10 Best Running Shoes Brands – Complete Guide With Price Range

10 Best Running Shoes Brands - Complete Guide With Price Range

There are few exercises that are better than running. It is one of the best ways to increase stamina and also burn calories at the same time. However, wearing the wrong kind of shoes for running will hurt the ankle and result in unnecessary pain in the legs after a point of time. It is also important to choose the right kind of shoes according to one’s body type and the kind of surface one runs on. There are some premium show brands in India and they come within a range of prices that are suitable for every pocket. Running will cease to become a tedious exercise with these shoes on.

Here is the list of best brands for Running Shoes in India

1. Best Unistar Running Shoes

Unistar shoes are one of the best in the industry and they are preferred by athletes as well. It is an Indian brand that had committed itself to making high quality running shoes for the runner in India at reasonable price. The jogging and running shoes are one of a kind and they also make shoes for school kids. The price of the shoes mostly ranges from Rs 320 to Rs 999.

2. Best Sparx Running Shoes

Sparx Running shoes are from the brand of Relaxo who make premium running shoes for both men and women. Their shoes are extremely durable and can handle the wear and tear of running very well. The shoes are lightweight and washable and they are made with special stretch fabric for optimum comfort. The price of the shoes ranges from Rs 750 to Rs 1900.

3. Best Asics Running Shoes

Asics is a premium American brand of running shoes that are preferred by a number of global athletes. The shoes are extremely light and they have used the best of innovative technology to come up with shoes that reduce the chances of injury while running. They stay true to their motto of having a sound mind with a sound body. The price of the shoes ranges from Rs 2500 and can go up to Rs 5900.

4. Best Earton Running Shoes

Earton shoes are extremely comfortable and they are almost always the chosen shoes for runners who want the best shoes on a budget. The shoes have very trendy designs and they come in a wide range of interesting colors. The shoes have special padding under the soles to minimize injury to the ankles. The price of the shoes ranges from Rs 325 to Rs 1200.

5. Best Adidas Running Shoes

Adidas is one of the top names in the industry from Germany and their running shoes are one of the very best, for both men’s and women’s categories. The shoes are internationally recognized and there are a number of high ranking athletes that prefer Adidas. The shoes are made in such a manner that they are keep the feet dry at all times. The prices of the shoes range from Rs 2400 to Rs 19,450.

6. Best Puma Running Shoes

Puma is a world renowned brand and it is one of best in terms of quality and functionality. Puma shoes are made using extensive technology and their Hybrid Runner Unrest Men’s running shoes, Hybrid Rocket Women’s running shoes are the best in the industry. The shoes range from about Rs 3500 to Rs 29000 in price.

7. Best Fusefit Running Shoes

Fusefit shoes are standard shoes that are made from high quality canvas to absorb shock while running and are especially recommended for very young and older athletes. The shoes are very interesting in design and are sure to capture the imagination of the athletes. They are one of the best shoes in their price range which is between Rs 725 and Rs 7800.

8. Best Leatherkraft Running Shoes

Leatherkraft uses superior mesh nylon in their shoes and they are especially known for their stability and strength. They are perfect for those who train is harsh conditions and they are great for those who prefer a snug fit to their shoes. Their range comes in interesting primary colors that also makes running fun. The price ranges from Rs 449 to Rs 5700.

9. Best Bourge Running Shoes

Bourge shoes are great for those who want the best in an affordable price range. The shoes come in a variety of soles and they are also available in the waterproof varieties. The prices of the shoes ranges from Rs 999 to Rs 6700 and they are perfect for light running as well as rigorous running in rough terrain.

10. Best Fila Running Shoes

Fila is becoming a favorite among those who want to grab eyeballs with their fashion as well as get the best for their runs. It is an Italian brand founded in 1911 and has only gone from strength to strength from then on, becoming one of the top names to be preferred by runners worldwide. They use premium items like wool and cashmere in their shoes for extra comfort. The prices range from Rs 2500 and can go up to Rs 38,590.


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