10 Best Swimming Goggle Brands In India

Are you finding it tiresome and difficult to choose the best swimming goggles for yourself? The market is flooded with a variety of different swimming goggles brands and this makes the process of selecting a very herculean task. Certain essential factors such as build quality, material, design, cost et cetera need to be taken into consideration before finalizing your decision and coming to a conclusion. Those who are really ardent about swimming should definitely skim through this list of the 10 best swimming goggles brands as this ultimate guide will give them a brief idea about the best products available in the market along with their prices.

List of the 10 Best Swimming Goggle Brands in India

1. Speedo Swimming Goggles

 Speedo was founded by Alexander Macrae in 1914 in Sydney, Australia, and the brand has been excelling and offering great products since the very beginning. Speedo offers a large variety of quality swimming goggles ranging between INR 519- 12,717 on an average. The wide range of swimming goggles offered by Speedo gives a perfect and elegant design along with its strong build quality. Speedo swimming goggles are designed to provide you with crystal clear vision, comfort, longevity and an amazing fit.

2. Head Swimming Goggles

One of the top swimming goggles brands in India, Head offers elegantly designed and high-performance swimming goggles for a better and enhanced experience. Head swimming goggles come in a variety of prices ranging from INR 6,339 to INR 1,299 on an average. The swimming goggles offered by this brand are designed with the latest technology to give the best possible experience to the swimmer. The company was founded by Howard Head in the year 1950 in Maryland, United States.

3. Cosco Swimming Goggles

When it comes to the best fitness and sports equipment, Cosco is one of the most renowned and reliable brands in India. The company was founded in the year 1980 and is based in Delhi, India. It offers a large variety of perfectly designed swimming goggles ranging between INR 301-751. Moreover, swimming goggles are offered by Cosco are quite affordable as compared to other brands in the Indian market.

4. Viva Sports Swimming Goggles

Viva Sports came into existence in the year 1957. Viva Sports swimming goggles are designed with high-quality material to provide you with durability, ultimate comfort and a great fit. Swimming goggles offered by Viva Sports come in different prices ranging from INR 131-848.

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5. TYR Swimming Goggles

TYR Sport was founded by Steve Furniss and Joseph DiLorenzo in the year 1985 in California, United States. The company offers a wide range of premium swimming goggles along with a multitude of different sports equipment. The prices of swimming goggles offered by TYR are ranged between INR 245-10,609. TYR swimming goggles are built with excellence and provide a fantastic experience.

6. Nabaiji Swimming Goggles

The swimming goggles designed by Nabaiji offer comfort, permeability, and crystal clear vision. Nabaiji swimming goggles come in different innovative designs and are priced from INR 449 to INR 1,999. Most importantly, the swimming goggles offered by Nabaiji are quite economical as compared to other brands in the market. The company was founded in the year 2008. Moreover, the brand utilizes technicity in all of its products.

7. Puma Swimming Goggles

Rudolf Dassler founded Puma 70 years ago in 1948 and the company is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Puma swimming goggles are ranged between INR 450-899 on an average. Puma is known for its premium and high-quality sports equipment, footwear, apparel et cetera. The swimming goggles designed by Puma are of top-notch quality and built to enhance the swimmer’s experience.

8. Arena Swimming Goggles

Arena, a competitive brand, was founded in the year 1973 in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. The brand offers plenty of premium swimming goggles to choose from and the material used is of the highest quality. The swimming goggles offered by this brand are ranged between INR 972-27,489. Moreover, the swimming goggles are dexterously crafted for better durability and experience.

9. Nivia Swimming Goggles

Nivia is a very well-known Indian brand. It was founded by Vijay Kharabanda in the year 1960. The brand offers a wide range of perfectly designed swimming goggles at reasonable prices. The prices are ranged from INR 332 to INR 666. Nivia swimming goggles are created with excellence and promise crystal clear vision.

10. Nike Swimming Goggles

The premium and beautifully designed swimming goggles by Nike are ranged between INR 2,489-6349 on an average. Nike swimming goggles offer a clear vision to make a swimmer’s experience more vivid and enjoyable. Besides swimming goggles, Nike offers multiple products of the highest quality. The company was founded in the year 1964 by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.

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