Cricket is the most played game in India without a doubt, and while every child plays the game just out of their free spirit and because of their love for the game, those who go on to take the sport seriously need to invest in a few equipments to enhance their game. It is absolutely essential to have a good pair of cricket shoes to protect the feet from injury while running, or while facing a ball. Here is a list of some of the best brands so that one can keep on playing the game with confidence.

List of the Best Cricket Shoes Brands in India

1) Best Nodens Cricket Shoe

Nodens cricket shoes will provide the best experience while running around the field. Since the game involves a lot running in between the wickets and also fetching, it is exceedingly important to have on a great pair of shoes that can assist in the running, without putting any pressure on the feet. The shoes can be availed for a price of around Rs 699 to Rs 999.

2) Best Spartan Cricket Shoe

Spartan shoes have always been topping the list of cricket lovers because of their specially made shoes. The shoes have added padding and cushioning and the mesh nylon and pure linen makes the shoes breathable and lightweight at the same time. The shoes are available for a moderate price of Rs 1200 to Rs 1600.

3) Best Vector X Cricket Shoe

Vecotr X shoes have been quite renowned and they are one of the best in the low to mid range segment. They provide fairly good padding and resistance to the feet and provide protection from impact as well as assists in good running. The shoes are quite popular among the young players and the affordable price of around Rs 420 to Rs 700 also helps.

4) Best Asics Cricket Shoe

Asics has been a kind of game changer in the world of cricket shoes and not without a reason. There are a number of first line cricketers who use this shoe for training as well as gaming purposes. The shoes are little on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price but they provide great value for money and can last for years. They are priced around Rs 4899 to Rs 7400.

5) Best Feroc PU Cricket Shoe

Feroc shoes are one a kind and they come in interesting colors as well, that is sure to make the game of cricket more entertaining and stylish at the same time. The brand is known for its perfect fit and the shoes are also great for other kinds of sports activity. The shoes are priced around a moderate range of Rs 999 to Rs 1800.

6) Best Nivia Caribbean Cricket Shoe

Nivia is a most reputed brand in the world of shoes and their cricket shoes bear testimony to the fact that they are one of the best shoe manufacturers for a reason. The shoes are made from high quality rubber latex, have natural fibers and they are light and breathable, which makes them a favorite for the players who have to spend long hours in them. The shoes are priced around Rs 999.

7) Best Zigaro Cricket Shoe

Zigaro has been one of the most favored brands of shoes for a long time because of their performance and the users have always rated the shoes very highly. The shoes are also easy to maintain, which is an added plus and are also washable. One can buy the shoes for around Rs 1080 to Rs 4200.

8) Best Pro Ase Cricket Shoe

Pro Ase is a one of a kind shoe brand that has managed to be on the top even amidst the deluge of other brands of shoes in the market. The shoes are light and extremely sturdy, which lends great support to the feet during events like test matches, when the shoes are for a long stretch of time. They are available around a price of Rs 1299 to Rs 3200.

9) Best Krassa Cricket Shoe

Those who are familiar with cricket shoes are also aware of the brand of Krassa because of their versatility and strength. The shoes are not just dependable because they provide great value for money but also because they pack in quite a punch in terms of style. Priced at around Rs 449 to Rs 999, they are also among the most affordable in the market.

10) Best Adidas Cricket Shoe

Adidas is one of the top names in the world when it comes to sports shoes and the cricket shoes are no different. The Howzzat range of shoes is meant especially for the cricketers and they are very highly recommended by some of the best names of the industry. Buyer can have the shoes for about Rs 6999 to Rs 12,000.

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