Basketball is one of the most popular sports around the world, having travelled far outside America a long time back. It requires strength and physical activity as much as it needs the right equipment. Since the sport involves a lot of running and jumps, the shoes worn by each player should be extra comfortable too. Here are the best brands of basketball shoes that have a vast collection of specially designed shoes that enhance the quality of the game.

While it can be pretty overwhelming to choose the right one from a plethora of brands offering premium basketball shoes, here is a list that can help you make the right choice. Here you can also check best gym shoes brands in India.

List of 14 Best Brands of Basketball Shoes

1. Li-Ning

Best Brands for Basketball Shoes
Li-Ning Basketball Shoes

Li-Ning is one of the best basketball shoe brands known for its sturdy built. This Chinese brand makes high-quality shoes at affordable prices, which are very good for beginners. The collection has exciting colours and unique designs that the young crowd loves. The shoes are made from lightweight mesh and have a sturdy sole for maximum support.

2. Nike

Nike Basketball Shoes
Nike Basketball Shoes

Nike has been a game-changer in the world of football gear and has also provided the best when it comes to shoes for other sports. We love its collection of basketball shoes for their comfortable and sturdy built.

Nike shoes are worn by some of the top names in the world of sports. Their unique design fits seamlessly with the wearer, making their game super exciting and smooth. If you’re looking for middle-ranged shoes from this brand, you must try its Air Mac and Air Precision variants.

3. AIR Jordan

AIR Jordan Basketball Shoes
AIR Jordan Basketball Shoes

AIR Jordan is a sub-brand of Nike and an American brand that manufactures basketball shoes, casual and athletic clothing. It specialises in making quality footwear and is one of the best brands of basketball shoes in the industry.

The shoes are made with mesh, nylon and silicone, making them much lighter than regular sports shoes. The soles are made extra comfortable and shock absorbent with added padding.

4. Adidas

Adidas Basketball Shoes
Adidas Basketball Shoes

The global giant and German multinational – Adidas makes premium basketball shoes in quite a few variants, including leather. We just love its Hoopsta and Ilation collections that have simple designs and offer incredible performance. These shoes ensure that the wearer is at ease while playing basketball. The brand even has extra grip variants for improved surface grip and traction.

5. Bacca Bucci

Bacca Bucci Basketball Shoes
Bacca Bucci Basketball Shoes

One of the newest entrants into the sportswear industry, Bacca Bucci shoes has become a rage among young basketball players. Its shoes are interestingly designed for comfort and style and suit a variety of sports.

You can even use them as regular sports shoes, making them a go-to option for those who do not want to experiment once they find the perfect pair of shoes for themselves. Their breathable upper and rubber sole provide enough air and bounce to perform well on the field.

6. Peak

Peak Basketball Shoes
Peak Basketball Shoes

If you’re looking for a truly affordable brand without compromising on the quality of your shoes, Peak is where you should head over to. The Chinese brand has managed to create a niche for itself in the affordable shoe segment, and they have a shoe to fit every budget.

There are many options in terms of design and colours, ranging from sleek variants to tough and padded ones. The brand is associated with FIBA and NBA basketball teams owing to its performance and functionality.

7. Nivia

Nivia Basketball Shoes
Nivia Basketball Shoes

Nivia manufactures basketball shoes that are one of a kind. It has committed itself to making premium shoes for the masses using the same technology used to make high-end varieties.

The brand believes that sports equipment should be accessible to everyone, and this is reflected in their shoes. If you’re looking for the best basketball shoes in an inexpensive range, go for Nivia’s Phantom and Heat variants. These collections are made with premium-grade material like TPU and offer the best grip on cemented and wooden floors.


ASICS Basketball Shoes
ASICS Basketball Shoes

ASICS is a Japanese sportswear manufacturer and a relatively popular brand in the sports industry. We trust it for its collections like Lyte Nova and the Gell Hoop V, when it comes to finding the best basketball shoes in mid-range.

Both these collections have stunning colours and impressive designs that garner them many takers. They have synthetic upper and cushioned footbeds for complete control in the court.

9. Fila

Fila Basketball Shoes
Fila Basketball Shoes

Fila is a South Korean brand that was founded in 1911 in Italy. There are ample shoe variants by this brand that have a unique and comfortable design. Pick a pair from its Canyon, Rim Loop, Player, or Free Throw, and you won’t ever have to find another brand to hop over to.

These collections have lightweight shoes with adequate ankle length to support the movement. Moreover, its premium fabric ensures optimal airflow, while cushioned footbed provides all the comfort to relax the tired feet.

10. Puma

Puma Basketball Shoes
Puma Basketball Shoes

Puma is a German multinational brand that designs and manufactures footwear as well as apparel. It distributes its products in 120 countries of the world. Its shoes have air cushions and PU shock liners that give you perfect comfort on the basketball court.

If you’re looking for a classy pair of basketball shoes, go for its Softride Rift Knit shoes. Otherwise, you can blindly trust its Rebound Joy Softfoam+ range to offer the much-needed support, stability, comfort, and performance.

11. Reebok

Reebok Basketball Shoes
Reebok Basketball Shoes

Reebok is a British footwear and apparel company and a subsidiary of Adidas. It produces and distributes sportswear for men, women, and kids. When it comes to the best basketball shoes by Reebok, we trust its Vision and Renegade series.

The brand uses material like leather and synthetic to build the shoes’ upper, while the footbed has medium cushioning to prevent injuries and sudden jerks.

12. Sparx

Sparx Basketball Shoes
Sparx Basketball Shoes

Sparx is an Indian brand and is a subsidiary of Relaxo, which is headquartered in New Delhi. Its footwear boasts of a fine collection of shoes rich in comfort, style, and quality. The basketball shoes by this brand come in a variety of tones and are designed to provide utmost comfort and impressive performance.

They are made of high-quality synthetic and mesh upper that allows breathability. Moreover, its rubber sole provides enough traction to provide stability on most surfaces.

13. Under Armour

Under Armour Basketball Shoes
Under Armour Basketball Shoes

Under Armour undoubtedly has some of the best basketball shoe collections. This brand aims to provide the right fit to the wearer and delivers faster functioning and impressive performance. Its shoes come in a variety of designs and colours that appeal to the younger generation. We believe its Curry 5 and Lockdown 5 ranges are the best ones for basketball shoes.

The shoes have a unique design with sole tractions and a breathable upper for added durability and support. Most of its shoes are also equipped with anti-odour technology that prevents the growth of microbes.

14. Adiso

Adiso Basketball Shoes
Adiso Basketball Shoes

Adiso is a renowned brand in the shoe manufacturing industry. The brand has a line of sports shoes that are smart and funky, easy to wear, and perfect for sportsmen who are always on their feet.

The heels and soles of the shoe are designed with special care for optimum functionality. They are made with mesh and textile upper and has a rubber sole that ensures flexibility and stability on the field.

List Of Best Basketball Shoes Brands In India With Pricing

Best Brands of Basketball ShoesPrice*
Li-NingRs 3,762 – Rs 4,406
NikeStarts from Rs 4,671
AdidasRs 3,248 onward
Bacca BucciRs 1,159 – Rs 1,221
PeakMinimum Rs 888
NiviaStarts from Rs 1,350
ASICSRs 4,599 and above
FilaRs 1,601 onward
PumaStarts from Rs 2,019
ReebokRs 3,919 and above
Best Brands of Basketball Shoes

*Prices are subject to change.


1. What should I look for when buying basketball shoes?

When buying basketball shoes, you must consider a few important pointers:

  • Must have ankle collar to provide impact prevention
  • Should have a thick sole cushion that helps the player bounce easily
  • Must have a pattern on the sole which provide perfect grip on the ground
  • Should be comfortable and breathable, as physical activity involved in the game can make you sweat

2. Which brand of shoes are best for playing basketball?

Li-Ning, Nike, Adidas, ASICS, and Fila are the top brands of shoes best for playing basketball. Shoes manufactured by these brands are known for their sturdy built, impressive performance, and durability.

3. What are the best basketball shoes for speed?

Puma, Adidas, and Nike have the best basketball shoes for speed and accuracy. You can go for Adidas Pro Boost, Nike Air Zoom, Adidas D.O.N, or Puma Clyde All-Pro, as per your preference.

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