Best Gym Shoes Brands
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Gym enthusiasts, while focusing on their body health, must also look at comfort while exercising. Even a minor inconvenience might cost them a serious injury. Be it running on the treadmill or lifting weights, the entire pressure on the human body mainly rests on the legs. This is where they can use extra protection while exercising by investing in a pair of the best gym shoes that can sustain pressure effortlessly.

Gym shoes should have a snug fit and ensure that the feet get ample protection while adding to the strength and endurance. While there are several best gym shoe brands out there for you to choose from, here’s a list of the ones that you can always count on.

List Of 15 Best Gym Shoes Brands In India


Best Gym Shoe Brands

ASICS is known for its quality of footwear. Whether you are looking for running shoes, hiking shoes, sports shoes, or any footwear specific to different sports, you can find them all here. Its training shoes are made with a flexible material that helps them retain the natural shape and comfortable cushiony insole that feels soft on the feet. They are best for cross-training and Crossfit low profile.

2. Power


Power Athletics designs athletic, lifestyle, and outdoor footwear that has superior quality and durability. The shoes ensure higher performance while training with quick movements, and have lateral support and unmatched flexibility. They also have flex grooves for better traction and transition.

3. Reebok

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Reebok is one of the best and most popular sports shoe brands that competes with brands like Adidas and Nike. It has sturdy footwear for almost all kinds of sports and activities. Do check out its training shoes collection that has a range of designs and colours that go with gym and workout attire. The shoes have a soft outsole and a cushioned footbed to ensure safety and stability while performing gym exercises.

4. B-Tuf


B-Tuf is a mid-range footwear brand that manufactures shoes for different sports. They are made with high-quality material and come in several classic designs. The shoes are light in weight and have a comfortable insole paired with a flexible midsole and rubber outsole to ensure swift foot movement.

5. Bacca Bucci

Bacca Bucci
Bacca Bucci

Bacca Bucci is one of the most sought-after brands that have affordable footwear designs for several sports. If you’re looking for shoes that are perfect for a low-intensity workout, pick a pair from its running shoe collection.

The soles of these shoes are often a blend of EVA and rubber that lend them ample flexibility and grip on the ground. They are also fitted with a cushioned footbed for shock absorbance and keeping the feet safe. The shoes are light in weight and can be used daily for athletic activities as well.

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ASIAN gym shoes are a classic choice and have been around for a long time. The shoes come with extra padded cushioning from all sides, so there is less reason to worry about dumbbells falling on the feet. The shoes have natural rubber latex soles and are also light in weight.

7. Nike


Nike is one of the most favoured brands in the footwear category. Its shoes are extremely popular among regular gym-goers as well as sports enthusiasts. Each pair is structured to be extremely lightweight and is made from natural mesh nylon, making the shoes washable and breathable at the same time.

8. Campus


Campus shoes are among the best in the mid-range segment. Its shoes are vastly favoured by the young college crowd because of their functionality and affordability. The pairs are water-resistant and have extra grip for a firm footing.

9. Chevit


Chevit has a steady stream of buyers and has established itself as a reliable brand within a short span of time. The brand is committed to making the best gym gear available to everyone at a reasonable price. Therefore, they ensure that each pair manufactured offers comfort and breathability, even in extreme conditions.

10. Shoefly


Shoefly is one of the most affordable brands that don’t compromise on product quality. Its shoes are made from standard rubber and nylon mesh for added support and breathability. They also have padded soles that add extra comfort while wearing these pairs.

11. Columbus


Columbus shoes have been around for a while and are trusted by most younger generation athletes. Its shoes are known for their durability, making them resistant to wear and tear that frequent exercising can often inflict. The shoes are affordably priced and suit those on a budget and those who don’t want to compromise on quality.

12. Sparx


Sparx gym shoes are incredibly functional and stylish. The shoes are one of a kind and come in several design variants and options for men and women. The shoes are washable and can withstand pressure effortlessly.

13. Adidas


Adidas gym shoes are some of the highest rated shoes globally. Only a few brands can match the level of style, comfort, and functionality offered by Adidas.

The brand has a range of shoes that are premium but worth every penny. They last for years and are a perfect partner for the gym. Leg exercises are sure to become extra comfortable while wearing Adidas shoes.

14. Puma


Puma gym shoes will make you want to hit the gym more frequently than usual. They are extremely stylish and lightweight, making them easy on the feet and comfortable to wear. The brand has a diverse collection of men’s and women’s shoes that are exclusive and constantly evolving.

15. Port


Port gym shoes are among the top international brands and are favoured by several celebrities and professional athletes. The shoes are made with mesh nylon and linen and are available in both tie-ups and slip-on closure. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and suitable for all kinds of gym activities.

List Of Best Gym Shoes Brands With Price List

Best Gym Shoes BrandsPrice*
ASICSStarting at Rs 2,007
Power DriftStarting at Rs 910
ReebokStarting at Rs 1,020
B-TufStarting at Rs 1,349
Bacca BucciStarting at Rs 1,299
ASIANStarting at Rs 567
NikeStarting at Rs 2,569
CampusStarting at Rs 803
ChevitStarting at Rs 289
ShoeflyStarting at Rs 263
ColumbusStarting at Rs 1,199
SparxStarting at Rs 790
AdidasStarting at Rs 2,412
PumaStarting at Rs 1,222
Best Gym Shoe Brands

*Prices are subject to change.

FAQs Answered about The – Best Gym Shoes Brands In India

1. What are the best shoes for gym workouts?

Training and running shoes are the best shoes for gym workouts as they are sturdier than other kinds of shoes. They have cushioned footbed that absorbs shocks, lateral support for stability, are lightweight, and have flexible movement.

2. How do I choose a gym shoe?

While choosing a pair of gym shoes, you must ensure that they provide ample stability on the ground, have a cushioned footbed, should absorb shock, are light in weight and should not restrict the movement of your foot. Other than this, you can even pick your ideal pair of gym shoes as per the activity you are involved in.

  • High-intensity workouts like lunges, squats, jumps, weight training, and more require multi-directional movement. Thus, you need gym shoes that absorb shock, are lightweight and provide ample space for the movement of your foot.
  • If you’re looking for shoes for high-intensity workouts with weightlifting, you can go for shoes that are firm on the ground, have stable heels and a cushioned footbed. You can even pick these for cross-fit training.
  • Weightlifting and strength training require dense soles, raised heels and ankle mobility with supportive upper. They also have less shock-absorbing capabilities.
  • Usual cross trainers are perfect for spinning exercises and treadmills. They often have stiff soles and can even be used for cycling, ensuring smooth and efficient movement.
  • Shoes with shock absorption capabilities and supportive heels are the best for dance and Zumba exercises. These shoes ensure multi-directional foot movement and sudden spins without injuring the ankles or feet.

3. Can you wear running shoes for gym?

Yes, you can wear running shoes to the gym, but they are essentially suitable for workouts that do not involve heavy weightlifting. If you’re looking for a pair ideal for weightlifting, you can pick ones that have a stable and sturdy sole.

4. Can I lift weights in running shoes?

No, you cannot lift weights in running shoes. These shoes are not designed for heavy lifting, including deadlifting or squatting. Running shoes essentially have a cushioned footbed that compresses with weight, leaving them useless even for running. This may further lead to discomfort, muscle soreness, pain in the foot or even severe injuries.

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