worth it.

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