Cricket is not just a game, it’s an emotion. From kids to adults to seniors, everyone is a fan of this gentleman’s game. And for a good game of cricket, you need a good cricket bat. While Kashmir and English willow are the most popular timbers used to make cricket bats, there’s a lot more that sets apart the best cricket bats from the regular ones. From length and width to weight, all are crucial factors to consider when buying a bat. If you love playing cricket, here are some of the cricket bats to enjoy a hearty match the next time.

How Do We Test The Right Cricket Bat?

We’ve put together a list of the best cricket bats. The price can range from Rs 1500 to Rs 2500 for a beginner’s bat, depending on the quality and brand. Many variables were taken into account while deciding on the best cricket bat brands, such as the wood quality, handle, grip, weight, length, width, ping capability, and so on. All of the products mentioned here have at least a 4/5 rating on Amazon. User reviews were also quite useful in determining the best cricket bats. Here you can also check list of the best cricket helmet & cricket glove brands in India.

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List of 11 Best Cricket Bats in India

1. SG RSD Cricket Bat

Best Cricket Bats
SG RSD Cricket Bat

Take on your game to the next level with one of the best cricket bats by SG RSD.

Notable Features:

  • Made with durable Kashmir willow, this bat has an imported Sarawak cane handle bound with premium quality rubber.
  • This offers it ample flexibility while striking the ball and can absorb shocks and vibrations.
  • This bat has thick edges and a curved blade that can handle the severity of each strike.


  • The traditional shape offers maximum stability
  • Available in a range of sizes for all age groups
  • Additional bat cover for storage
  • 1.2 kg


  • The wood is too light
  • The sticker starts peeling off

2. Sunley Hard Plastic Cricket Bat

Sunley Cricket Bat
Sunley Hard Plastic Cricket Bat

Sunley Hard Plastic Cricket Bat is suitable to be played with softballs, including tennis balls and rubber cricket balls.

Notable Features:

  • This cricket bat is ideal for younger kids.
  • It is crafted keeping in mind the strength of the users and their handling capabilities, thus making it suitable for them.
  • Made with superior quality plastic, this cricket bat offers a 25% increased performance than wooden bats.


  • Durable plastic of superior quality
  • Short handle design
  • Affordable
  • 0.75 kg – 0.80 kg weight


  • Bat did not survive soft wind balls
  • The hollowness is way much
  • It is fragile

3. GRS Wooden Cricket Bat

GRS Cricket Bat
GRS Wooden Cricket Bat

Looking for the best cricket bats for your teenager? This cricket bat by GRS is lightweight and can take hits from tennis and rubber balls.

Notable Features:

  • Ideal for kids aged 12 years and above, this cricket bat ensures proper grip and easy swing.
  • It is made using Himachal willow wood and is thus very durable.
  • The bat offers a comfortable grip and reduces strain.


  • Traditionally shaped for optimum performance
  • Thick edges, broad blade
  • A wooden grip offers maximum control
  • 1.25 kg weight


  • Low-quality handle grip
  • A crack appears after using normally
  • Handle joints are poorly glued

4. SG Scorer Classic Cricket Bat

SG Cricket Bat
SG Scorer Classic Cricket Bat

This bat by SG is suitable for kids who are at the beginner or intermediate level.

Notable Features:

  • It is made with lightweight Kashmir willow that offers it perfect balance and durability.
  • This cricket bat features a sturdy handle that offers a good grip and allows you to take any strike easily.
  • It can take hits from leather balls, thanks to its sturdy wood structure.


  • Singapore cane handle with 3-way rubber insertion
  • Offers flexibility and absorbs shocks easily
  • Additional bat cover
  • 1.1-1.2 kg weight


  • The handle could break after using a leather ball
  • The rubber grip moves
  • Not for adults

5. New Balance Cricket Bat

New Balance Cricket Bat
New Balance Cricket Bat

Made from Kashmir willow wood, this cricket bat from New Balance will help enhance your game.

Notable Features:

  • It is one of the best cricket bats for practice matches as well as tournaments.
  • Equipped with a Singapore cane handle grip, this bat will never slip out of your hands.
  • The bigger edges reduce strain on the arms while maximizing effort.


  • Larger sweet spot for maximum acceleration
  • Suitable for heavy tennis or leather ball
  • Short handle
  • 1.2 kg weight


  • Not suitable for leather ball
  • Poor quality willow
  • Edges are not thick

6. PMG Rohit Sharma Cricket Bat

PMG Cricket Bat
PMG Rohit Sharma Cricket Bat

Give your teenager the best of the best cricket bats this season with this PMG cricket bat.

Notable Features:

  • Ideal for ages 12 and above, this full-sized Popular willow bat is suitable for play with tennis balls.
  • The hardy blade and thick edges in the bat absorb shock to prevent shock-induced injuries or strain in the long run.
  • Perfect for modern-day batsmen, it has a short handle that comes with an anti-slip grip.


  • Perfect edges for good pickup
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Ideal for beginners; comes with 3 tennis balls
  • 33.5 inches length


  • Wood quality is not good enough
  • Not suitable for adults

7. New Balance DC-280 Cricket Bat

New Balance Cricket Bat
New Balance DC-280 Cricket Bat

Try out your hand on some of the best cricket bats this year with the New Balance collection.

Notable Features:

  • It is made from Kashmiri willow wood.
  • This bat has larger edges and sweet spot to provide maximum acceleration to the ball without straining the hands and forearms.
  • It comes with a Singapore cane handle for the firmest grip, you can ace your next match without worrying about the bat slipping out of your hands.


  • Ideal for teens and adults
  • For training, cricket nets, and practice matches
  • Short handle
  • 1.15-1.20 kg weight


  • Using with normal tennis ball caused wear and tear
  • Sticker starts peeling off soon
  • Wood quality not good enough

8. Elevar Kashmir

1 1
Elevar Kashmir

Elevar Kashmir Cricket Bat is suitable for Leather Ball Cricket or/and Hard Tennis Ball Cricket.

Notable Features

  • It is a quality, designed Kashmir willow with a Singapore-Cane Handle and Polyurethane Grip that is ideally suited for bare-handed play.
  • It is composed of the best grade Kashmir Willow wood, with thick edges and a huge sweet spot for a better all-around batting experience.
  • It comes with a sturdy toe guard and a metallic blue bat cover.


  • It has a ground-breaking dual-purpose handle that provides improved bat control with a little twist.
  • It’s padded and moisture-wicking for all-day comfort.
  • It includes a Rubber Grip for improved control.
  • It boasts an extremely well-balanced blade that increases lift and bat speed.


  • The bat is fragile
  • Not suitable for leather balls
  • It is overpriced

9. Jaspo Dominator Cricket Bat

2 1
Jaspo Dominator Cricket Bat

The Dominator cricket bat is developed specifically for tennis balls and wind balls. It is not recommended for leather or any hard-coated ball. High-quality materials are used, which provide comfort during batting.

Notable Features:

  • This cricket bat is made of high-quality materials and it is also low in weight. 
  • Dominator is available in adult size, making it ideal for use and separate practice.
  • Plastic bats are also less harmful to the environment and easier to carry.


  • A cricket dominator has a distinct form that is easy to identify.
  • It gives you more control while hitting.
  • Compact designs offer to provide a sense of security while batting.


  • Not sturdy
  • Heavy for tennis ball
  • Overall quality is not good enough

10. TOSKA Wooden Cricket Bat

3 1
TOSKA Wooden Cricket Bat

The TOSKA bat is tough and not easily frightened or get damaged. The bats are sharpened and sculpted once the base material has been extracted. 

Notable Features:

  • Polishing gives it a beautiful finish, and the bat manufacture is finished. 
  • The popular willow cricket bat has a flat face for improved weight management.


  •  It has an Aerodynamic back shape for improved swing control. 
  • The weight is evenly distributed over the back of the bat for improved balance.
  • It is beautifully manufactured from Popular willow to ensure long-lasting performance on the pitch.


  • Not made for leather balls
  • Plastic materials are majorly used
  • Pickup is not good enough

11. Terex Cricket Bat

4 2
Terex Cricket Bat

Terex Gully Cricket Bat is made of high-quality Indian willow wood. The bat is designed in a way that it feels light and has excellent pickup.

Notable Features:

  • Terex Gully Cricket Bat is composed of high-quality Indian willow wood. 
  • The ergonomics have been specifically engineered for improved grip and play.
  • The highest quality Indian Willow wood is used with thick edges and a huge sweet spot for an all-around better batting experience.


  • This cricket bat is exclusively intended for use with a tennis cricket ball.
  • For durability, the handle is strengthened with tightly coiled string and a rubber sleeve.
  • Ergonomically Designed High-Quality Natural Rubber Grip Protect the Willow against damage by using an anti-scuff table.


  • It is not recommended for leather balls.
  • Handle rubber slips
  • It is overpriced


Which brand is best for cricket bats?

SG, GRS, and PMG are some of the best cricket bat brands.

Is English or Kashmir willow better?

English willow is better as it has a better ping.

Which bat is better for beginners?

Kashmiri willow is better for beginners as the English willow bat is way expensive.

Which bat is best, SS or SG?

SS brand offers the cost-effectively best cricket bat as compared to SG.

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