10 Best Gym Shoes Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

Be it running on the treadmill or lifting weights, the entire pressure on the human body mostly rests on the legs and it would not hurt to give them some extra protection during the gym hours. Gym shoes should fit snugly and properly to ensure that the feet get ample protection and also add to their strength and endurance. There are a number of top gym shoe brands out there and here is a list of the best of them, along with their expected prices for you to end up with the best buy.

Here are the best brands for Gym Shoes

1. Best Asian Gym shoes

Asian gym shoes are a classic choice and they have been around for a long time. The shoes come with extra padded cushioning from all sides, so there is less reason to worry about dumbbells falling on the feet. The shoes have natural rubber latex soles and they are also quite lightweight. The shoes are priced at around Rs 450 and Rs 750.

2. Best Nike Gym shoes

Nike will always remain a most favored brand in this category of shoes and they are extremely popular among the regular gym goers. They are extremely lightweight and they are made from natural mesh nylon that makes them washable and breathable at the same time. The shoes are priced around Rs 2850 to Rs 4590.

3. Best Port Gym shoes

Port gym shoes are among the top international brands and are favored by a number of celebrities as well. The shoes are made from mesh nylon and linen and are available in both tie- ups and slip- on varieties. The shoes are extremely comfortable to wear and are suitable for all kinds of gym activities. They are available around a price point of Rs 2730 and Rs 4240.

4. Best Campus Gym shoes

Campus shoes are among one of the best in the mid range segments and they are vastly favored by the young college crowd because of their functionality and their affordability at the same time. The shoes are fairly water resistant and have extra grip for a firm footing. They can be had for an affordable price of Rs 535 and Rs 1300.

5. Best Chevit Gym shoes

Chevit has a steady stream of buyers and it has established itself as a reliable brand for quite some time. The brand is committed to making the best gym gear available to everyone at a reasonable price and the shoes are very comfortable in the heat especially. One can have them for around Rs 650.

6. Best Shoefly Gym shoes

Shoefly is among one of the affordable brands but that does not mean it is any less in quality. The shoes are made from standard rubber and nylon mesh but they do add extra comfort because of the padded soles. The shoes are available around a price of Rs 450 and Rs 900 and also help the users up the Wow factor.

7. Best Columbus Gym shoes

Columbus shoes have been around for a while and the shoes are known for their durability, which makes them quite resistant to wear and tear that the gym can often inflict. The shoes are available at an affordable price of Rs 800 and Rs 1200 and hence those who are on a budget would have no reason to compromise on quality.

8. Best Sparx Gym shoes

Sparx gym shoes are not just extremely functional but are also extremely stylish at the same time. The shoes are one of a kind and there are a number of options available for both men and women. The shoes are washable and without them the gym gear is incomplete. They are priced around Rs 700 and Rs 950.

9. Best Adidas Gym shoes

Adidas gym shoes are one of the highest rates shoes globally and there are few brands that can beat it is style, comfort and functionality. The shoes are priced about Rs 5280 and Rs 16,785 but they will last the buyer for years, and will be the perfect partner for the gym. Leg exercises are sure to become extra comfortable because of them.

10. Best Puma Gym shoes

Puma gym shoes will make you want to hit the gym more frequently than usual. The shoes are extremely stylish and the light weight makes them easy on the feet. The men and women’s shoes are both exclusive and they designs are constantly evolving. The shoes can be availed around a price of Rs 2630 and Rs 5525.

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