15 Best Swimming Shorts Brands in India

Swimming keeps your entire body fit. If you’re a swimmer, you’d already be aware of the innumerable benefits exercise can have on your body. Besides, you might also know that swimming in the right apparel makes it even easier to move underwater. You can find swimsuits, swimming shorts, and more swimming apparel online. However, many people are at a loss when picking the right swimwear for their body type. But fret not; we have made your work easier by listing some of the best brands that you must try.

Check out our list of the best swimming shorts brands with all the relevant details. Pick one, and you are good to go.

Our Top Picks :

How Do We Choose the Best Swimming Shorts Brands for You?

If you are a swimmer, having swimming shorts is important to enjoy the sport. It provides excellent freedom of movement and stability that lets you swim at a faster pace and perform better. In India, there are ample brands offering shorts that are designed for wet circumstances without sacrificing comfort. You can get good quality shorts on a budget of Rs 200 to Rs 1,000.

Here are some factors that you need to pay attention to for picking the best product.


Swimming shorts made of good quality material is important to ensure durability. Since it remains wet most of the time, it needs to be of a material that does not feel too heavy and dry soon. Make sure you carefully look for the material before making a choice.


This is, indeed, a factor that you can’t neglect. You should never buy a costume that is very loose or too tight for your body. It should be according to your body dimensions and fit you perfectly for easy movement. Wearing an ill-fitted outfit will make you uncomfortable, and hence, you must always try the garment and check the fit.

List of Top 15 Swimming Shorts Brands in India

Rovars Swimming Shorts

Rovars Swimming Shorts
Rovars Swimming Shorts

Rovars is a famous brand in the swimwear category in India. The brand sells long-lasting, comfortable swimming costumes that are loved by consumers. Its swim shorts are highly durable and are made of materials like spandex and polyester.

Prominent Features of the Rovars Swimming Shorts: 

  • It has a regular fit for easy wearing
  • These shorts dry up quickly
  • Feels comfortable in all weathers
  • Made of 13% spandex and 87% polyester


  • Soft material
  • Fine Quality
  • Exclusive design


  • Pocket is missing

Why We Picked the Rovars Swimming Shorts?

The swim shorts by this brand have an elasticised waist and an adjustable drawstring for better comfort. They are extremely versatile and can also be used while cycling because of their sweat-absorbing material.

Lycot Swimming Shorts

Lycot Swimming Shorts
Lycot Swimming Shorts

Lycot swim shorts are made of high-grade materials like polyester for an ultimate style statement. The fabric of the shorts also keeps you dry during winters and cools the body during summers for better performance.

Prominent Features of the Lycot Swimming Shorts

  • Made with non-abrasion fabric material
  • Its excellent elasticity and durability
  • Helps maintain air circulation & retains heat
  • Available in over 10 vibrant colours


  • Stretchable material
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Highly versatile

Why We Picked the Lycot Swimming Shorts?

Lycot Swimming Shorts are made of non-abrasive fabric material that is lightweight, breathable and also dries quickly in the air. Also, they are available in a wide range of colours and prints, which makes them a great choice.

Champ Swimming Shorts

Champ Swimming Shorts
Champ Swimming Shorts

Champ swim shorts are made of high-grade materials like nylon, polyester, and spandex. They offer better movement and greater comfort while swimming. As they have an elasticised waistband, adjustable drawstrings, and four-way stretchable lining.

Prominent Features of the Champ Swimming Shorts

  • Breathable material with an elastic waistband
  • Hydro-dry technology to repel moisture
  • Heavy-duty stitching for excellent strength
  • Features multi-purpose pocket inside


  • Quick drying
  • High-resolution print
  • Structured fit


  • Expensive

Why We Picked the Champ Swimming Shorts?

Champ Swimming shorts are made up of quality fabric that regains its original size immediately without getting de-shaped. At this brand, you can pick shorts for yourself from a wide range of colours and designs.

Speedo Swimming Shorts

Speedo Swimming Shorts
Speedo Swimming Shorts

Speedo is one of the best swimming shorts brands in India that offers quality shorts with a drawstring waist for better fit and comfort. The best things about the shorts are that they are chlorine-resistant, which means that the fabric won’t degrade easily.

Prominent Features of the Speedo Swimming Shorts

  • The fabric is soft to the touch and dries very quickly
  • Its 4-way stretch technology ensures easy movement
  • Made of Endurance+ fabric that lasts longer
  • With UPF 50+, it provides sun protection


  • Comfortable
  • Secure fit
  • Resists fading


  • Some customers complain about the sizing

Why We Picked the Speedo Swimming Shorts?

Speedo Swimming Shorts are made of lightweight and breathable elastic. This makes them retain their original shape even after being stretched for prolonged periods.

Quada Swimming Shorts

 Quada Swimming Shorts
Quada Swimming Shorts

Quada swimming shorts have incredible quality and are made with durable fabric. Most of them help with moisture management while keeping you dry and comfortable all the time. Also, they are available at an affordable price, making them a great pick from the list.

Prominent Features of the Quada Swimming Shorts

  • Highly versatile shorts can also be used in the gym, for cycling, badminton, etc.
  • Made of 77% nylon and 23% spandex materials
  • Has excellent elasticity and provides extreme comfort
  • Ultra-soft fabric controls blood flow and prevents soreness


  • Lightweight
  • Prevents tanning
  • Good quality


  • The length might run short

Why We Picked the Quada Swimming Shorts?

The swimming shorts by Quada are made with premium quality knitted fabric that is light in weight and reduces the risk of sprains or strains. Moreover, their impressive weave construction allows airflow to keep individuals cool during summer.

Just Rider Swimming Shorts

Just rider Swimming Shorts
Just Rider Swimming Shorts

Just Rider Swimming Shorts is an outstanding choice from the list. It is made with an elasticised waistband with drawstrings for added comfort. Most of the shorts it offers are unisex and can be worn for multiple sports.

Prominent Features of the Just Rider Swimming Shorts: 

  • Made with high-quality polyester lycra fabric
  • Supports muscles to prevent fatigue and risk of injury
  • Offers maximum comfort and support while working out
  • It is easy to maintain and can be washed in the machine


  • Wide range of options
  • Prevents wear & tear
  • Prolonged comfort


  • Thread quality is average

B-Tuf Swimming Shorts

B-Tuf Swimming Shorts
B-Tuf Swimming Shorts

B-Tuf is one of India’s sports and fitness wear brands that has a loyal customer base. The brand has a variety of sportswear and shoes for men and women. However, we totally love its range of swimming shorts, thanks to the impressive product quality and fabric mix that makes them much more preferable.

Prominent Features of the B-Tuf Swimming Shorts

  • Allow mobility and airflow for extra comfort
  • They are soft to wear and dry out quickly
  • Made of 87% polyester and 13% spandex
  • It can be worn for all kinds of sports


  • Compression fitting
  • Unisex shorts
  • For all seasons


  • Not a good choice for casual wear. Only for sports.

Never Lose Swimming Shorts

Never Lose Swimming Shorts
Never Lose Swimming Shorts

If you’re looking for comfy and stretchable swimming shorts, Never Lose jammers must be on your list. They are made with 100% polyester lycra that dries quickly and fits better than ordinary material. We’re sure once you buy this, you’ll fall in love with it.

Prominent Features of the Never Lose Swimming Shorts: 

  • Offers ample comfort, airflow, and freedom of movement
  • Made with innovative warp-knit construction
  • Has a lining for odour protection to keep you fresh
  • Material is chlorine-proof for 300+ hours of use


  • Comfortable hold
  • Colourfast material
  • Wide range of colours


  • The cloth should be a bit thick

Adidas Swimming Shorts

Adidas Swimming Shorts
Adidas Swimming Shorts

Adidas is one of the largest sportswear brands in the world that has revolutionised the sportswear industry with its distinct fashion statements. The swimming shorts by this brand are very comfortable and have a delicate mesh lining.

Prominent Features of the Adidas Swimming Shorts

  • It has a drawstring and pockets on the side
  • Available in a wide range of colours and patterns
  • These shorts have a standard regular, loose fitting
  • Made with high-quality, recycled materials


  • Highly functional
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Looks stylish


  • Highly expensive

SportsFitt Swimming Shorts

SportsFitt Swimming Shorts
SportsFitt Swimming Shorts

Endurance and durability define SportsFitt’s swimming shorts. The range has numerous designs and colour combinations to pick from. Made with quick-dry polyester spandex, its swimming shorts allow you to enjoy comfort and movement during exercise and workouts.

Prominent Features of the SportsFitt Swimming Shorts

  • It provides a perfect fit and is fade resistant
  • These shorts are extremely comfortable and soft
  • Has 360 stretchable material for easy movement
  • Designed considering the Indian body types


  • Easy to wash
  • Excellent hold
  • Multiple colours

Nodens Swimming Shorts

Nodens Swimming Shorts
Nodens Swimming Shorts

Nodens is a well-known brand for premium quality gym products and apparel. Its swim shorts are made of high-grade materials and have elasticised waistbands with drawstrings for additional comfort. Also, they are available in different sizes, designs, and colours.

Prominent Features of the Nodens Swimming Shorts: 

  • Made with a 4-way stretch material that feels comfortable
  • The material of these shorts is soft and breathable
  • Has flat seamless stitching for better fit and support
  • Available in three different colour options


  • Sun protection
  • Great support
  • Stretchable


  • Colour might vary slightly

ReDesign Swimming Shorts

ReDesign Swimming Shorts
ReDesign Swimming Shorts

ReDesign is a renowned swimwear and gym wear manufacturer that exports its products throughout the world. Its swim shorts are made of very comfortable material like polyester that has the ability to dry fast. The swim shorts are available in a wide range of colours, designs, and sizes.

Prominent Features of the ReDesign Swimming Shorts: 

  • It has flatlock stitching that eliminates chafing
  • Features a 4 cm wide waistband for added comfort
  • By transferring the heat away, it helps you to stay cool
  • Designed with UPF sun protection to keep you safe


  • Compression fit
  • Ultra-soft fabric
  • Excellent elasticity


  • Not a budget-friendly option

NNN Swimming Shorts

NNN Swimming Shorts
NNN Swimming Shorts

NNN is a famous swimwear brand in India known for its good-quality products. The swimming shorts are made of lycra material that fits perfectly and adds to the comfort. Also, these shorts are more elastic and stretchable than regular shorts and retain their original shape.

Prominent Features of the NNN Swimming Shorts: 

  • The shorts are lightweight, breathable, and dry quickly
  • Sweat absorption technology of the short keeps you hygienic
  • It has the ability to stretch multiple times and retain its shape
  • Extremely light in weight, it feels comfortable


  • Versatile usage
  • Easy movement
  • Breathable material


  • Size might run smaller

Marks and Spencer Swimming Shorts

Marks and Spencer Swimming Shorts
Marks and Spencer Swimming Shorts

Marks and Spencer is a British multinational brand that is popular for its range of apparel and fashion accessories. If you’re looking for branded swimming shorts, pick one from its range of classy swimwear. The apparel has lovely solid shades and eye-catching prints that make your outfit even more appealing and modish.

Prominent Features of the Marks and Spencer Swimming Shorts:

  • These shorts feature a comfy drawstring fastening
  • Made from smart sun technology for skin protection
  • It has a quick-drying, recycled polyester fabric
  • The swimming short has machine-washable material


  • Comfortable fitting
  • Multiple colours
  • Easy movement

Moreover, if you are looking for durable goggles for swimming, then we have created this amazing list of the best swimming goggles available online in India.

Voberry Swimming Shorts

Voberry Swimming Shorts
Voberry Swimming Shorts

Voberry is another distinguished brand in the swimwear segment. The swim shorts are made of blended cotton material that dries very quickly. They are lightweight, breathable, non-abrasive, and have an adjustable drawstring waistband and cargo pockets for your convenience.

Prominent Features of the Voberry Swimming Shorts: 

  • Features a mesh lining inside to make you feel comfortable
  • Made of quality material whose colour or print does not fade away
  • The waistband has elastic that lets you adjust the shorts freely
  • These shorts are available in a wide colour palette and designs


  • Versatile
  • Soft material
  • Machine wash

Types of Fabrics for Swimming Shorts

Swimming shorts are usually made with fabrics like nylon, spandex, polyester, cotton, and polyester PBT. They are also often blended with each other to make the swimwear durable and stretchable. However, most people prefer wearing a mix of nylon spandex or polyester spandex as they provide ample comfort and have a snug fit. If you still feel confused, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each fabric mentioned above:

Nylon– Lightweight
– Smooth fit
– Easy to clean
– Abrasion resistant
– Low moisture absorbance
– No chlorine resistance
– Not durable
Spandex– Stretchable
– Best for regular use
– Loosens easily
– Fades quickly
Polyester– Chlorine resistant
– Long-lasting
– Dries quickly
– Comfortable
– Soft
– Breathable
– Builds static
– Holds sweat odour for long
Cotton– Soft and breathable
– Easy to clean
– Absorbs moisture
– Suitable for people with skin allergies and sensitivity
– Wears faster
– Prone to shrinkage
Polyester PBT– Stretchable
– Chlorine-resistant
– Doesn’t fade easily
– Doesn’t absorb water
– Hazardous to health if worn for long
– Environmental dangers

Final Words

Swimming requires vigorous movement in the water, and having a good pair of shorts makes it comfortable and much easier. In this blog, we have listed some of the best swimming shorts brands that offer products that you can trust. All the options on the list are picked considering their quality, material, and comfort. While you can pick any that you like the best, we love products from B-Tuff and SportsFitt. Do let us know your top choice from the list.


1. Does body type matter when choosing swimming shorts?

Yes, to some extent, body type matters when choosing swimming shorts. While picking a pair of swimming shorts, always look at your body shape and build. If you have a tall and lean body, you should wear shorts that end right above the knee. People with short height can go for boxy fits or shorts with narrow cuts to make them appear taller, while those with athletic build can go for a shorter and tighter fit.

2. What are the different types of swimming shorts for men?

The different types of swimming shorts for men are:
1. Swimming Trunks
2. Boardshorts
3. Square Leg Swimsuits
4. Swim Jammers
5. Swim Briefs

Why Trust CashKaro Reviews?

CashKaro has a team of qualified and skilled researchers who spend hours testing different products to suggest the best options. We compare them on various factors to ensure only the best product will make it to the list. For choosing the best swimming shorts brands for you, we assessed options on the basis of durability, varieties, availability, and price. We hope you find this list helpful in making an informed decision.

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