Cricket is the most popular sport in India without a doubt, and every child has played the game while growing up. However, those who play the sport seriously also need to take care of their safety while playing the game. Here is a list of some of the brands that make the best cricket helmets, so you can put your best foot forward at your favourite game.

How do we choose the best cricket helmet brands?

Along with other safety gear, a cricket helmet is a must to prevent a rogue ball from jumping and creating any injury to the head. A high-quality cricket helmet costs between Rs 500 and Rs 4,000. Here are some of the best cricket helmet brands in India, each of which offers high-quality products. We’ve considered consumer feedback and product ratings along with other factors like the build quality, material used, cushioning, comfort, adjustability, etc. while selecting the best cricket helmet brands. Here you can also check out the best cricket bats & cricket ball brands in India.

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List of 15 Top Cricket Helmet Brands in India

1. Klapp

Best Cricket Helmets

Klapp Sports is a leading manufacturer, trader, and wholesaler of a comprehensive range of Sports Shoes, Cricket Kit bags, Cricket Helmet, Wooden Skateboard, etc. It is a sole proprietorship organisation founded in 2015 in Jalandhar, Punjab.

Notable Features:

  • Cricket helmets from Klapp are strong, sturdy, and provide ample protection.
  • All the helmets are individually tested for impact and hence it is one of the most reliable brands in the market today.
  • With sweat-absorbent yet breathable inner padding, beginners and professionals alike prefer these head gears.
  • Available in various sizes, these helmets are made from polypropylene for better durability.

Notable Features:

  • High impact polypropylene shell.
  • Protective impact-resistant.
  • Sweat-absorbent breathable inner padding.
  • Ideal for boys and adults.


  • Shell quality can be improved

2. SS

SS Prince Cricket Helmet

Sareen Sports Industries is a well-established brand that has established itself as one of the world’s leading cricket manufacturing enterprises. One of the most reliable names in the world of sports, SS cricket helmets are extremely strong and sturdy and have been known to withstand high impact.


  • The helmets have been made with special grid support on the inside for providing maximum resistance.
  • These SS helmets are frequently worn by most budding batsmen for their comfortable and lightweight design.


  • Grill quality can be improved

3. SG

SG Cricket Helmet

SG is one of India’s leading cricket equipment and gear providers. It produces some of the greatest cricket equipment in the country, including gloves, helmets, thigh pads, and chest protectors.

Notable Features:

  • SG Smart cricket helmets have garnered positive reviews from the players because of the protection they offer during the game.
  • The helmets have been known to have no dent at all even under the greatest impact and are frequently used by younger school children as they provide utmost safety.
  • Available in a range of sizes, these helmets are highly affordable.


  • Fabric that absorbs sweat.
  • Six vents provide for free-flowing air circulation.
  • Outer shell made of high-impact resistant polypropylene.
  • The Faceguard grill is made of hardened powder-coated steel wire and has a moulded earpiece.
  • The inner shell is constructed of impact-reducing moulded XL foam with reinforced shock-absorbing sponge foam supports.


  • Less availability at offline stores

4. DSC

DSC Cricket Helmet

DSC is one of India’s major and best cricket equipment producers. Delux Sports is the foremost sports company in India, with exclusive distribution rights and licensees for major sports brands. The most trusted name in sports goods distribution in India, with a history stretching back to the 1970s.

Notable Features:

  • DSC Cricket helmets are made with a special design to fit snugly onto any kind of shape for head.
  • The helmets are strong, sturdy, and are manufactured under very strict supervision.
  • Available in a range of unique designs and colours, the helmets are priced reasonably and make for one of the highest selling brands in the Indian market.


  • Increased comfort while keeping the wearer cool.
  • Peak to grill gap is optimal for unfettered vision play.
  • Fully adjustable hardened powder coated steel grill with molded ear flap
  • The rear retention system, which includes a Nylon chin strap and padding, aids in achieving the optimum fit and comfort.


  • Cushioning can be improved

5. Skera

Skera Cricket Helmet

A very popular sports gear brand in the country, Skera has a line of cricket helmets that are user-friendly and easy to maintain. Available in an array of sizes for kids as well as adults, these helmets absorb even the toughest of impacts to prevent injury.

Notable Features:

  • The outside shell is comprised of a long-lasting, impact-resistant Polypropylene material.
  • Hardened powder coated steel wire face guard grill with moulded earpiece and chin strap.


  • The inner shell comprises impact-reducing moulded foam, with shock-absorbing sponge foam supports strengthened.
  • Inner liner vents allow free-flowing air circulation, and sweat-wicking fabric keeps the head dry.
  • These helmets come in many sizes.


  • Limited reach at local sports store

6. JJ Jonex

JJ Jonex Cricket Helmet
JJ Jonex

Looking for the next best cricket helmet for your big match? JJ Jonex might be your one-stop solution. The coated steel frame of the visor and the inflatable interior of the helmet ensure better safety even while running. The helmets come with an additional adjustable strap to ensure that you get the snuggest, most comfortable fit.

Notable Features:

  • The helmet is intended to deflect cricket balls while also protecting the user from impact.
  • Its liner has an inflatable element that allows the helmet to be firmly fitted to the wearer’s head.
  • Branded JJ Jonex knowledge backs up high-quality materials.


  • To ensure a lengthy run, choose strong steel that has been coated.
  • 2 vents, a strong visor grill, adjustable straps, and an easy to use and fit design
  • Reliable branded product at a reasonable price.


  • Complaints of poor packaging

7. Shrey

Shrey Cricket Helmet

The steel visor helmets by Shrey are one of a kind and are made to provide ample resistance, which makes them the perfect protective gear against most fast bowlers. The helmets are available in many sizes, and there is a very international feel and look to them. They are also priced a little towards the higher bracket but are totally worth the money.

Notable Features:

  • It weighs roughly 740g and feels light.
  • ABS outer shell wrapped in superfine satin fabric.
  • Quick-release buckle and fastening strap for a snug fit and greater safety.


  • Adjustable steel visor for a precise fit.
  • Increased face and side protection.
  • The rear retention system, which includes velcro straps and padding, aids in achieving the optimum fit and comfort.


  • More products can be added to portfolio

8. Kookaburra

Kookaburra Cricket Helmet

Kookaburra is an Australian sports equipment firm that specialises in Australian football, cricket, and field hockey equipment. The firm is well-known for producing the most extensively used brand of the cricket ball in One-day Internationals and Test cricket.

Notable Features:

  • The brand is a leading manufacturer of cricket equipment, and Kookaburra balls are used exclusively during IPL and other matches.
  • Kookaburra cricket helmets are extremely sturdy, come with an adjustable strap and steel-coated visor, and are recommended by many affluent coaches in the country.
  • Sweat-wicking fabric with a unique sweat mesh. Available in all sizes.


  • Kookaburra helmet comes with a high-impact resistant outer shell.
  • Perspiration absorbing fabric with specific sweat mesh.
  • Outer shell with strong impact resistance.


  • Availability at limited stores


COSCO Cricket Helmet

From cricket balls and bats to leg guards and helmets, there is nothing that a young cricketer will not find at COSCO. Made from premium quality lightweight material, these helmets are very sturdy and durable. The visor is firmly attached to the helmet head through thickened screws for better safety during matches.

Notable Features:

  • Durable cricket helmet
  • Contemporary design
  • Lightweight, approx 600g


  • Increased facial and ear protection
  • Adjustable steel grill
  • Protected head fit


  • Chin protection can be improved


FORMA Cricket Helmet

FORMA helmets are quite widely available and are among the standard helmets sold throughout the country. They come in the mid-range segment and there are a number of advantages in using them. The helmets are preferred by a number of budding cricketers because of their superior build and affordable pricing.

Notable Features:

  • The brand offers a pro axis helmet that is jam-packed with safety features.
  • The helmet’s chin strap ensures that it is properly positioned.
  • The strap acts as an adjustable harness, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit on your head.


  • These helmet designs are available in a number of head sizes to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • These helmets are laced with best-in-class detachable liners that cover the head adequately.
  • The pro axis helmet has an adjustable ear and shell cushioning.
  • It also acts as a shield, keeping the sun and rain out of your eyes.


  • Froma helmets are pricey

11. Spartan

Spartan Cricket Helmet

Spartan cricket helmets are indeed like the strong and sturdy head gears worn by the Spartans in their days of war. They provide great protection to the wearer and the helmets can last years if properly taken care of. Recommended by several professionals for everyday practice, these helmets are value for money products.

Notable Features:

  • The steel grill is fully adjustable for maximum protection.
  • Impact-resistant and moisture-absorbent with breathable sweat mesh inside cushioning.


  • Spartan helmets are constructed with a quality polypropylene high impact outer shell.
  • The inside shell comprises soft foam, which gives outstanding comfort and resistance to shocks.
  • The helmet has several vents for optimal air flow.


  • Overall quality needs improvement

12. GEE

GEE Cricket Helmet

GEE helmets are worn by most young players and not without reason. The helmets are made with a special grid inside and the joints have firm welding to keep them together even under the hardest impact, making them one of the safest options for young players.


DIXON Cricket Helmet

DIXON is a highly recognised brand and they have been making some of the best helmets in the market for years. Made with a special metal sheath that makes them strong and light simultaneously, these helmets help make the player more confident in their game. Not only are these helmets very affordable, but they are also the popular choice of many amateurs.

14. Moonwalkr

Moonwalkr Cricket Helmet

Moonwalkr helmets are very well known among sportsmen for their performance and are preferred by quite a few well-known cricketers as well. The helmets are light and extremely strong and there are variations in sizes that help one find the right fit. One of the most popular luxury brands for sports gear, this brand might be a little expensive for beginners.


TESSA Cricket Helmet

TESSA cricket helmets are the ones to buy if you want a snug and safe option for your next match. Designed to deflect cricket balls and shield the wearer from impact, these helmets come with an inflatable core to provide the best fit. Made with coated steel for long term use, these helmets are highly affordable and durable.


Which helmet is best for cricket?

A sturdy helmet with proper cushioning and adjustability feature is best for cricket.

What is the safest cricket helmet?

The helmet that passes all of the safety standards and various parameters are the safest cricket helmet.

What is the lightest cricket helmet?

The Shrey brand helmet is British safety standards certified lightest cricket helmet.

How much does a cricket helmet cost?

A cricket helmet can cost between Rs 500 to Rs 4,000 or even at a higher price according to the brand.

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