10 Best Brands of Volumising Mascara- Complete Guide With Price Range

What are your eyes saying today? Let your eyes do the talking. For centuries, eyes have been the center point for beautification, do not let them go dull, they express a lot. In a nutshell, a lot of unsaid feelings are expressed through eyes. Add a layer of depth to those feelings and expressions with mascara.

List of 10 Best Brands of Volumising Mascara

1. INGLOT Volumizing Mascara

INGLOT Cosmetics is a Polish cosmetics company founded in 1983, in Przemysl, Poland by Wojciech Inglot. The mascaras of from Inglot give a maximized appearance to the lashes and makes them super dark. The design of the brushes makes them efficient in the quick application. It stays longer for the smudge-proof formula and is easily removable. The price of the mascara from Inglot is between INR 978 to 1148.

2. Clinique Volumizing Mascara

Clinique Laboratories, LLC is an American cosmetics company established in 1968, in New York City, New York. The mascara helps to increase the length and volume of each eyelash. The mascara glides smoothly without clumping the eyelashes and with absolutely no presence of smudge left behind. It is ophthalmologist-tested. The price of the product is between INR 1,600 to 2,200.

3. Revlon Volumizing Mascara

The American multinational company Revlon Inc specializes in skin care, cosmetics, and personal care products. The company was established in the year 1932 based in New York City, New York. Revlon mascaras are water resistant and completely smudge proof and tear proof. It provides volume and enhances the lashes, and the feather-light formula makes them wearable all day long. The prices range of the products is between INR 405 to 1,095.

4. Lakme Volumizing Mascara

Lakme is an Indian brand manufacturing cosmetics owned by Hindustan Unilever founded in the year 1952. It is ranked as one of the best cosmetic brand in India. It provides an intense black finish with the precise wand and has a lightweight formula that makes it very comfortable wearing. It not only adds definition but also moisturizes the eyes and the eyelashes with the wellness properties of panthenol. The prices range of the products is between INR 281 to 2,310.

5. L’oreal Volumizing Mascara

L’oreal is a personal care goods manufacturing company in Clichy, France. It is one for the world’s largest cosmetic and personal care company. It was founded in the year 1909. The mascara volumized and the darkens the lashes. The one in a million brushes designed separately adds volume to each lash to give a fanned out effect and providing a long-lasting look. The prices range of the products is between INR 519 to 1,968.

6. MAC Volumizing Mascara

MAC Cosmetics was founded in 1984, in Toronto, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. The lightweight formula of the mascara not only provides volume to the lashes but also elongates the lashes. It curls the lashes and at the same time softens and conditions the lashes. They are smudge free and clump free. The prices range of the products is between INR 900 to 2,600.

7. Maybelline Volumizing Mascara

Maybelline LLC is also known as Maybelline New York, is one of the most prominent American brands in cosmetics. It is a subsidiary of L’oreal, a French cosmetic company which was established in 1915 by Thomas Lyle Williams. The mascara provides luscious curly lashes, and the curl lock formula provides length to the last tip. It provides the deepest block color to the eyelashes and can easily last for 18 hours straight. The prices range of the products is between INR 210 to 2,307.

8. Benefit Volumizing Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics LLC is a cosmetic manufacturing company founded in 1976, in San Francisco, California. The mascaras claim to give bigger and bolder eyelashes. It is excellent for a long time wearing as it is smudge free and doesn’t dry — the brush fans out every lash and including the corner lashes. The prices µrange of the products is between INR 1,170 to 3,100.

9. NARS Volumizing Mascara

NARS is a French cosmetic and skincare company founded in the year 1994 by François Nars a make-up artist and a photographer. It provides volume and intensity through a lightweight and smudge formula. The lightness makes it easy to wear for a long time. The prices range of the products is between INR 899 to 2,999.

10. Kiko Milano Volumizing Mascara

Kiko Milano is a cosmetic manufacturing company from Milan, Italy established in the year 1997. They have the perfect products to make the eyelashes seem longer and volumized. They also have a wide range of shades, from timeless black to the most eccentric colors and gives super definition to the lashes. The prices range of the products is between INR 590 to 1,150.


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