Cricket is the most popular sports in India without a doubt, and every child has played the game while growing up. However, those who play the sport seriously also need to take care of their safety while playing the game and the cricket helmet is a must to prevent a rogue ball from jumping and create any kind of injury to the head. Here is a list of some of the brands who make dependable cricket helmets, along with the prices, so that you can play the game fearlessly.

List of the Best Cricket Helmet Brands

1) Best Klapp 20 20 Cricket Helmets

Cricket helmets from Klapp are strong and sturdy and they provide ample protection for what they are needed. All the helmets are individually tested for impact and hence they are one of the most reliable brands in the market today. Beginners and professionals alike prefer these head gears and they are priced between Rs 550 to Rs 880.

2) Best SS Prince Cricket Helmets

One of the most reliable names in the world of sports, the cricket helmets is extremely strong and sturdy and they have been known to withstand great impact. The helmets have been made with special grid support on the inside for providing maximum resistance. The Prince helmets are frequently worn by most budding batsmen. They are available at a price of about Rs 730.

3) Best DSC Cricket Helmets

DSC Cricket helmets are made with special design to fit snugly on to any kind of shape for head. The helmets are very strong and sturdy and they are manufactured under very strict supervision. The helmets are priced reasonably around Rs 900 and they are one of the highest selling in the Indian market.

4) Best Match Mild Steel Visor Cricket Helmets

The steel visor helmets by Match are one of a kind and they are made to provide ample resistance, which makes them the perfect protective gear against most fast bowlers. The helmets are one of a kind and there is a very international feel and look to them. They are also priced a little towards the higher bracket at around Rs 1399.

5) Best Gee Cricket Helmets

Gee helmets are today worn by almost the young players who are playing the sport and not without a reason. The helmets are made with special grid inside and the joints have a firm welding to keep them together even under the hardest impact, making it one of the safest options for young players. The helmets are available around a price of Rs 899.

6) Best Dixon Cricket Helmets

Dixon is a highly recognized brand and they are making the best some of the best helmets in the market for years. They are a highly recognized brand and the helmets are made with special metal sheath which makes them strong and light at the same time, making the player more confident in his game. The helmets are priced around Rs 900.

7) Best SG Smart Cricket Helmets

SG Smart cricket helmets have garnered positive reviews from the players because of the protection it offers during the game. The helmets have been known to have no dent at all even under the greatest impact and are frequently used by younger school children as they provide utmost safety. They are also affordably priced around Rs 825 to Rs 999.

 8) Best Moonwalker Cricket Helmets

Moonwalker helmets are very well known among the sportsmen for the great performance and they are preferred by quite a few well known cricketers as well. The helmets are light and extremely strong and there are variations in sizes that helps one find the right fit. The helmets are priced around Rs 4700 to Rs 6500 and are among the more expensive brands.

9) Best Forma Player Mild Steel Cricket Helmets

Forma helmets are quite widely available and they are one of the standard helmets sold throughout the country. They are one of the mid range segments and there are a number of advantages in using them. The helmets are preferred by a number of budding cricketers. They can be bought around a price range of Rs 1400 to Rs 2200.

10) Best Spartan Cricket Helmets

The Spartan cricket helmets are indeed like the strong and sturdy head gears worn by the Spartans in their days of war. They provide great protection to the wearer and the helmets can last years if properly taken care of. One may buy them around a price point of Rs 900 to Rs 1300.


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