10 Best Cricket Ball Brands

Let’s admit it. We all love cricket. An estimate suggests that millions of cricket balls are sold in India every year. And still, finding the right cricket ball for that upcoming match seems like an intimidating task. Don’t worry. We have compiled a list of the ten best Cricket Ball Brands available in India for your convenience.

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1. Best Kookaburra Cricket Balls

Kookaburra is an established name in the sports goods industry producing superior quality sports equipment and gear. The company was established in the 1980s and works with hockey and cricket sporting boards throughout the world.  The Red cherry Kookaburra cricket balls are one of the top selling products of the company. The outer shells of the balls are made with the finest quality leather that is both tough and durable. The balls have 68-70 fine linen stitching with 4 strands of thread and the core is of superior quality. The balls are available in different colours. The balls are offered in the price range of Rs. 375 for one ball a pack to Rs. 10650 for 30 balls a pack.

2. Best SG Cricket Balls

No one can beat SG when it comes to being one of the most trusted cricket equipment manufacturers in India. The company caters to the need of some of the most in demand cricket equipment in the Indian market, including cricket balls, bats, protective gears, guards and more. SG balls are made of high-quality alum tanned leather. They have good quality centre construction encased within superior quality Portuguese cork wound with pure wool. SG Cricket balls are available in a price range of Rs. 320 for 1 ball to Rs 2299 for a four-ball pack.

3. Best COSCO Cricket Balls

COSCO has been engaged in the manufacturing of sport balls and other sport goods since its inception in the 1980s. The company has grown to be a global giant and one of the leading manufacturers of sports equipment. The leather balls have a sturdy tanned leather casing for better durability while the cricket tennis balls are quite comfortable to hold. COSCO leather balls are available for Rs. 409 post discount and the lightweight fluorescent yellow cricket tennis balls are available at Rs. 780 for a 12-ball pack.

4. Best AVM Paxton Cricket Balls

AVM Paxton is a famous cricket balls manufacturer in India. AVM Paxton balls have a prominent seam and are crafted out of pure tanned leather. The balls are hand stitched for effective performance. These balls are lightweight and comfortable to hold and use. They have a tough exterior casing made of tanned leather with a rubber core encased in good quality Portuguese cork. The balls are available at a price of Rs. 329 for one piece.

5. Best Spartan Sports Cricket Balls

Spartan Sports is a famous sport brand that is known to produce some of the finest sports goods in the world. The company offers both leather balls and cricket tennis balls for the players. The leather balls have a superior quality centre construction encased in layers of genuine tan tough leather for better performance. The leather balls have 4 different varieties: Test Cricket ball, Club cricket ball, County cricket ball and League cricket ball. The cricket tennis balls are durable and are mostly suited for junior and intermediate training. The leather balls have a four-piece construction and are available at a price of Rs. 330- Rs. 660.

6. Best DSC Cricket Balls

DSC was established as a sport goods manufacturing company in the 1970s. Today, the company produces some of the most high-class sports gear and equipment in India that are exported globally. DSC cricket balls are made from alum tanned hide and mono bloc rubber core. The seams on the balls are prominent and tightly stitched for better swing and spin. Portuguese cork along with high-quality rubber provide better bounce to the balls. The balls are available at a price of Rs. 382- Rs. 1013.

7. Best Hans Rubber and Sports (HRS) Cricket Balls

HRS is an Indian sports goods manufacturing company with its headquarters in Meerut. The company has received numerous awards and accolades for its superior quality goods. HRS cricket balls are made of genuine alum tanned hide and are wax finished. They have good quality centre construction and a seasoned inner core. These balls come with linen hand stitching and good abrasion resistance. HRS cricket balls are available for Rs. 260- Rs. 1150.

8. Best Acorn Cricket Balls

Acorn cricket balls are famous for their sturdiness and durability and hence have become popular with the consumers. The balls have a two piece to four-piece construction. The centre is well constructed and encased with layers of Portuguese cork and wound with 100% pure wool. The core is perfectly seasoned for the perfect spin, swing and bounce. Acorn cricket balls are available at an affordable price of Rs. 135 to Rs. 250 after heavy discounts.

9. Best Tima Cricket Balls

Tima is a famous cricket ball manufacturer in India. The balls find their presence in gully cricket, school matches or corporate leagues. The balls are made from superior quality leather with a high-quality centre construction having layers of treated hide. The balls have a sturdy outer casing that offers a better bounce on the field.  You can own Tima cricket balls if you shell out Rs.  300 for one ball to Rs. 2000 for a dozen balls a pack.

10. Best Aver Cricket Balls

Aver is a renowned cricket goods manufacturer in India located at Meerut. Aver cricket balls are made of top-grade tanned leather and are sturdy and durable. The balls are suited for intermediate training as well as for professional players. These balls have a good centre construction with Portuguese cork for better bounce and spin. Whether it is a school match or a gully cricket match or a league that you play for, these balls are a must have.  Aver balls are available in a price range of Rs. 2400 for 12 balls a pack.

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