Badminton is a much loved sport, especially among the youngsters. It packs in all the excitement of a competitive sport and yet there is a degree of fun and light heartedness in it that makes it so popular. It is one of the most common games played in school and college grounds and the quality of the game could be far better improved if there is the right kind of shoes to go with them. This can prove to be a tricky task with so many brands available with so many different price tags. Here is a list to help you choose better.

Here is a list of best brands for badminton shoes

1. Best Zeefox badminton shoes

Zeefox badminton shoes are super light and they are idea for those who want to stay nimble on the court as they play. Made from lightweight mesh nylon, the soles are made from natural rubber that make them soft on the feet and yet give them adequate protection needed for the sport. The shoes can be availed at a price of about Rs 999 to Rs 1600.

2. Best Vector X badminton shoes

Vector X shoes are always popular among all kinds of sportsmen and the badminton shoes are not far behind. The shoes are designed in a sleek manner and yet the double layering of the soles gives them stability and strength. The shoes are available at an affordable price of around Rs 900 to Rs 1900.

3. Best Nivia badminton shoes

Nivia badminton shoes are one of the highest rated ones in the industry and all because of their advanced use of technology that goes into the making of their shoes. The shoes are available in pop colors like orange and neon blue and that makes them fun to play in. The shoes are available at a reasonable price point of about Rs 990 to Rs 3400.

4. Best Li- Ning badminton shoes

Li Ning is one of the top sports equipment manufacturers in the world and especially in the eastern hemisphere. Their shoes provide a vast range of options in terms of colors and styles because they believe in making shoes for all body types. The soles have extra padding for added leverage and support. The shoes can be bought around a price of Rs 2299 to Rs 7800.

5. Best B- Tuf badminton shoes

When it comes to badminton shoes, B- Tuf is one of the top picks. Available in fun and pop colors like yellow and pink, the shoes are made from PSU leather and the shoes use rubber latex for the soles. Shoes are also available in waterproof varieties. The buyers can have the shoes within a price range of around Rs 1150 to Rs 2400.

6. Best Feroc badminton shoes

Feroc shoes are one of the most in demand shoes in the mid range segment and they are extremely popular among the youngsters because it definitely adds to the style quotient. The shoes are not just strong, but they provided added comfort with extra cushioning on all sides. One can buy the shoes for a price of about Rs 850 to Rs 2100.

7. Best Yonex badminton shoes

Yonex is a highly reputed brand in this segment and they have been consistent in their production of high end badminton shoes for years now. The shoes are classic in style, with both fun and understated colors, and the soles are made from natural rubber that provide extra comfort and additional grip on the court. One can have the shoes at a range of Rs 2363 to Rs 9300.

8. Best Pro Ase badminton shoes

One of the newer brands in this segment, the shoes are standard lightweight shoes and according to user reviews, are quite resistant to wear and tear. The shoes are available in both tie up and lace up variety and that makes them versatile for both genders. The shoes are priced around Rs 1499 to Rs 7500.

9. Best Victor badminton shoes

Victor shoes are being preferred by many modern badminton players because they have managed to bring about a unique twist in their design, while keeping the quality of comfort intact in their shoes. They are also available in waterproof variants and definitely add a spring to the step, much needed in the game. Buyers can have the shoes in a range of Rs 2800 to Rs 6500.

10. Best Generic badminton shoes

Generic shoes are among the most bought ones because of their very affordable pricing and they manage to last a good number of years, if taken care of properly. The shoes are available in all the standard colors and are made of standard mesh nylon. The shoes are within the buyer’s reach at around Rs 900 to Rs 1699.

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